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Emberify: Top 8 Content Ideas to Garner More Followers on Instagram

Top 8 Content Ideas to Garner More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is not just a platform to build connections and share visual content with like-minded people all over the world. It’s more than what you think! Yes! With a clear understanding of this versatile application’s highly-engaging audiences and in-app features, businesses are investing their valuable time, effort, and money here to stand out from the competition.

It is a well-known fact that an Instagram account can’t be built overnight. Also, there is no exact number of posts to get the best results. And so, it is essential to brainstorm ideas and share posts at regular intervals to strengthen your Instagram presence.

8 Content Ideas to Increase Followers on Instagram

If you are looking for the best content ideas, then this article is for you. Get inspired and curate content in your own style to shine out. Furthermore, try free instagram views trial to boost content visibility and reach a bulk of audience at no cost. All right! Now let us dive into the collection of content ideas to post on Instagram to increase followers.

1. Share Your Daily Routine

Whether you are an individual or a brand, you need a particular range of followers to meet your diverse goals. It’s not simple to convince your target audience and convert them into loyal customers. You should give them a valid reason to follow you.

The routine of every person differs from one others. Sharing the everyday happenings of your personal or professional life creates a bond between you and your audience. They would feel a personal connection and follow your profile to stay in touch with your forever.

2. Share Your Current Actions

If you are currently working on anything related to your target audience, share it in detail as an image or video. For example, consider you are reading an amazing book or watching a feel-good series. Give an overview or review the respective stuff and post it in your profile.

The audiences who are interested in your content will include your recommendations in their routine. And so there are more chances that they may follow your profile to consume more similar content in the near future. Apart from this, opt Emberify to enhance your profile exposure and shine out from your competitors.

3. Share Behind-the-Scenes of Your Life

BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) is a great way to showcase your transparency and trustworthiness. From small businesses to large corporations, consider this idea to build trust among the audience and encourage them to follow.


Film a video or capture images of behind-the-scenes of your living area, workspace, or what else you need to share with your audience. For instance, if you are a content creator related to the travel niche, show how you pack bags, how you plan a trip, what you carry for traveling, and so on.

4. Share the Significant Moments

Being an active social media user, you might have come across several good moments or milestones in your journey. For example, your first 100 followers, a post that received 1k+ engagement, a video that has gone viral, and more.

Whatever it can be, create and share it as a post on Instagram. If you have shared in the Stories section, don’t forget to add them in the Highlights area. So that future profile visitors may get to know about your success and join themselves as your follower based on trust.

5. Share Your Short-term & Long-term Goals

Ever noticed the bio space of any Instagram Business account? Business owners or professionals mention what they want to achieve within a time period. Example: ‘In a mission to educate 5k+ people’, ‘Striving to attain 100k+ followers, etc.

Similarly, you can mention the short-term or long-term goals you need to achieve in your lifetime. When you share your goals with your community, it may bring in audiences who have similar interests. Consequently, you will gain followers and an audience base for your content.

6. Share Motivational Content

It is human nature to feel demotivated and lose interest in doing something. So, people used to rejuvenate themselves by watching motivational videos, reading inspirational stories, and more.

Take this as an opportunity to impress your audience and encourage them to follow your Instagram profile. The content can be anything like motivational quotes, success stories, inspirational celebrities, life-changing ideas, and many more that will be beneficial for social media users.

7. Ask Audiences to Tag Friends

The main objective of every Instagram user is to expand the audience circle organically. Therefore, you cannot blindly dive into paid advertising, influencer marketing, or any other sources until you grow your audiences.

Whenever you share a post on your Instagram profile, encourage users to tag their friends, family, or partners. The people tagged in your post may visit your profile and probably become your follower. Besides, take advantage of Emberify to uplift your engagement rate and accelerate your profile growth with more followers.

8. Cross-Promote Your Content

Another best idea to increase followers is to cross-promote content you post across all other social channels. There is no assurance that all your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube audiences will follow you on Instagram. Hence it is better to share your content on multiple social media that are more or less similar.

Make sure you adopt application guidelines and that your content fits well with the application. This is because tweet content cannot be directly shared on Instagram. As a result, the content length and format will differ from one another.

So, before posting, make the necessary changes and tweak the content to suit it for the respective application. In this way, you can fall in the eyes of a wider audience and get a chance to make them your followers.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the content ideas you should try to increase your followers on Instagram. Since follower rate directly impacts your profile growth, curate a personalized plan, and invest your time and effort to increase the numbers effectively.

You’re not just limited to using only certain content formats of feed posts. You have vast options to choose from, such as Reels, Stories, Live videos, and more. So, show off your creativity to make your audiences fall for your content.

Good luck 🙂

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TikViral: How Are Brands Succeeding With TikTok Marketing?

TikViral: How Are Brands Succeeding With TikTok Marketing?

People have just begun using the TikTok network for business. TikTok aids in advertising and marketing. You should be aware of how TikTok generates buzz among audiences. For its video-sharing capabilities, TikTok has more than 900+ million active users per month. Moreover, TikTok has had billions of downloads. TikTok has gained a lot of popularity among younger viewers. There are a more extensive user base thanks to TikTok’s explosive expansion. Now, you shall buy tiktok views to improve your brand’s recognition. Companies began to create popular TikTok media content to gain an enormous fanbase. Also, to engage with internet viewers for its advertising platform, it does so. Before employing TikTok advertising, you must understand the following methods and approaches.

Have Knowledge about TikTok Videos

Videos on TikTok are 15-30 seconds or a minute long and can be in any video format. In any case, many TikTok videos feature dance routines or lip-syncing to well-known songs. Even share enticing memes with your brand’s fans.

How Effective Is TikTok For Business?

Businesses can use the TikTok for Business network to promote their companies. As a result, social media platforms offer a variety of ways for brands to increase interaction. For instance, interactive surveys & hashtag challenges. To broaden their customer base, businesses also employ advertising strategies.

What Is the Business Use Of TikTok?

Businesses now employ TikTok promotions. Even create TikTok videos that capture the audience’s natural attention. TikTok advertising shows creative videos in a way that is easy to view. In any case, there are various video formats to consider. Make the best decision possible to create original, brief TikTok content that will stand out. Additionally, many businesses mix sponsored videos with organic video uploads.

Tips for TikTok content

Begin regularly watching videos on the TikTok network. Examine the data on the TikTok analytics checker and pay attention to the performing material. The viewers can then be drawn in, and you can convert them into consumers. Here are some of the suggestions:

Hashtag Contest

Does your TikTok business continue to grow in reputation and internet exposure? In that scenario, TikViral aids in expanding your fan base. You must thus concentrate on hashtag tasks to achieve it. Additionally, the TikTok platform is now hosting a variety of hashtag challenges. While people tag the clip using specific hashtags, you can participate in TikTok challenges. Some hashtag challenges have included dancing or lip-syncing performances. Businesses can join in already-existing challenges or create their own.

Make instructional videos

According to a report, some firms provide tutorials about ‘how’ videos that resemble work in specific ways. However, it adds value and encourages interaction. For example, a business might sell fabric or provide supplies to let customers design a DIY project. A food firm may also include a recipe in instructional videos. As a result, viewers who watch these TikTok how-to films may become devoted supporters. Then, start using promotional tools to accelerate your organic traffic and grow your number of fans.

Song With Skit

Due to the ability to create videos, music-based clips are popular on TikTok. It fully succeeds in engrossing TikTok users. Even some terms can be changed to sound more like your businesses.

Team introduction


Focusing on TikTok videos with customers is a typical daily activity, according to an expert. It begins with the introduction of many team members. The TikTok video also demonstrates how people behave when given the average amount of time for a local small business meeting. The firms become considerably more relatable to people as a result.

Presentations of Products

Show your target market how the product functions. For example, if a game business can present its products while playing games, a furniture firm may demonstrate how simple it is to organize them.

A Case Study

Assume your firm is service-based, according to a business analysis specialist. You might create a case study of the firm’s work, for instance, if it is a marketing firm. Additionally, give a thorough case study of the success story.

Before and After Pictures

Before & after TikTok clip transformations show a change to the goods or services offered by your company; for example, a makeup company might demonstrate a quicker makeover utilizing the goods.

Videos to Relax

Videos on TikTok don’t have to be amusing or attractive. Many people love watching soothing videos to pass the time. For example, an artist could show close-ups of their brushes on canvas or of them blending colors.

Create Original TikTok Stories

TikTok is the ideal medium for users to communicate stories or ideas with commercial brands quickly. According to a specialist, TikTok is a straightforward medium that distinctively tells stories. For instance, the team can demonstrate its commitment when it produces successful results. So that you can comprehend what occurs while narrating microstories in TikTok?


The new generation makes up the majority of TikTok’s customer base. Therefore, as a business strategist, you must seize every opportunity to capitalize on generational and cultural trends. Then, use these TikTok creative content and marketing possibilities to start being honest. Finally, with TikTok marketing strategies, you can succeed in business.

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Trollishly Statistics That Can Change Your TikTok Game

Trollishly Statistics That Can Change Your TikTok Game

Many individuals are still ignorant of the excitement, even though more businesses and brands use TikTok for promotion. And if TikTok has never crossed your mind, you are likely very behind the times. We are all aware that a new trend or application seems to start every day in this technologically advanced world. Many of these dramatizations may be ignored, but TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing platform, deserves special attention. In a short amount of time, TikTok attracted millions of viewers from all around the world. Many brands also buy TikTok likes to enhance their reach at an organic rate.

Due to the increased demand and fierce competition on this platform, every user and advertiser must comprehend and adjust to the trends, statistics, and facts regarding TikTok to succeed. Do you not understand what was just said? Don’t worry; we’ve put up a list of resources to assist you in every way.

Massive Audience

A survey found that the TikTok platform has more than 689 active users worldwide each month. This statistic demonstrates the platform’s increasing global popularity. In terms of users, it elevates the TikTok platform to the seventh-largest social media site. TikTok’s original videos are mostly the reason for the rise in user numbers. As a result, marketers may use the TikTok platform to expand their global reach and recognition.

Second-Most Downloaded App

TikTok is now the second most downloaded app worldwide, according to research. There are over 62 million installs of the platform. This download rate demonstrates how well-liked and interesting the TikTok platform is to users worldwide. As a result, companies and brands can use the TikTok channel to increase their global visibility and recognition.

Around 150 Nations

One hundred fifty nations around the world use the TikTok platform. The site enjoys enormous popularity among users worldwide. Brands can use the TikTok channel to reach worldwide user demographics. International brands must therefore use the TikTok platform to increase brand recognition and visibility. Likewise, you can also opt to use Trollishly to skyrocket your popularity.

Users Spend 48 Minutes

According to a study, users of TikTok spend more than 48 minutes daily on the app. It is a result of the channel’s abundance of unique and interesting content. On the TikTok platform, each video is one minute long. This statistic demonstrates the potential for your brand to appear in users’ feeds and increase audience engagement.

10% of B2C Companies Use TikTok

TikTok may not have been the best option for B2B marketers, but B2C marketing firms are taking notice of it. The network is now being used by 10% of marketers, and that percentage is expected to grow. Given its high levels of involvement and user spending, it is clear why TikTok is a great network to be incorporated in a B2C marketing campaign.

More Than Half Of TikTok Users

TikTok encourages creators to develop their original content and sets it apart from other social networking platforms. While dance fads and memes encourage users to join in and imitate hooks they like, TikTok’s revolutionary editing techniques enable brief and precise clips that are easy to grasp.

90% of Users Access Information Daily The App


TikTok is a social media site featuring many fascinating and appealing video content. 90% of users visit the TikTok platform more than thrice every day, according to research. It’s because the TikTok platform has more original and authentic videos. As a result, brands and companies may use the TikTok platform to boost their recognition and customer engagement in their target market.

Users View Other People’s Videos in 68%

68% of TikTok users, according to research, view other users’ videos. This number demonstrates the platform’s extremely high engagement rate and the likelihood that users will view your content. As a result, brands and companies may leverage the TikTok platform to raise their interaction rates and increase their TikTok popularity.

Fifth Most Popular Search Term On YouTube

TikTok videos have become so well-liked that they have begun to appear on YouTube, a rival video-sharing platform. However, several YouTube users have not yet downloaded the TikTok app or chosen to see TikTok videos on their other devices rather than their phones, which is an interesting social networking crossover. So what do they achieve? They start by visiting YouTube and searching for reuploads. As a result, TikTok is currently the seventh most popular search phrase on the network.

Final Thoughts

TikTok offers enormous potential for helping brands and companies increase worldwide growth and customer engagement. The website is expanding and has become an interesting platform worldwide because of its enormous authenticity. Only a few businesses are using the site, despite its significant audience among Generation Z and young Millennials. It is a result of their ignorance of its enormous advantages. The platform is expanding the reputation and reach of several brands and companies. Consequently, you may use the platform to raise your reputation worldwide as a brand.

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How to Use Stock Photos Without Facing Legal Consequences

How to Use Stock Photos Without Facing Legal Consequences

Are you planning on creating a website? 


Usually, you start with finding a suitable theme for the website. Gathering all the necessary information is next as you write down content for your target audience.

But in between all the components that go into building a website, don’t forget the essential element: IMAGES!

Even the best-written content can feel dull in this fast-paced digital world without any pictures accompanying it. The images you use must exude the right emotions so that the audience can relate to them. 

Many times, you may not pay much attention to the photos you want to add to your website. The lack of awareness can negatively impact the appeal of your website. So how do you get images and avoid any legal issues related to them? Let’s find out. 

Sources of Images

There are two primary sources of pictures for a website. 

Original Images

An original image typically means taking new and custom photographs for the project. This is an excellent option since you have all the creative control and can experiment with different ideas.  


For these types of images, you need to engage a professional photographer. This will give you high-quality original photographs, which can be expensive. It can also take a while to have the photos ready with all the editing involved.  

Stock Photos

The other options are the good ole stock photos. These are images available with agencies that you can get for a low price. These are perfect if you’re low on budget or need images instantly. You also get all kinds of variety to choose from.  

Since these images are non-exclusive, you have to see if your preferred image is used extensively. Some stock photo agencies offer statistics on downloads, which is very helpful in this regard. 

Here, let me tell you more about stock photos:

  • Stock Photos Come with a License

You cannot go to the internet and download a random image from Google search for your website. I mean, you can, but you will be violating the law. To avoid this problem, you can get images from stock photo agencies for very reasonable prices.

They come with a license that gives details about how you can use these images. Yes, there can be restrictions on how, when, and where you can use these pictures. And, not all photos are up for use in the same way.

  • Not All License are Equal

That’s right! Not all image licenses are the same. Different types of licenses allow you various degrees of freedom of use. 

You may be able to reproduce as many copies of an image as you like, even for commercial purposes under a particular license. However, a similar picture with a different license may only allow you to use the photo once for a specific purpose. 

So learning about the licenses is ideal for avoiding potential future issues, such as lawsuits. This knowledge will always come in handy for you. 

Can There be Legal Issues With The Use of Stock Photos?

Can There be Legal Issues With The Use of Stock Photos?Yes, you can have severe legal issues if you do not abide by the license terms. If you do not follow the terms of use or outrightly violate the copyrights, you can be liable in a court of law. 

The penalties can be as minor as taking down the images to severe financial penalties and even jail time. In many cases, the violating party has to bear legal expenses for both sides. Some case settlements occur outside the court, which still costs a fortune.   

How to Avoid Legal Troubles? 

The best way to avoid legal trouble is to know about the license agreements and adhere to them completely. You have to have attention to detail in these matters. Besides, these licenses are not very complicated, and once you use these images frequently, you can avoid the typical mistakes. 

Types of Licenses

Some websites have their own license agreements, generally derived from commonly used licenses. It is essential to read these licenses and know what you can’t and cannot do with the image. 

It is also beneficial to know the standard licenses, as many agencies use them as is. Let’s learn more about them. 

  • Rights Managed

A right managed license is an excellent option when you want an image that is not extensively used. There are strict restrictions on how you can use these photos, for how long, and in which geographies, in some cases. You have to be very specific in using the picture per the agreed terms. 

If you want to use the image for a different purpose, or more times than decided previously, you will have to pay a further fee. 

The benefit of right managed images is that they are exclusive, and not many users will be utilizing them simultaneously. However, they can be a little pricey compared to other options available.

  • Royalty-Free

These images have very few restrictions, especially compared to the right managed ones. You can acquire the image by paying a one-time fee and using it as many times as possible. There are no additional charges for multiple uses in different projects. 

The downside with these images is that you may not be able to use them for some commercial projects. Since these are relatively cheap and non-exclusive, there is also a chance that someone else in your work area may be using the same images. 

  • Extended / Enhanced License

This license type offers all the goodness of a royalty-free plus some more. You can use these photos for any commercial purpose without any restrictions. You can, for example, use these pictures on cups and t-shirts for reselling, which is not allowed in a royalty-free license. 

The cost of photos with an extended license is higher than royalty-free ones. However, this is the only license that allows the users to use the pictures in products they intend to sell.

  • Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) images are ideal for blogs and similar websites. There are multiple kinds of licenses under the CC banner, which vary in nature. 

In most cases, CC photos are not for commercial purposes. However, some types allow commercial uses as well.    

CC photos are available for free, but there are restrictions on their uses. It is essential to pay attention to the fine print when using these images to ensure that you do not break any laws. 

Common Restrictions Under All License Type

Common-Restrictions-under-All-License-Type---stock-photosSome common restrictions fall under all license types and must be adhered to for legal safety. 

  • You may need a release form from the models in the photos since their consent may not be included in the photo license. You can discuss this with your stock photo agency. 
  • Never portray a model in a bad light when using these images. 
  • Never try to imply that the model in the photos is endorsing your brand, product, or service unless you have an actual endorsement from them. 
  • If there are any well-known buildings, animals, or other identifiable landmarks, you may need permission to use such images from their representatives. 

How to Avoid Claims

Avoiding claims about copyright infringement is not that difficult. You can follow the suggestions below. 

  • Carefully read the license agreement and follow it completely. If you need help in the process, you can engage a legal expert, especially if you’re dealing with multiple entities for your images with different license types. 
  • If there is a lack of clarity on any clause, reach out to your agency and ask for clarification. 
  • If you’re unsure about a particular query, even after receiving a response from your stock photo agency, it is best to opt for a different image.  

How to Deal with Claims

If someone claims that you have used their image without their consent, it is best to take it down immediately. Even if you have purchased the photo through the proper channel, it’s a good idea. Get all the facts related to the claim. 

If the claim is accurate, you should keep the image off your website. However, suppose someone is falsely accusing your brand. In that case, you can discuss your options with your legal department and even sue the person in return. 

If your stock photo agency claims that you have violated terms of service, you can usually make amends without much trouble. It is, however, ideal to avoid such mistakes in the first place. 

The Bottom Line

Stock photos are nothing short of a blessing for websites. You can add high-quality images for a low price and no waiting times. Plus, there are millions of images to choose from, which definitely helps. 

However, you must be careful when it comes to their license agreements. You must pay attention to the terms and conditions associated with using these images. This knowledge will be beneficial in avoiding mistakes and avoiding legal troubles. 

You must remain vigilant and reach out to your image providers if there is any confusion. Despite their response, it is best to pursue other options if you’re not sure. Follow these principles, and you should be free from any legal ills.  

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How to Use Stock Photos Effectively in Your Ads (7 Must-Know Tips)

How to Use Stock Photos Effectively in Your Ads (7 Must-Know Tips)

Stock photos, hands down, are the easiest and fastest way to make your ads look more professional. They allow you to increase your brand awareness and help you express yourself better, and help boost a company’s credibility. 

But when it comes to using stock photos, you must be careful and can’t just use any image without careful consideration.

Before going ahead: (more…)

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How to Increase your Instagram Viewership

Video marketing and social media are both efficient and effective ways to boost your business online. It increases your brand recognition, your customer loyalty, and your online presence. Nowadays, considering video marketing, Instagram is deemed to be the best platform. No matter how amazing your content is, it won’t reach people itself. You have to work on your content marketing strategy to get more audience. You need to read below to get insights on how to expose your content to a mass audience and how to create the best content as well.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags no matter what you post. Be it images or videos you have to come up with hashtags that reach a larger audience. Hashtags help to increase local visibility of your posts, maintain and enhance engagement with potential clients. All of this ultimately generates leads for your business. Remember getting organic followers is important for your business rather than just wasting your resources at the wrong place. Growing in the right environment will be more beneficial for your business.

Level Up your Video Quality

Make sure your videos are on a professional level. This is the most crucial thing. If your videos are polished and up to the standard the viewer will be hooked till the end of it. You don’t have to be a computer wizard or a master editor yourself, there is plenty of software that can help you out. Find an Instagram video creator that best fits your needs and get started.

Keep Mobile Marketing in Mind

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Think about their mobile presence. Do they seem to be on their phones mostly? Then strategize your content in a way that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Look at Your Insights

Always have a check on your Instagram insights. Observe which time and days of the week experience the most activity and your followers seem to engage with you. Depending upon the category of your audience, you’ll witness peak times of engagement . For example, youngsters will be available in the middle of the day after school or college. In this way, you can schedule your posts in the time that’s likely to get you the most viewership.

Don’t Count on Audio

Instagram audio is not available everywhere in the world and by default videos appear to be mute at first. You need to tap in them to unmute them. Therefore you should incorporate other attention grabbing elements to your video. It could be a text or an image. Eye catching snippets, your company’s logo, a flash of attention grabbing text. While sound is an important component of your video, you shouldn’t entirely rely on it because it’s a possibility someone might not even turn the sound on.

Don’t Discard Behind the Scenes Footage

Don’t be afraid to show your audience the raw process of your video. What makes your content executing is that imperfect human side of your brand. People love when they can keep on the other side of perfection. You can increase your viewership by providing this unfiltered side of your brand. People love to see the process. And when you fulfill this desire of theirs, they tend to return back to your profile for more. Similarly if you’re launching a new product or service, give your sudienceva little sneak perk. Better yet if your set is aesthetically pleading don’t let your views musd out on some bloopers from the set.

Choose the Right Hashtags

There’s a thin line between choosing the right hashtag and just another hashtag. Think about being specific, not general. For example if you’re a makeup  artist then using hashtags like #beauty or #happy won’t do you any good. Be more specific like #summermakeuplook or #naturalmakeup. See the difference it makes. Being specific will attract specific people and hence your potential clients. Using the location is also a good idea as it makes you more localized and gives you more chances of increasing brand awareness in your locality.

Be Creative


Creativity is always appreciated. Use Instagram features that will help you add that extra appeal in your content. Boomerang and Instagram stories are a great place to start. Boomerangs are always catchy and fun. They bring such a delightful twist in your content. While Instagram stories are short lived, you can never go wrong with experimenting with it. It is a great way for you to try out a different approach without having to over clutter your feed.

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How to create a social media/digital media marketing agency 2.0?

How to create a social mediadigital media marketing agency 2.0

How to create a social media/digital media marketing agency 2.0?

Remember when it used to look like a fraud, to make money online?

Well, not anymore.

Now, just about everyone is making money online and one of the most popular ways is through digital marketing.

If you know a little more than your peers about digital marketing, then you may want to start a digital marketing agency.

But the idea of starting an online marketing agency is still scary to most people.

Most people think that starting their own agency is an uphill task, and it doesn’t help that there are tons of conflicting resources on how to go about it.

But starting your own marketing is easier than you think and can be one of the most rewarding ventures you will enter into. (more…)

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