How to Add Wire Transfer Payment Method to Google AdSense Account

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Add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense

Do You want to learn how to add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense or EFT to AdSense and how to receive Payments from Google AdSense?

Then stick with the article

In our previous article, we have discussed How Much Money Can Be Earned From Google AdSense? But Today we’re going to discuss that how to add wire transfer method in Google AdSense account.

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It is true that in ancient times, Google has paid their AdSense Publishers with the only method it has and that was a bank cheque. This cheque was to be issued in the name of AdSense account holder.

But right now, the Google has introduced the following methods to receive AdSense payment on anyone’s name.

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Wire Transfer

With the above methods, it has been made easy for the AdSense Publishers to send money to their family, friends and other beneficiaries anywhere in the world.

There also has been seen in the previous year that many of the AdSense Publishers from Pakistan and India has been upgraded to the recent Wire Transfer or EFT methods suggested by Google.

Try these:

Before jumping into how to add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense account we need to know about how to set up threshold and payout schedule in Google AdSense Payment Settings.

How to Set Up Threshold and Payment Schedule?

In other articles on how you can track AdSense Wire Transfer Payments, I have also mentioned a lot of times in my Google AdSense tutorials that the minimum threshold payment for Google AdSense payment is $100.

However, you can set payment threshold higher than $100 to any amount you like to be paid in future days.

Once you have set up the AdSense Payment Threshold for payment and scheduled the dates, Google will send the payment by 21st to 25th of every month so, you cannot alter their default payment scheduled dates.

Setup Payment Threshold in Google AdSense

To setup Payment Threshold in AdSense:

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  • Sign in to Your Google AdSense Account
  • Go to Settings then Click on Payment
  • In Payments Go to Manage Settings


how to setup Payment Threshold in AdSense

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  • Then go to Payments Account and click on Payment Schedule


how to setup Payment Threshold in Google AdSense.jpg

Fill out the Google payment schedule form in order to add Wire Transfer Method to AdSense

and now, let’s find out that how to add Wire Transfer Method in AdSense.

How to Add Wire Transfer Payment Method in Google AdSense?

Once your threshold is reached, you will see a warning message indicating your payment is on hold and you should update the payment method. Navigate to the payments settings page and click on the “Add Payment Method” link under “How you get paid” box.

Once your AdSense account has reached the minimum threshold, a warning message will appear in the notification bell that “to receive a payout, please choose a valid payment method”.

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  • Again you need to click on the “Payment” option from settings then go to “”how you get paid” option on the right-hand side in order to add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense.
  • Now, fill out the form with these details in order to link the bank account to your AdSense account.
  • Name on bank account – enter your name as per the bank record.
  • Bank name – enter the complete name of your bank.
  • IFSC code – IFSC code is for Indian publishers to enter the Indian Financial System Code.


The sample for IFSC code of State Bank of India is SBIN0000001 for the for Kolkata Main Branch

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  • SWIFT BIC – while SWIFT BIC is an 8 or 11 digits business identifier code for transferring money (SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).


The sample for SWIFT BIC code for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Mumbai is “ADCBINBBXXX”

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  • Put the account no., and re-type Account number again.


adsense wire transfer time

[su_box title=”Warning!” box_color=”#ff774a”]

  1. You can have different information on the form based on your country or region. Please make sure to fill the correct details. In case of any doubt, contact your bank to get the correct details.
  2. You must only enter the SWIFT BIC code which ensures money transfers.


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  • Just click on the “Save” button to save the desired details by Google AdSense.


Note*: The entered information in the payment method form cannot be altered or modified once saved. So, make sure to enter the correct details.

The last step to add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense is “selection of Primary and Secondary account”

Select One Account At least with Method Primary

Google has left it on your own consent to enter multiple Payment Methods to Google AdSense Account. All of your added accounts will be shown under the “Payment Method” section. You need to make sure to choose one account of all as a “primary” account for receiving Google AdSense Payments


how to add bank account to google adsense

Final Words

Here above is the all about How to Add Wire Transfer Payment Method to AdSense account.

If you have more questions about the adding wire transfer payment method in Google AdSense then you can send your queries to our Facebook page ( or through the comment section.

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