Most effective ways to optimize your YouTube with SEO Tactics

Most effective ways to optimize your YouTube SEO tactics in 2019
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Most effective ways to optimize your YouTube with SEO tactics 

Well, the right SEO tactics can turn YouTube video views increase to ‘oh no’ to ‘heck! Yes’. Well, this does not mean that the SEO will challenge your creativity, but will make it reach the right volume of audience it should reach.

If you do not know about this, let e tell you.

YouTube videos also need SEO optimization to get the top ranking in the search results. The requirement for SEO is pretty much the same as other content, but yes, the strategies and methods are quite different.

But, let us know why to do SEO for videos? How does it help and how effective it is?

Well, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google and people actually spend hours watching content on this amazing platform. Your presence on this platform can bring a huge impact on your brand and you can reach to millions of visitors who visit here.

Videos can take content to next level, the audio-video medium is already the most accepted way for millions. It is popular as many of us find reading and understanding the long post boring and monotonous.

Watching is fun and less hectic; and so, this is the place where you can tell people about your brand and get noticed in minutes. Even Google understands this, and so it offers and suggests watching videos on the search results. But, to be eligible to get the right ranking, you need the views and acceptance from the audience.

But the challenge to get the right views and attention is to let people know about the video. Sharing it in the right and meaningful way is what SEO is all about. Google does recommend videos in search results and it adds to the reputation of the brand.

It also establishes a relationship between the customer and brand which goes to the next level of loyalty which is very helpful for the digital presence.

What are the direct SEO benefits in search results?

SERPs or search engine results pages are displayed by Google which is an introduction to the user about the content of the result. It is most applicable to their query and so the searcher always read it before checking what is in the suggestions.

This SERP which is well optimized draws more traffic and helps the video to establish itself as the expert in the digital platform.

These are the direct SEO benefits which your YouTube video gets if appears on the search results.

However, there are other YouTube SEO tactics too which can optimize your video. We have these tips as the Google Algorithm gets updated every year.

Step#1 The right YouTube keywords

Any SEO process begins with a keyword and for YouTube, it will be the video keyword research.

This is probably the most common thing which I believe is known by everyone. The stepping stone is to make a list of potential keywords.

To get the list, the best and organic way to do it is to ask YouTube itself. Well, that means to type a word or query and let YouTube give/ pop out its own suggestions.

Technically, it is known as the search engine’s suggest feature, where you type a word or phrase and they give you suggestions immediately.

These suggestions are not generated by the search engines themselves, but the data of searches made by people in the following niches.

Again, one more thing to add, because it is directly suggested by YouTube, it is right and dependable.

To be surer, check the same type of videos and find in detail their keywords. You can easily figure it and now narrow your list with these keywords.

Here again, you can now narrow your list with the ‘low competitive keywords’ which will help your new video get the right attention. If you want to rank with the popular keywords, there will be huge competition for sure.

There can be chances that you might get buried and will never surface to the search results.

So, get the keywords that are low in competition and start working on it.

These ‘much less’ competitive keywords are easy and have a really low volume of competition.

You can also search for the keywords in Google as well

Here’s how

It is a fact that maximum views on YouTube do come from YouTube’s platform itself. But do you know that things do not end on this platform?  A ranking in Google search also gets your views if you appear in the search results.

To get it done, you need to figure out keywords that are already emerging as the video results.

So, you get the traffic from Google searches as well.

Step #2: your video should have a high retention value

youtube seo tool

Your video must have the content which the audience gets hooked to it. They should continue watching it till the end and do to lose attention and switch to something else. This feature is popularly termed as ‘Audience Retention’.

This aspect has a great role to play in the ranking system.

So, with this audience retention, you can get the desired ranking as it will give benefits to YouTube as well. The more people stay on the video, the higher the chances are to get ads clicked in the watching duration.

If the audience is flipping videos, the chances go down and result in very few clicks on the ads.

Do you know how to create videos that have great retention value?

Well, you must know it to optimize your YouTube SEO, as this year the focus will be more on quality and content.

So, even if you do not have quality production equipment, do not worry. It is not going to affect your ranking; all it needs to get a top-ranking position is an interesting and valuable watch. Make videos that fulfill these norms and standards to get the right views and clicks.

Step#3 Extract the Maximum SEO Value from Your Video

Here’s how to get it done

You need to ‘speak out’ your keywords

These days YouTube records your video and if you have mentioned your keyword in it; you will get noticed.

This will help them to understand your keyword properly.

Next is to have a good video title; and if you made it of 5 words, it is easy for you to put your keyword in it naturally without stuffing the keyword.

Next is the description of the video which is though the next step, but is very important. The description makes Google and YouTube understand your video, which helps them to run you higher in the searches.

Tips to write a good description

  • Keyword- must be placed in the first 25 words
  • Total description word- 250 words
  • Keywords usage- 2- 4 times

Insider tip for the description

It avoids your video getting spammed and increases the views. This is the most important tip for YouTube SEO tactics 

Step #4: Promotion of Your Video

youtube seo tutorial

Well, in simple words it means to increase your views. But where do you get the audience from? How to reach them? It is simple; find out forums where people are seeking an answer to their queries. Reply to them and then give your link to the answer so that they can reach you.

Be careful in replying because if it appears to be promotional then, you might get banned by the search engines immediately.

But here you need to do a bit of research by finding questions posted by viewers. The most popular forum is Quora where you will thousands of questions which get hundreds of replies instantly.

You can search for related questions here and give a relevant answer. You can also suggest them to watch your video by placing your link to the answer. This is the most common way to increase your view and surprisingly it is one of the golden tactics of SEO that will continue this year as well.

Also, creating a playlist will also help. Make a playlist of your own ‘similar’ kind of videos for your channel. This is an optimized way to increase the relevancy of your channel which the search engines do notice.

It also works as an SEO strategy for your video content.

Step#5 the CC (Closed Caption) feature has a lot of importance for SEO

The use of the closed caption (cc) feature of YouTube has a lot of importance for the viewer and for the Google algorithm as well. This feature allows the text of the video narration to appear over the video over the video which helps viewers understand much better and faster.

you can also translate it into different languages and so increase your viewership in the process. Some viewers are experimental and they love to watch content from different backgrounds. (no doubt that the content from countries like Korea, Turkey and even Japan is fast becoming popular all over the world)

Upload the transcript if not available and it also helps. Transcripts actually contain the text of what is said in your video. This is an amazing SEO tip as YouTube’s new algorithm automatically converts the voice into a transcript. This is really easier to do and activate it.

That’s it

So, start with these tips immediately for appearing in the top search results.

There are many other small tips that you can always try, but the tips above are tried and tested and do give the desired results for any kind of video.

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Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life, she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link Building, SMO and many more.

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