Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page Updated

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Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page

Find Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Webpage. Also answers for how many ad units can be created in Google AdSense and AdSense ads per page are allowed?

Today, we’ll go through the maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page as we know that where AdSense is the high paying network, there, it also has some limitations to follow strictly in order to run AdSense on your page smoothly.

If you are violating their policies and terms and conditions, they can permanently disable or block your account, even in some extraordinary cases, they can also block your domain.

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In our previous article, we have learned that how to get approved for a Google AdSense Account?

And we have also discussed AdSense as the finest high-paying regarding ad network.

So, the vital part remains in abiding the TOS policies and the Programmed Guidelines to avoid a permanent ban to your AdSense account.

What the newbies do, they ambiguously or unintentionally violate the AdSense policies and get banned. Here today we will know

What is the Maximum No. of AdSense Units Allowed per Page?

Before getting deep into the maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page, it would be better to illustrate the various types of Google AdSense facility provided for the bloggers.

Types of Google AdSense

  • Content Unit AdSense
  • Link Unit AdSense
  • Search Boxes AdSense

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Initially, Google has allowed placing the AdSense video units but now, this facility has been dropped and not available now.

Now let’s find the Google AdSense updated Policy for the maximum allowed AdSense units for a single webpage.  

Old Obsoleted AdSense Ad Units Policy

Before August 2016 the maximum limit for placing AdSense was 3 ad units/page and the premium users were having an extra flavor and were allowed for 6 ad units to their single web page.

Revised AdSense Ad Unit Policy Regarding 6 Ads per Page

But soon in August 2016, Google AdSense has revised its policy and lifted ad limit from 3 ads to 6 ads for every kind of website.

  • Bloggers and Publishers are now allowed to place unlimited AdSense ads on a Single Page.

But there are some considerable limitations and that is “your AdSense advertisements and other promotional related sensations should not exceed to your available content on a specific page.

In other words, you have to be more pretty sure about maintaining the quality of your website. This would not be the case that the users are just seeing the ads and ads on your websites rather to a qualitative content.

Various AdSense Content Units Available Sizes:

So far, we have discussed the maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page, now we are going to discuss the best AdWords Ads Sizes.

Below, you can find and use the multiple Google AdSense Content Unit available formats to place the most suitable to your web page.

(468 x 60) –> Banner

(125×125) –> will display Button

(234×60)–> will display Half Banner

(336 x 280) –> will display Large Rectangle

(728 x 90) –> will display Leaderboard

(300 x 250) –> will display Medium Rectangle

(120×600) –> will display Skyscraper

(180×150) –> will display Small Rectangle

(200 x 200) –> will display Small Square

(250 x 250) –> will display Square

(120 x 240) –> will display Vertical Banner

(160×600) –> will display Wide Skyscraper

Various Google AdSense Link Unit Sizes:

Here is a list of Google AdSense Link Unit Sizes to select and place to your website blog.

(728×15) – Placing will display 4 links

(468×15) – Placing will display 4 links

(200×90) – Placing will display 3 links

(180×90) – Placing will display 3 links

(160×90) – Placing will display 3 links

 (120×90) – Placing will display 3 links

Google AdSense Formats Giving Maximum Earnings

Now it’s a bit tricky to select and use the most-high paying and the best performing ad unit that can increase your AdSense income reaching to the high ends.

As per the expert opinion and my own experience has led me the way to use and increase my AdSense earning and let me show you the most effective money making illustrations of the placement of ad units includes large and medium rectangles, leaderboard.

(336 x 280) – -> Large Rectangle

(300 x 250) – -> Medium Rectangle

(728 x 90) – -> Leaderboard

(160 x 600) – -> Wide Skyscraper

But which I love the most are (160 x 600) – -> Wide Skyscraper and (336 x 280) – -> Large Rectangle Banners ad units that are high serving and proved as the most-high paying ad units for me.

Using Adsense link Units

The AdSense link units can be more useful when used as according with the theme used in your blog. I mean the theme and the ad units must be synchronized with each other that gives a look at the part of the theme or the website. You can place it in the Navbar or in the side menu to get the maximum impressions.

You can also customize your options not sticking with my choice and can use your own ad units which you think the best one and will help you to increase your maximum AdSense earnings.

Summary About Placing How Many AdSense Units Per Page?

So, if you are using 6 or more than six ads on your web page then you must have to publish a blog more than 2000 words, it’s not the case that your article is about 300 words and you are using 5 or 6 ad units to that specific webpage.

By doing such practices you are actually misleading the Google by spamming your own articles posts and you may have to face the difficulties leading to a permanent ban regarding your AdSense account.

Because AdSense has given a clear view statement that:

revised-adsense-policy august 2016

How Many Ads Should I Put on My Website

So, you will be thinking that how many Ads should I put on my website?

I will recommend you to limit AdSense ad units to your average website pages content. Every blogger eventually writes an article from 300 words to 2000 words and more.

So, it would be a nicer use to implement and place less than 6 ads per single webpage to meet the requirement about choosing maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page. But if you think your webpage has longer content size, you can ultimately increase the ad unit limit above from 6 to any else figure.

But I usually use the 3 to 4 ad units according to my website pages content. There might be a rare case that I have to use 5, 6 ads or more than 6 ads unit per page.

So I suggest you keep less than 5 ads per page.

I usually stick to 3 or 4 ads per page.

The Fanman Show Best Experience

By the years of experience, I have come to know regarding maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page leads the following implementations, going into the context of proper usage and placement of ad units have been proved well for me.

  • By using 2 ad units have generated maximum impressions over 3 ad units
  • A combined strategy of text + images ads have always boosted my earnings

So there are the numbered of options available regarding ad unit sizes and formats you can use them in a positive way (minimum ad unit strategy) or ruin your Adsense account completely or partially (by using maximum ads unit exceeding the limit of the content of your webpage).

Final Recommendations:

My final recommendations towards “maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page” are:

  • always use minimum AdSense ad units with proper implementation
  • use 3 to 4 AdSense ad units to your blog website.
  • If your posts are bound to 300 words then use just 2 ad units per page in order to get maximum results
  • If your web page is about 2000 words use 6 ads units
  • If you your webpage is above 2000 words then you can customize your choice according to your wishes and some considerable limitations.

Hopefully, you have liked this updated article regarding maximum allowed AdSense Ad units on a web page. isn’t it? if yes then share your experience with us through the comment section.

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