AdSense OR Affiliate Marketing: Which Option is Better to Make More Money

AdSense OR Affiliate Marketing: Which Option is Better to Make More Money
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AdSense or Affiliate Marketing Program?

AdSense OR Affiliate Marketing Which Option is Better to Make More Money, a comprehensive comparison to know everything about AdSense or Affiliate Marketing

Don’t worry after reading this article you will get the answer of this suspicious question. Basically, two sub-questions concerned here:

  1. Are you a service-minded one who believes in typical monthly income and want a relaxed environment?
  2. Are you a sound head entrepreneur who believes in risks and adventures to get high revenue at the end?

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Some bloggers think that Google goes against the affiliate marketing but the truth is reverse because Google also promotes affiliate links of the marketing.

When bloggers provide 10 to 15 affiliate links in a blog of low-quality content, Google Analytics takes it as a negative factor which definitely harms the revenue of the publisher.

Now let’s find out what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate marketing is an Internet program in which a retailer website pays commission to the affiliated websites per sales generated from its referrals.”

For example, is a website which sales electronics, books, pharmaceuticals equipment and many more.

Many other websites are affiliated to the from where the customers make an approach to the product offered by the Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is more easy and simple as compared to the Google AdSense. There is a very simple way to get the approval for affiliate links.

Who Find Affiliate Marketing Suitable?

Those who don’t take risks and hesitate to start new things can get Affiliate Marketing suitable because in Affiliate Marketing no extraordinary work is needed.

You just have to apply different methods to promote the products of retailer websites. With little efforts, you can get reasonable income at the end of the month. The retailer website pays per purchase.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertisement placement program on the Internet. Google itself is an owner of this service based program.

This program offers services to those who want to demonstrate targeted ads (Text or Image Ads) on their sites and make money when site visitors view or click on those ads.

In this program, Google pays to the blog owners by calculating views and clicks.

Who Find Google AdSense Suitable?

Bloggers, who are smart workers with AdSense and place the ads with some techniques, can earn high revenue from the Google AdSense.

Bloggers can apply different methods to attract visitors. Here, in AdSense, some intelligent work is needed to increase the revenue.

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AdSense Vs Affiliate Marketing:

Here I discussed some points which make differences between the AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. These points are:

  • Approval of Affiliate Marketing is very easy to get then the approval of the AdSense account.
  • There is more income in Affiliate Marketing then AdSense but it depends upon the number of purchases.
  • Method of calculating revenue is simple in Affiliate Marketing but the method of calculating AdSense income is very complex.
  • Affiliate links are available for all niches but AdSense is allowed on specific blogs.
  • AdSense offers frequent Income while Affiliate Marketing pays once per purchase.
  • Affiliate ads are professional and targeted but AdSense ads can be local and unprofessional.
  • Many companies are controlling and managing the ads on affiliated links while AdSense is controlled only by the Google.

After going through the above-discussed points, we come to know that the affiliate marketing is more beneficial than the AdSense but there are more things to know which can help you to reach the conclusion.

  • Affiliate Marketing is applicable on a certain page of the website while AdSense is available on every page of a website.
  • Budding bloggers can get AdSense as a backbone in the sense of generating revenue while experts are required to deal with the affiliate marketing.
  • Numbers of purchases are fewer in a week but the numbers of clicks and views are more. So in this case, the bloggers who have the approval of AdSense can generate more revenue than the affiliated sites holders.
  • If 5 to 7 sales are done per month in affiliated links then it is good to have an AdSense account.
  • If no sales are done per month then you can end up with zero revenue but in AdSense, you may never end up with zero revenue as it frequently generates the revenue.

The Fanman Show Suggestions

Now, I am ready to answer the questions which are mentioned earlier in this article. Both the questions have some worth regarding everyone’s life but there are some bloggers who have both types of qualities.

  1. Those who want normal earnings at the end of the month can rely on any program. These bloggers cannot work with both programs.
  2. Those who want to earn money online by taking risks and love to get in the adventures should use both Affiliate Sales and AdSense. Many AdSense account holders also use the affiliate marketing to generate heavy income at the end of a month.

Final Words

After discussing the major benefits and issues of both AdSense and Affiliate Programs, I’ll suggest you to get benefits from the both.

Both are beneficial for the bloggers. Affiliate sales and AdSense both should be done in a proper manner so that you can easily overcome their issues.

When you work to minimize the effects of issues of both programs, your income may increase exponentially.

You can also share your choice between the Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense by comments. If you have a different experience then me, you must share through the comment section.

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