50 Killer Ways to Triple Up Your AdSense Earnings

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Best Ways to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Facing low AdSense Earnings and searching for best ways to increase Google AdSense Earnings, then here are top 50+ killer ways to improve AdSense Earnings

Among many of the online revenue generating programs, Google AdSense is the best to use. Many experience publishers and bloggers know the importance of this program but the beginners have less knowledge on how to boost up AdSense Revenue.

So, do you have any idea about “how to increase AdSense earnings per click basis?”

I have been working with Google AdSense for a long time and I found some factors which can boost up the AdSense revenue.

Here, I want to share some basic tips to increase Google AdSense Revenue.  If you want to monetize your blog via AdSense Program you should work handsomely.

In the early days of my blogging career when I Created Google AdSense Account, I could not understand the factors which can boost Adsense Revenue but lately, I got an idea to calculate the handsome amount of money from AdSense applying through different factors.

If you want to keep the Google AdSense Calculator busy, you must follow the best tips to increase AdSense Earnings.

So, let’s start the best Adsense tips:

  1. Follow AdSense Rules:

If you want to get more revenue, you must follow all the rules and regulations of Google AdSense because the violations of the rules are taken as a negative factor by the Google Analytics. If you violate the rules, again and again, your AdSense account will be disabled by Google. If you want to visit AdSense Help Forum CLICK HERE

  1. Select High paying Niche:

This is the most important factor to increase Google AdSense Earnings, You should choose a high paying niche for your site because it increases CPC which collect more revenue for you. It means you have to be very careful at the time of selecting a Niche. You must have to research for the best paying niches. Pick out only those which can pay high then other niches.

3. Use of Keywords:

It is an important factor which makes your content more monetizing. The words which are used in the most searches are called keywords. You must use them in your blog. this is the best way to increase AdSense clicks

  1. Keyword Density:

After completing your content you must check keywords density. For example, when you write your contents of 1000 words, your keywords density should be less than 3%, 2% is awesome

  1. Placement of the Ads:

Placement of ads is important to increase Adsense clicks. Place the ads according to the custom design of your blog but the placement of ads at the top of the content is fine. When you paste ads at the top of the content, it will not annoy the readers to read the actual content. Find the optimal guidelines for placement of Google Ads

  1. Use Text and Image Ads:

Along with other tricks to increase AdSense revenue, the use of text and image ads is also an important task to be carried out carefully.

Although many bloggers prefer text ads to reduce the complexity of the placement of the ads, but you should use both types of ads image ads and text ads. A mixture of both ads will make attractive content of your blog. In this way, you provide a choice to the visitors to click either image ads or text ads.

  1. Use of Non-Standard ad types:

Use of non-standard ad types will reduce the complexity of the ad types.

  1. Format of the AdSense:

With all the above tricks to increase AdSense revenue, the format of generating AdSense code is also an important factor for boosting AdSense Earnings.

You must be careful while choosing the format of AdSense for your blog. Select the best format which suits your blog.

  1. Use of Multiple Ad Units:

Use multiple ad units in your blog which makes content more attractive. When a set of ads displayed as a one piece it is called ad unit. You can customize and edit these ad units according to your needs. When you use multiple ad units in your blog it will attract the visitors.

  1. Color Combinations of Ads:

Select attractive colors of ads are one of the best tricks to increase AdSense revenue. The generated AdSense ad should be matched with your blog’s palette. Most of the bloggers use contrast colors so that the ads must be very clear.

  1. Use of AdSense for Search:

You will probably be facing AdSense low earning issues if you are not using Adsense for search module in your blogs.

You should use AdSense for search in your blogs. This will make more CTR

  1. Use Multiple AdSense Palettes:

Use of multiple AdSense palettes will make your blog more attractive

  1. Use of Horizontal Link Units:

Use the horizontal link units to paste advertisements. For example, you can paste the ads on the navbar or above the post.

  1. Positions of the Ads:

Improper position of the ads will result in AdSense low earnings.

You should change the positions of your ads. This experiment will show the maximum outcome for a specific position. In this way, the visitors cannot get bored with the same positions of the ads.

  1. Borders of The Post and Ads:

Keep the ads away from the borders of the post because borders will make confusion for the visitors to click. Hence, ads must be clear and defined which the policy of Google AdSense is.

  1. Low Paying Ad Units:

Low paying ad units should be posted on the blog as an image ad which reduces the complexity in order to increase AdSense clicks

  1. Promotion of the blog with Google Adword:

You should promote your blog with help of Google Adwords to increase AdSense clicks because now a days Adword is the best for the promotion of any kind of site.

  1. Reduction of Outgoing Links:

You must take actions to reduce the outgoing links on the page. More outgoing links may annoy the visitors and result in “AdSense low earnings”

  1. Multiple Ad Banners:

Create multiple ad banners on your blog because more banners will make more CTR.

  1. Features of AdSense:

Try to avail maximum available features of Google AdSense for your blog to “increase AdSense clicks”

  1. Selection of Ads According to the Content:

This is the top best technique to increase AdSense earnings. At the time of selection of the ad types, you select the ad type which should be related to the contents of your blog.

  1. Visibility of Ads:

Make sure that your ads are clear to see on the page in order to increase AdSense clicks. If the ads are clear to see the visitors can easily click on them.

  1. Section Targeting:

You have to choose the section targeting on the time of designing your website to get more revenue from AdSense.

  1. Ad Units in the Hot Spot:

This is the top most demanding from the AdSense Tips that your ad units should be in the hotspot so that the visitors can easily see them and click according to their needs.

  1. Traffic for the Blog:

You have to avail targeted traffic for your website to get more revenue because more traffic will generate more CTR which ultimately will “increase your AdSense revenue”.

  1. Get More Traffic by SEO & Backlinks:

You will possibly be facing AdSense low earnings because your SEO score is still Zero.

You can increase your blog’s traffic by SEO and backlinks. Because SEO and the backlinks will get more and more traffic to your blog/ website.

  1. Use of Adword Tools:

If you want to help your site to increase the traffic, use the Google Adwords tools. Surely you will be more attractive after the usage of Adword tools. The technique can also be used to increase youtube AdSense earnings

  1. Use of AdSense Channels:

Use channels of AdSense it will help you to make a good performance of your blog. Through this, you can monitor AdSense low earnings by seeing poor performing ads and then taking some necessary actions by changing content and other important editing to increase AdSense Earnings.

  1. Avoiding MFA(Made For AdSense) Websites:

Be careful and avoid from MFA (Made For AdSense) websites because these sites increase your blog’s bounce rate and decrease the performance.

  1. Keep Track of Your Ads:

Keeping track of the ads is one of the best tricks to increase AdSense revenue. After tracking, take a good action to monetize the blog with Google AdSense.

  1. Stop Low Paying Publishers of Ads:

You can block the advertisements from the low paying advertisers. This way you can increase your CPC.

  1. Over blockage of the Ads:

Avoid the over blockage of the ads because this will make your site too slow and is not good for Google AdSense business

  1. AdSense Preview Tool:

The Preview tool of AdSense will show out the page with ads. With this tool, you can get an idea of the page of your site.

  1. Ads For Short Contents:

For the short contents of your blog, ads should be at the top of the content which reduces the confusion factor of the visitors. The act will give a great increase in revenue in Google AdSense business.

  1. Ads for Long Contents:

For long contents of the blog, usually, ads are posted at the middle of the content which reduces the boring factor of the readers.

  1. Do not use Common Blog Words:

Most of the bloggers use common blog wording in the ads which is counted as a negative factor. Visitors need amusement with technical wording in the ads.

  1. Set Google AdSense as a Primary Option:

You should not set the Google AdSense as a secondary option because it will be the cause of low traffic

  1. Provide Fresh Content:

In the blog, you have to publish the fresh contents because most of the keywords are based on the fresh contents.

  1. Use Registered AdSense Account for Hub:

Once you registered your AdSense Account on a hub, you should use the same AdSense account for publishing advertisements.

  1. Use Registered AdSense Account for Bukisa:

Once you registered your AdSense Account on Bukisa, you should use the same AdSense account for publishing advertisements.

  1. Registration on Docstoc:

Register your AdSense account on Docstoc and publish your files using same AdSense account.

  1. Revenue Sharing Websites:

You should make maximum use of revenue sharing sites

  1. Join YouTube Partners:

For handsome revenue, you must join the YouTube partners

  1. Block Public Service Ads:

Block the public service ads on your blog because these ads will increase the bounce rate of your blog and more bounce rate shows less performance of the blog.

  1. Avoid Titles of the Ads:

Do not use the titles on the ads because it shows the totally unprofessional approach of the blog.


We have discussed “50 Killer Ways to Tripple Up Your AdSense Earnings” with you so far. Anyone who has started blogging for making money can opt these best ways to increase AdSense Earning.

It is obvious that AdSense doesn’t work in a similar way for everyone so you can experience with your own ideas also.

For me, these tricks to increase Google AdSense revenue are quiet enough but nothing is in the perfection in this world.

You can create as many as blogs for building a Google AdSense Business and can make enough money more than you earn on a regular job.

If you have more tips to Increase AdSense Earnings share kindly discuss with me in the comments section. If you find these tips useful for you, also share with us

Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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