How to create a social media/digital media marketing agency in 2024

How to create a social mediadigital media marketing agency 2.0
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How to create a social media/digital media marketing agency 2.0?

Remember when it used to look like a fraud, to make money online?

Well, not anymore.

Now, just about everyone is making money online and one of the most popular ways is through digital marketing.

If you know a little more than your peers about digital marketing, then you may want to start a digital marketing agency.

But the idea of starting an online marketing agency is still scary to most people.

Most people think that starting their own agency is an uphill task, and it doesn’t help that there are tons of conflicting resources on how to go about it.

But starting your own marketing is easier than you think and can be one of the most rewarding ventures you will enter into.

And the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of capital to start your own agency. In fact, you can create a digital or social media marketing agency with no money.

Don’t believe me?

How about successful digital marketer Tai Lopez?
He says “If I had to start out again with no money or experience, I’d find small businesses to pay me up to $10,000 per month to manage their social media.”

Lopez has invested millions of dollars experimenting with several social media techniques to see what works and has made tens of millions in profit.

There’s no cookie cutter way to starting a digital marketing agency, so here’s the deal:

In this article, you are going to learn the techniques to start a Social Media or Digital Marketing Agency 2.0, the Tai Lopez way, plus other marketing techniques that will forge you into a world-class social media/digital marketing agency.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Sell yourself social media

If you are very active on social media, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Tai Lopez.

He’s seen as the Jay-Z of social media because he used social media to brand himself as an industry expert.

The first step is to flex your authority to convince people that you are a leader in the industry.

John Rampton says to brand yourself like nothing else.

But to do this, you must know your stuff.

It’s quite straightforward:

People will only trust that you are a digital marketing expert if others have paid you to solve their own problems.

It may get tricky if you don’t have much experience to show.

Nevertheless, keep developing yourself; you will pick up new skills and pieces of training along the way.

Once you have started to support your clients to solve their problems, you will have the results and the experience to show that you are committed, therefore cementing yourself as a leader in digital marketing.

2. Choose a profitable niche

Many business experts tell you that your goal should be to create value for your customers, and yadda yadda.

But the fact remains that the ultimate goal of a business is to make a profit.

And if you plan to make real money as a digital marketer, then it may be best not to go into every niche.

Tai Lopez teaches that if you want your income to thrive, you should go after high profile businesses that won’t struggle to pay you, such as doctors and lawyers.

If you are still not clear on how to choose a profitable niche, here’s Anik Singal’s 5-point checklist:

  • Digital friendly
  • Competition
  • Audience size
  • Popularity
  • Long-term potential

As Dane Atkinson, SumAll CEO says ‘learn to say no’. In this case, say no to niches that you will spend more time and effort, to make less money.

3. Create packages

Lopez explains that clients want different things, hence the need for packages.

According to him, having only one price for the services you offer means that you will lose clients who want other services that are not included in your single package.

In other words, what is good for the geese may very well not be suitable for the gander.

So come up with different packages based on the amount of work you’d do. Lopez recommends four packages.

Among these packages, offer a basic plan that includes the basic services which your target clients can afford to pay for and a VIP package for clients willing to go all the way.

Pricing is very important – it shows how much you value yourself to your client.

If you are just starting out, it might make more sense to charge lower prices, but Nifty marketing actually found out that upping his price attracted more clients and increased his revenue.

So experiment on your pricing and see what works best for you.

4. Win clients, quickly

Getting clients to sign up for your service quickly is paramount.

Lopez suggests that the best way to quickly attract clients is to offer a sort of ‘freemium’ service.

You can do an online audit of a potential client’s business.

Evaluate their websites and social media accounts, show them their lag and offer what you can do to improve on them.

If you are convincing enough, you’ll get clients quickly.

5. Track your results

Your clients may be more interested in the final results than how you arrived at it, but is it still important to keep track of your progress as you go.

Make use of tracking tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to stay on top of things.

6. Hire the right staff

Your business is only as good as the workers, hence the need to hire good staff.

Lopez explains that “You never really make money working for yourself. You make money when other people work for you.”

Michigan SEO company Scepter Marketing is a fine example of this. I have seen them from close quarters for the last decade or so. They spend good time in hiring self-motivated resources who stay with them for years. And this reflects in their work. I must say they have imbibed Lopez’s theory better than most.

I am sure there are thousands of other companies who take this seriously and raring to make it level 2.0 down the line. What guarantees their success, however, is how persistent they are in the long run.

Even if you are starting out as a freelancer, your business will grow to a point when you need to hire additional hands.

However, you don’t need to start with employees from day one, but be sure to hire as soon as you need.


Starting a social media or digital marketing agency may appear complex, but if you break it down, you’d find out that it is easier than it seems.

The key is to be clear about your goals, understand the channels that work for you and how to reach the right people, and focus on your strengths.

That’s pretty much the scope of starting an online marketing agency.

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