Verizon Secret Codes Hash or Pound Codes Complete Guide

Verizon Secret Codes List 2024
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Have you ever heard of hidden shortcuts on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Verizon offers special codes, sometimes called Verizon codes, Hash(#) codes, or Pound codes, that can be used to check things like your account balance or data usage.  These codes are a quick and easy way to access information on your Verizon plan without having to log in to an app or website.

in this article, we’ll explore if next time you’re curious about your plan details, making payment, checking remaining minutes, data usage, roadside assistance, blocking caller ID, or unblock and other necessary information, how you can ditch the app and give Verizon’s secret codes a try!

What You’ll Know

  • Verizon has secret codes to check your phone plan details without using the app.
  • Check balance (#BAL), data usage (#DATA), or minutes (#MIN).
  • Make payments (#PMT, may not work on all phones) or see upgrade info (#UPG).
  • Get help with a free test call, contact customer service, or request roadside assistance.
  • Secret codes manage your calls
  • Using the Verizon app may be easier for some tasks.

Verizon offers various smartphones and phone manufacturers like Samsung, One Plus, and Google Pixel hide special codes within the phone app. Especially Samsung secret codes and  One Plus codes let you check battery health, reset your phone, or even access hidden menus. iPhones, however, don’t use secret codes. Instead, you’ll find these features within the iPhone’s settings app.

Official Verizon Secret Codes Hash or Pound Codes

Here’s a list of secret codes you can use on your Verizon phone to check various things. Let’s find out the each code functionality:

Check Your Account

  • #BAL (#225) – See how much money you have left on your phone plan.
  • #DATA (#3282) – Find out how much data you’ve used.
  • #MIN (#646) – Check how many minutes you have remaining.
  • Payments and Upgrades
  • #PMT (#768) – Make a payment towards your bill (might not be available on all phones).
  • #UPG (#874) – See information about upgrading your phone or plan.

Get Help

  • #832 – This places a free call to test your phone’s ability to make calls.
  • *611 – Calls Verizon customer service directly.
  • ROAD (#7623) – Requests roadside assistance if you’re stuck (like a tow truck).

Manage Calls

  • *67 + 10-digit number – Blocks your caller ID for a single outgoing call.
  • *72 + 10-digit number – Forward unanswered calls to another number, but your phone will ring first.
  • *73 – Stops call forwarding.
  • *82 + 10-digit number – Cancels call forwarding to a specific number.
  • *86 – Check your voicemail messages.

Remember, these are just secret codes, using the Verizon website or app might be easier for some tasks!


In short, Verizon offers secret codes that you can type into your phone to check your plan details, make payments, get help, and manage your calls. These codes can be a quick way to access information without using the Verizon app. However, the app may be easier for some things, and iPhones don’t use secret codes at all.

Reference: Verizon Official Website

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