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Applying Google AdSense on a Business Website

Is it good or bad using Google AdSense on a Business Website? Will it be a total damage to your website or is beneficial? So to drive your business in a smooth way, read the following article.

Although many advertisement platforms are available on the Internet to make money but AdSense has much popularity in this field.

Also, read the followings:

Millions of bloggers are using AdSense to make money online because it is easy and simple to use. It is a dominant Google program which is used in large scale but still, there are some websites which should not use AdSense.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start your online business you plan to paste some Google ads, there is nothing wrong with this but some factors you have to keep in mind.

Why AdSense is not for Business Websites?

If you want to know “why AdSense should not be used for business websites?” you should know the basic purposes of Google AdSense. No doubt there is no perfect competitor of AdSense on the Internet in the sense of making money. Almost all the users of the Internet know about the AdSense but the beginners don’t.

Ads on the page are most relevant to the topics. When a publisher posts an ad relevant to the topic of the post, unintentionally the similar ads of competitors advertised which devalue the business of the publisher accordingly.

This happens because of similar ads of AdSense for hosting and domain websites. This is the major factor which signals to the businessmen not to use the AdSense on their business websites. This factor implies on all the similar advertising programs on the Internet.

You must read more reasons not to use the AdSense on business websites.

Brand Devaluation:  

It is an alluring activity to make money online while sitting at home using Google AdSense but there are some limitations to the uses of Google AdSense. You must be aware of these limitations.

Your brand is the most important thing on the Internet which attracts the users to your website.

So, it is your major responsibility to take care of your brand. This will make you alive in the names of your competitors.

Actually, when you start to monetize your brand on the Internet with many varieties of products with different advertisements, advertently you are devaluing your own brand.

For example, many sports websites are advertising their brands using AdSense and hence they are advertising the competitor’s brand. It is a totally unprofessional approach.

Consequently, do not use the Google AdSense on your business websites because it devalues your own brand.

You are Ultimately Giving Opportunity to Your Competitors:

Of course, when you use AdSense on your business website you may provide an opportunity to your brand competitors because AdSense is a contextual ads program it will post some related ads on your websites.

For example, you are using AdSense on your technological website and all the ads which are related to the technological contents will appear on your website.

These ads might be from competitors. It means you are promoting the brands of your competitors. This is the bitter fact that your competitor can easily reach to your site using AdSense with low cost.

So, the competitors can promote their brands on your website using AdSense.

This shows that you must not use the Google AdSense on your business websites because your competitors can get more CTR via your website.

Uncontrollable Bounce Rate:

If the ads are not fully designed according to your website design, the visitors may confuse and click back, it will increase the bounce rate of your blog.

You must know that a lower bounce rate generates better performance.

When a visitor of your blog clicks on the ad, the ad will open on the same window. This annoys the visitor and he leaves the page. Leaving pages to increase the bounce rate. You must take some steps to decrease the bounce rate to make the performance better.


We have discussed “can you put AdSense on a business website or not?” and we found that

Google AdSense is one the best advertisement programs on the Internet but when you start your business website you should not apply for Google AdSense because it uses contextual ads program which may harm your business.

The final line:

Do not Apply for Google AdSense on a Business Website

You must take care of your brand which can increase your market value on the Internet. Initially try to increase your blog contents and traffic. When you create your brand name in the webmasters you can start a business through your website.

In the end, if you find my article useful for you feel free to share it with me via comments. If you remove the AdSense after reading this article, share what happened after removing the AdSense because your good or bad experience will be a guide for others.

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