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How to Make Money Online with Google with Zero Investment

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How to Make Money Online with Google

There are numbers of ways available on the Internet to make money online with Google. This is the reality that Google is a major and appealing source of income where you can get more than your dreams.

According to the Google’s 2016 report, $3.1 billion showered on the AdSense publishers of Google.

in our previous article, we have talked about 5 Ways To Start Making Money Online On The Internet Right Now  and How To Make Money At IncomeON.

If you are a beginner and want to start earning money from Google start reading this article carefully because here is the stuff which leads you towards the income generating stage from Google.

Keeping in mind that nowadays people want money from the Internet with the short period of time, I am sharing here few fast ways to get revenue from Google.

Someone may ask “can you really make money online with Google?” the answer is “YES! It is a today’s reality that you can easily make money online from home

So let’s start to read about the ways to make money online:

How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense:

How to Make Money with Google adsense

If you are going to seek the ways to make money online with Google AdSense is the first thing you will come to know.

This is one of the best income generating sources available on the Internet.

Originally, AdSense works as a subsidiary of the Google. It is a program that allows publishers to post relevant and interactive ads on their blogs and websites.

Revenue generated from ads is shared between Google and the publishers. Many bloggers, online sales professionals, and YouTubers are using AdSense on their blogs and websites.

 Its working is simple that anyone can use and understand it.

First, you have to create a free account then apply for approval from Google. Create an ad and post its HTML code on your blog.

Google will count clicks on that particular ad and generate revenue for the publisher applying CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) formula.

It is free to create, for this just you have to Sign Up from Google platform.

After creating your account Google will show you a code which you have to put on your website. Google will review your blog or site.

If your content is legal and fulfills the rules and regulations of Google then your account will be approved.

Once you have approved AdSense account, you can use it with many blogs and websites to get money.

A website which violates AdSense guidelines, a website with little stuff and a website with copied contents can face the rejection of an application for AdSense. So be careful before applying for AdSense approval.

If you want are going to create an AdSense account must read how to create an AdSense account step by step guide?

The next is how you can make money with Google Adwords.

Let’s proceed.

Make Money Online with Google AdWords:

how to Make Money with Google adwords

Another effective source of generating income from Google is Google AdWords. It is an advertisement platform for all kind of businesses.

It is also a direct way to make money online with Google and working in conjunction with AdSense.

AdWords platform takes advantage of millions of searches conducted on Google each day.

AdWords platform partially based on cookies and partially based on keywords that can be used by the consumers.

Basically, it is designed for the business professionals who want to market and advertise their business online.

They have to pay to Google. After online advertisement, the business professionals can get more revenue from online sales.

You create the ads for your business and chose when you want them to appear right side of the relevant search page of Google.

You can also provide information about your local area of business, whenever anyone makes a search from your local area the AdWords will show your ad on the right side of the search results page.

The major benefit of AdWords is that it shows your ad at the top of the search results page whether your site or blog has top ranking or not.

how to make money with google

Well, AdWords is a key part of marketing and growing your business online.

It allows potential customers to find you online on Google. You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad and visit your business site.

It is a smart way to attract the customers from near or far on the Internet. This is all about the online marketing of your business.

With online marketing, any business can boost their sales more than a traditional advertisement.

Make Money Online with Google through Blogging

how to make money with google through blogging

In the recent days, blogging becomes a powerful tool to make money online with Google.

Blogging is like a personal diary where you can post and share your articles of your own interest.

Many bloggers are using blogging as professionals. Many blogs have their categories and bloggers are writing according to the categories.

There are many blogs available on internets such as Technological Blogs, Educational Blogs, Fashion Blogs and much more.

Visitors visit the blogs and get knowledge about any specific or general topic. By associating AdSense with these blogs, the bloggers are earning their handsome revenue from Google.

If you are interested to create a blog don’t miss our article on “How to Create a Word Press Blog”

Make Money Online with Google Opinion Rewards.

google opinion rewards online

For those who are strong in English can make money with Google Opinion Rewards.

Google has developed an app named as “Google Opinion Rewards” which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Download Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards has been installed  10,000,000 – 50,000,000 times.

The app is updated on November 2, 2017, having Current Version of 20171020 and requires Android
4.1 and up

[su_box title=”Here what Google’s say about Google Opinion Rewards” box_color=”#ff774a”]Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.

Getting started is easy. Download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. We’ll then send you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you and can receive up to $1.00 in Play credit for completing it. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”


So, what you have to do is just an Android Mobile Phone, download the app from Google Play Store, install it in your phone and answer the simple surveys and earn up to $1 per survey.

Other means of Generating Revenue from Google:

Google is a versatile and useful resource for getting income online.

There many other methods and programs that are offering online money for users.

For example, YouTube is a part of Google since 2006 and you can earn millions of dollars per month by just uploading your videos.

If you are interested to earn money from YouTube check out our post on “how to earn money from YouTube”.

There is another subsidiary of Google which can be used to make money online with Google that is Google Checkout. With Google Checkout can be used as a money transaction account such as PayPal or Amazon Payments.   

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