What is Reddit || Reddit Beginners Guide for Karma Subreddit Gold Spam

Reddit Beginners Guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam

Are you searching for what is Reddit – Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam and other features of Reddit? Here are all your answers!


You are going to about everything related to Reddit and its functionality.

Before going into the context of “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam”

There is an old-age proverb that “words are free, it’s how you use them that way cost you” Reddit is more conscious of interesting, informative and quality content. So stop spamming at Reddit.


The front page of the Reddit is always been committed to displaying the fresh, most appreciated and interesting content/link

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Let’s start to know the facts about the “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam” below

“A community web, Reddit has over 30 million unique visitors per month!”

Reddit is all about what’s new and the most popular on the World Wide Web, users from the various parts of the world take part in providing their new and latest content and then appreciate/depreciate through voting to declare what’s good and what’s junk.

Users make communities at Reddit, paste their web work link in these communities, links with appreciation and community approval jumps through the first position and successfully make their place to show at the front page of the Reddit.

Let’s proceed the Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam

What does the name “Reddit” mean?

what-is-reddit name means

Reddit is nothing but just playing with words, as “I read it on Reddit.” You can say it slang for “read-it.”

To know more about the meanings of the Reddit, click here.

The second thing in our “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam” is what is a tiny alien?

reddit-snooWhat is Alien or Bug of Reddit?

That’s interesting and informative creature named as ‘SNOO’ proved a mascot for the community on Reddit. It also has the honor to be the Reddit registered trademark.

Who Can Submit A Link?

Allowed to every human to submit their links on Reddit. However, you must be signup a free account with them.

How many Submissions are Allowed to Reddit?

Here you will have to stop for a while whenever posting your URL links or submitting text posts. A restriction is made over here to prevent spamming and the rule is for both gold members and non-gold members.

Here you will have to stop for a while whenever posting your URL links or submitting text posts. A restriction is made over here to prevent spamming and the rule is for both gold members and non-gold members.

How Reddit Determine Submission’s Score?

A submission’s score = (No. of Upvotes) – (No. of Downvotes)

Let’s take an example to understand submission score, consider If 40 users like the submission (links or text) and 25 users dislike it then the submission score will 15.

But these votes are not the real numbers, Reddit has made them “fuzzed”, in order to prevent spamming. Whatever there are 10 upvotes and 15 downvotes or 7 upvotes and 2 downvotes All I wanted to say is that all the point scoring is correct but calculated total votes are fuzzed.

Why There is a Dot Showing up at Reddit in Place of Score?

Reddit has intended to mitigate the bandwagon effect for fresh posts for a few hours.

let’s discuss What is Karma in our “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam

What is karma?

The number next to a username is named as that specific user’s “karma.” The greater Karma Score shows that how much interesting and informative content the user has posted to the Reddit community.

The best way to gain higher karma is to submit content/links that others compelled to like it and vote it.

Why should I try to accumulate karma?

Everyone in real life is just scoring points positively to uplift their lives, either we talk about games, business, love, and education etc. So if there is a higher score then there is higher progress and reliability.

If you haven’t still been able to achieve the accumulated karma; just go for it and try to win the trust of other people at Reddit being a good person, and let your higher karma score to sprinkle as a reminder of your legacy.

Note: Reddit didn’t provide any guarantee for attaining Nirvana.

What can I do to get my submissions noticed?

By noticing the above quotes the Reddit submissions must be:

Always choose your title carefully. It must be contextual, useful, interesting and descriptive by telling all the aspect of the topic shortly.

It can be the central idea of your link/article or about a webpage.

If your submissions involve aggressive mode or something annoying other users then you can be downvoted for that mess up.

So always be careful and provide forever and interesting content to the Reddit.

Why Don’t My Submissions Show up on the New Page?

Be careful while posting, as I earlier said that Reddit has been equipped with a spam filter algorithm that is fully capable and designed to detect and remove the spam bots automatically.

If you have made a post and that is not showing up to that community page then it may be the consideration that the post was spammy and is caught by the Reddit spam filter.

There may be another reason too if you never participated in that community before it may happen to your submission and each community has its own filter.

If you think that your post is absolutely correct and not spam then you can leave message to the moderators.

Why don't my submissions show up on the New page?

In order to find the “message to the moderators” go to the community page, scroll down the page then from the right sidebar you can find the moderators.

You can also convey your message to the moderators by composing a message to #communityname and request them to remove your submitted posts from the spam filter

Is Reddit Available in Languages Other Than English?

How to Translate Reddit in Other Languages?

Move your mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the page, click on the link “English” and then select your native language of your own choice.

Can I Change My User Name or Start a New Account on Reddit?

No, you can not change your username, after once created your account. If you want to change your username you’ll have to make a new account and simply chose your username there.

Also, you’ll not be able to move your comment karma, Karma, and other trophies you earned to the newest created account.

Will you remove something defamatory about me or “my friend” from Reddit?

Reddit rarely removes your profile, submissions, and other ingredients you have earned through.

Reddit also ignores your insulting posts or negative commenting and leaves such issued to be handled by the community moderators.

Moderators are the pioneers who have taken an initiative to start their specific community. So they have all the responsibility to remove such malpractices.

So, the Reddit is not the judge to resolve such dispute arising on the submitted posts, its all fall in the moderators and their appointees to decide what necessary actions can be taken against such distasteful posts/links keeping in mind the pre-decided rules, policies, as well as terms and conditions.

Posting Someone’s Personal Information on Reddit is Allowed or Not?

No, you cannot post someone else’s personal information to the Reddit. However, Reddit is a free place to speak anything but it doesn’t allow such practices.

For example, you can not post a screenshot taken from someone’s personal profile page of twitter or facebook to the Reddit community.

As involved in someone’s else personal information, it may be wrong and just a try of a tease to that person, so you can not play with the emotions of the innocent people at by doing malpractices at Reddit. Reddit will strictly ban you if you are falsifying and creating harassment acts to harm someone.

Is Political Campaign in Reddit Allowed or Not?

Reddit is a free speech place, it doesn’t discriminate the political candidates thought the world.

Reddit provides a free viewpoint platform to encourage all the political parties and their candidates, agents and fans to post their consideration, campaign, political views or anything else at the Reddit remaining in their terms and policies.

Where to Put Questions on Reddit?

Send a message to /r/reddit.com

What are the meanings of Acronyms at Reddit?

Reddit uses many acronyms at its portal but some of the important acronyms are as follows.

    • AFAIK means “As far as I know”
    • DAE means “Does anybody else” or “Does anyone else”
    • ELI5 means “Explain like I’m 5 (years old)”
    • CMV means “Change my view”
    • FTFY means “Fixed that for you”
    • AMA means “Ask me anything”
    • IAMA means “I am a”

  • IIRC means “If I recall correctly”
  • IANAL means “I am not a lawyer”
  • IANAD means “I am not a doctor”
  • ITT means “In this thread”
  • IMO/IMHO means “In my opinion” and “In my humble/honest opinion”, respectively
  • OP means “Original poster” (the person who started the thread)
  • NSFL means “Not safe for life” (gory or gross content)
  • MRW/MFW means “My reaction when” and “My face when”, respectively
  • NSFW means “Not safe for work” (sexual content)
  • [Serious] means “Serious responses only” (commonly used in /r/askreddit and other subreddits now)
  • PSA means “Public service announcement”
  • TIL means “Today I learned”
  • TL;DR means “Too long; Didn’t read”
  • YSK means “You should know”

What Asterisk meanings next to a comment?

Appearing an asterisk means that the comment has been edited by the commenter. So anyone can change delete or update his own comment at Reddit.

How is a Comment’s Score Determined?

Comments scoring is based on the same principles as a submission’s score.

comment’s score = (No. of upvotes) – (the number of downvotes)

The rest of the rules are the same as are the submission’s score.

Now let’s find out what says the “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam” about subreddits.

 What are Subreddits?

Reddit comprises thousands of sub-communities, focusing some specific topics, there is a subreddit social media, a subreddit for movies etc.

When a user signup he is to be subscribed by default with the most popular communities.

But there are also more subreddits in the portal as to fully entertain its users according to their interest and taste.

 How Many Subreddits Can I Subscribe?

There is no limit to subscribe the subreddits it’s all up to you.

But there is a limitation to your front page, that it will show up to 50 subreddits at a time and if you are a Gold user then the limit exceeds to 100 subreddits.

This selection is refreshed after every 30 minutes interval.

Let’s find out about Moderator at Reddit in the “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam”

How to Become A Moderator on Reddit?

Anyone can become a moderator, once he/she created a subreddit.

But if you want to become the moderator of an existing subreddit then request to the other moderators in the community, hopefully, they are always looking for such volunteers to run their community.

Creating Multiple Accounts At Reddit Allowed Or Not?

Yes, anyone can sign up multiple accounts but is not allowed to ghost voting on his own post with his multiple accounts. That’s falls in a circle of cheating and spamming.

Why My Submissions / are Comments Not Showing up on Reddit?

The submission can take a while to show up there in the new queue. But if the moderator finds it as a spam then you should have to put a request to a moderator to include your post to that community.

What Constitutes Vote Cheating and Vote Manipulation?

Read carefully the following points to abstain from cheating and manipulation at Reddit.

  • Don’t use shill or multiple accounts, voting services, or any other software to increase votes for submissions
  • Avoid multiple accounts of Reddit.
  • Avoid upvoting tactics software to increase your votes for submission.
  • Don’t compel or ask other users from other social media or from the Reddit community to vote on your posts.
  • Don’t be part of a “voting clique” or “vote ring”

your account can be banned from making cheating or attempting to manipulate voting. So avoid.

What Constitutes Spam at Reddit?

Consider the following bullets to understand spamming at Reddit.

  • The first thing to clearly know about is Reddit always allow you to submit links to a site that belongs to you. But if,
  • If your submission to Reddit comprised of the links that are always pointing towards your site, you will not get benefit from Reddit.
  • If you are not participating in community’s discussion, questions, answers, replies, also you will not receive any benefit from the Reddit regardless of the how much your post is getting upvotes etc. you will be declared as a spammer.
  • If over 10% of your submissions include all the links pointing towards your site then you are at risk and all of your submissions falls in the circle of spamming.
  • If users are downvoting your submissions and you still posting links by ignoring user behavior of downvoting you, still you are a spammer.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have been much aware of What is Reddit and its other functionality with this “Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam”

According to TheFanmanShow suggestions, you must write humbly to the moderators of your subscribed community to appreciate your submissions anyway and wait for his response.

With the span of time you can also put a moderator request to the already committed community moderators, then there is a much chance to increase traffic on your Reddit, subreddits or submissions.

Well, this is all about Reddit Beginners guide for Karma, Subreddit, Gold, Spam, Share your experience with us how you find this helpful before creating an account on Reddit.

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