Google AdSense For Fresher Bloggers on Their New Blogs

Should I Add Google AdSense Ads on New Blogs

Here is a comprehensive discussion over is it good to Add Google AdSense Ads on new Blogs, either there is a fresh WordPress, Blogspot blogs.

Many new bloggers cannot monetize their blogs because they feel fear to be judged by the readers. I had the same conditions in the early days of my blogging, but with the passage of time, this natural fact went away. With initial hesitations, new bloggers cannot take advantage of Google AdSense revenue.

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With this article, we’ll discuss all the facts regarding Should I Add Google AdSense Ads on New Blogs or not.

Let’s officially start the discussion.

The budding bloggers (BB) think that their new blog is very sensitive that’s why they do not want to monetize the new blog with low traffic.

No doubt, in earlier times blogs have low traffic, but when you apply some experiments and better placement of ads you start to get traffic.

If you are a smart worker and you have a Google Adsense Account, you can increase your blog’s traffic within the short time period by applying different positive factors on the blog.

Some budding bloggers think that monetizing their blog will show greediness, but I think it is not greediness for a passionate blogger to take advantage of an opportunity.

By monetizing your blog you can fulfill your dreams and it doesn’t show a bad impression. Simply saying, if you are a passionate blogger and you get some money in reward, how it becomes a negative point?

If you are a budding blogger, get monetized your blog now. It is a positive factor and good for you when you get some reward for your efforts.

Purpose of Advertisements

The basic purpose of advertisements is to provide a facility for your readers. If the readers are interested to buy a thing, you should facilitate him. It will be a positive fact if your ads are related to your contents. Reader’s confidence in your blog will increase if the ads are related.

When readers are confident with your blog contents, they must take interest to buy the things you advertise. You can post your ads on the sidebar, above the fold and at the possible places. This will also increase your blog’s CTR.

If you are monetizing your blog, it does not make sense of right or wrong. Hence, if you have approved Google AdSense Account, you must have to post some advertisements on your blog.

One or two units of ads are enough at the starting time, but you have to focus on the best quality of the contents of your blog to make your blog a quality blog. Surely, you will make some healthy living wages after a time.

Final Words

We have discussed Should We Add Google AdSense Ads on New Blogs or not, either it is a Blogspot blog or a WordPress blog.

I definitely suggest you to monetize your blog as soon as possible after the approval of Google AdSense.

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