Top Tips for Microsoft 98-365 Exam Preparation

Top Tips for Microsoft 98-365 Exam Preparation

Top Tips for Microsoft 98-365 Exam Preparation

Being a leader in the IT market, Microsoft is famous for its certification program that it offers to its candidates. Certifications validate one’s skills in the sphere one has chosen and help to pave the way to better career prospects and opportunities. Microsoft’s certification program begins at the fundamental level, advances to the associate level, and finally caps off at the expert level. The certifications offered in this program are aligned to different in-demand job roles in the IT market. This ensures that professionals who succeed in attaining Microsoft certifications are able to reach full productivity at their workplace in lesser time.

The fundamental level is where the building of the most successful IT careers begins. Credentials at this level validate the foundational skills which are essential to launching a career in the associated job roles. Currently, fundamental level certifications include Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Fundamentals, Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals, and Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals. Though this year Microsoft has issued new role-based credentials, some previously emerged certifications are still valid. So, this article is dedicated to the 98-365 certification exam and the MTA Networking Fundamentals credential that it leads to Visit.

Microsoft 98-365 Exam Details

98-365 exam known as Windows Server Administration Fundamentals is meant for individuals who are familiar with the Windows Server technology. Candidates that are going to sit for it should have the knowledge and skills required to perform tasks such as Windows-based networking, system recovery, Active Directory, and account management. As for the topics tested, they include server installation, server roles, Active Directory, storage, management of server performance.

Note, that 98-365 exam will cost you $127 and to register for it, you need to visit Certiport or Pearson VUE website.

Preparation Methods and Tips

The exam preparation phase is an important time to brush on your knowledge and skills concerning the exam topics. There are various methods which candidates can use to prepare for their exam. Depending on the circumstances or your preference, a combination of the methods listed below will help you gain the required knowledge and skills for succeeding in the 98-365 exam:

  1. Taking Practice Tests

The best way to learn something is by doing it. This is also applicable when it comes to exams. For the 98-365 exam, candidates can obtain an official practice test from the Microsoft website. These tests help candidates to be familiar with the exam questions format and their required answers. Practicing the material offered by the vendor itself is the best way to find the weak areas and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

  1. Learning from the Community

Microsoft learning website also supports a community forum for the Networking Fundamentals certification. This forum consists of candidates for 98-365 exam, previous exam takers as well as experts. The discussions in this forum may reveal useful exam tips that may help you shape your own way of exam preparation. This is also the best place for networking and learning about new opportunities.

  • Using Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are files with exam questions and answers for a particular exam. These dumps are specially compiled to help candidates check their knowledge and see their level of preparedness or such files are the best way to assist candidates who have a limited time of study to achieve their exam preparation goals. One of the most reputable websites that offer a wide collection of the most valid exam dumps is PrepAway. The dumps for 98-365 exam can be obtained for free, as such files are uploaded by the real exam takers and are the best option for those candidates who are on a tight budget. In addition, at PrepAway you can get a premium bundle for the 98-365 test that includes exam questions with answers and video lectures just at the price of $34.99. Such bundles contain the prep material created by real IT experts. This means that it’s valid and actual.

  1. Exam Training

Training is also another effective way to prepare for your exam. There are various Microsoft learning partners who offer official exam training for the 98-365 test in their learning centers around the world. To be part of the training, candidates need to enroll for their programs and attend classes at the scheduled time. Online training is also available for candidates who can’t access classroom training. During the training, candidates will be guided through the 98-365 course by qualified instructors.

  1. Using Books

Books offer a convenient way to prepare for an exam since you can plan, and conduct your studies at your own pace. Books for 98-365 exam can be obtained from the Microsoft Press store, at Amazon website or PrepAway online platform. Study guides help you manage your time to cover each topic that will be tested at the exam.

Also, during your exam, it is important that you keep your focus to understanding the question before providing the answer. This is because some questions may be slightly twisted and though you might be knowledgeable, you may miss on it. Planning your time of answering questions will also ensure that you complete your exam within the allocated time.


The Microsoft 98-365 exam is what you need to pass if you wish to start a successful career as a systems or network administrator. This article is meant to help you succeed in your exam easily by giving you the top tips for your exam preparation. We are sure that you will achieve the MTA Networking Fundamentals certification if you follow the tips on how to prepare for the exam and visit PrepAway website as well. Wish you luck!

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