Social Media – A Search Engine Higher Ranking factor in Google

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Social Media – A Search Engine Higher Ranking factor in Google & Bing

Are you pretty much curious about how can be a Social Media – A Search Engine Higher Ranking factor source for your business or brand?

In our previous articles, we have discussed a lot What is Pinterest & Pinterest For Business? And 10 Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business.

But today, we are here to explore how Social Media is counted as a Search Engine Higher Ranking factor in Google & Bing

Let’s start our discussion

Creating and using links as an Off-Site Page was a good technique to rank higher in the Search Engines but with the passage of time, such techniques of linking have lost their value for numbered reasons.

For example, some of these were having so poor PR for linking out but on the other hand, some of them used filters to fight spam and are not accepting the links. Besides these reasons, the buying and selling of the links produce a negative and less trustworthy effect in the sense of Search Engines.

Then an era of social media comes into account, a “vote” by the public has compelled Google to make a precise ranking signal factor to show the content of that webpage in its top results, by pressing a G +1, Commenting, Like and Share buttons produces a higher ranking effect in the search results. Google always counted it as a “Vote”

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Social Reputation Counted A Great Asset By Google

What if someone makes multiple fake accounts on Facebook, Google, and Twitter for liking, sharing, and commenting on his own posts? What if I say Google knows everything about your location on the basis of your device’s IP and can figure out all of the mess you are creating?

The traffic must be organic towards your webpage or on a website. Because the natural and organic traffic comes from various IP addresses and from all corners of the world.

If your content is great then obviously they would like to share, comment, and talk about your webpage.

Talking about your website generates more traffic to your webpage and Google counts everything about the user’s behavior also this is the reason that your social reputation has become a great asset for higher ranking in SERP.

Moreover, your own social presence is much counted here. For making it valuable you must have to participate in the relevant social websites, or other physical platforms in real which would be proof that you are the authentic person and win the customer, consumer, and visitor trust.

Social Shares

Attaining quality social shares is the best achievement, but being shared widely on social networks will create a mind-blowing effect in the minds of the people when they are seeing your product.

What if you have joined multiple Social Media websites or platforms and spread your message about your website to the community and groups? What if you attain a huge amount of traffic from the global community?

Believe me, your website will be of more value in SERP than ever.

For this, you must have to create a Google + Page, a Twitter account, and a Facebook Page to build your own network. What if your message is being shared on your Google+ Page with 100,000 people at the same time?

Well, we have discussed Social Media – A Search Engine Higher Ranking factor in Google, Bing, and others, Share your thoughts in comments about how you figured it out.

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