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How to Make Money at incomeON

how to make money at incomeon
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How to Make Money at incomeON

The article is about everything you need to know about what is incomeON and how to make money at incomeON, Technology for Human Development.

Before going into in depth details, let’s find out the basics about incomeON, that people every time asking us.

What is incomeON?

incomeON is a social media website which claims to engage its social users with businessmen directly. Everyone, who joins/Sign up at incomeON can make money online socially.

Who Owns incomeON?

Mr. Iqbal Akhtar Hussain is the Chairman and Mr. Baqar Bilal Hussain is the CEO of incomeON Technology for Human Development. They both are the business magnate, investor and belong to Pakistan.

incomeON Users

incomeON has crossed 1 Million users across the world including Pakistan, China, United States of America, UK, Canada, Sri Lanks, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, other various European areas and all the Gulf countries.

Why Sign Up at incomeON (THD) Today?

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  • You need an online presence on the Social Media
  • SignUp at incomeON is totally Free
  • You can use incomeON as a Social Media Platform, which is free of cost
  • You can use icomeON as tool for making money online
  • You can start your own business at incomeON free of cost.
  • incomeON is an online Job Recruit program for those who are jobless
  • Users can simply spend their daily routine time on incomeON and earn money by receiving likes, comments, shares, referrals, Feeds, Great Jobs, Promotions and Push Ups.
  • Online tools like ChatON makes incomeON faster and more personal than email
  • You can create your own pages,  groups of your own choice and can join already made world’s leading political parties pages
  • incomeON has 1 Million potential users across the world which are increasing after every passing second.


How to Create Account at incomeON (THD)?

You can easily create account at incomeon as just you fill up the form of Google plus or Facebook.

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  • Creating an account at incomeON is tottaly free.
  • Simply go to
  • Fill up the form and press the SignUp button.
  • Confirm your email and login again.
  • You have successfully created an account at incomeON.


How to Verify Account at incomeON (THD)

You can verify your incomeON account by:

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  • Mobile Number
  • Email
  • By Recharging your account via EasyPaisa, MobiCash, PayPal and Western Union


incomeON (THD) Applications

You can download incomeON applications from the app stores:

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How to Receive Money from incomeON

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  • You can receive my earned money, simply by EasyPaisa and MobiCash nationally in Pakistan
  • Internationally, You can receive money from the Western Union and Pay Pal.


How to Withdraw Amount From incomeON

You can withdraw your earning at incomeON with the following methods.

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  • Go to Withdraw Amount screen from the left menu and check if your earnings are more than $25, if yes just follow these steps;
  • Select Your Country
  • Select the Payment Method (from the provided methods i.e, Easy Paisa and MobiCash for Pakistan and PayPal or the Western Union for international transactions) you want to receive money through
  • Provide required information (information should be real and accurate according to your national ID Card, no fake entity will be entertained)
  • Press Process Withdraw button
  • Verify your email address (if not verified yet)
  • Verify your phone number (if not verified yet)
  • Verify your postal address (if not verified yet)
  • Once verified Click on Withdraw money Button.


That’s it, if you have done the right procedure with real information then the request will be verified by incomeON system with some internal mechanisms then after verification you’ll receive “money sent notification” through email, text message, by call or at your incomeON inbox.

So you’ll be able to withdraw amount then by the payment gateway you have selected while creating a request to

How incomeON Works?

Your Post Has Become Your Product

“Let’s engage the Social Users with Businessmen Directly and Make Money”

Yes, the above statement “Let’s engage the Social Users with Businessmen Directly and  Make Money” is the purpose behind the incomeON, Technology for Human Development.

Hence the secret of making money online with free of cost has been revealed with the recently launched website where users can register just like they register on other Social Media sites Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn etc. and can make their status as a product and earn money on each at every step of reaction of the people on their status.

The main and interesting thing about the website is that you earn money at each and every action performed on the timelines and the post owner and the post lover will both making money at the same time.

What do you get from my statement? Yes, it’s true, the website pays money on every action i.e, you’ll make money if you like, comment, share, giving a great job and through referral  from other social media sites, you’ll get a pop up at each and every action that how much money you have made so far!

First, you’ll need an account from any mail server for example from Google Bing or Yahoo to register with incomeON.

After registration, you’ll find two timelines, a business timeline for business purpose and a social timeline for social purpose.

incomeON Timelines

income ON exclusively has the following timelines:

how to make money at incomeon timeline

  1. FeedON
  2. Social ON
  3. Business ON
  4. Opinion ON
  5. Pages ON
  6. Political ON
  7. Profession ON
  8. Classified ON
  9. Profession ON
  10. News ON
  11. Chat ON
  12. WalletON
  13. Groups ON
  14. Trade ON

incomeON Business TimeLine:

At business timeline, you can create any Business shop you want, although they have given a pre-formatted Performa for creating a shop but, you can fully customize once it is created. After that, you can add the product to that specific shop easily. It’s an amazing website for promoting your business with millions of people free of cost.

incomeON Social Timeline:

At social timeline you’ll post your daily status accompanied by snapshot, selfie, video, or any text, combination of all these or any single status from above, every post will be green-hearted with promoted post and you’ll firstly earn some penny over it. But believe me, this is an awesome idea by the incomeON that has maintained an income part on account of using social media.

incomeON claims that it’s the first Pakistani and an Islamic social media website and the increasing no. of users has proved that it’s the forthcoming future of the social technology and will compete for the big giants of the internet social media world.

How to earn money at incomeON?

You can use incomON in two ways:

  1. incomeON as a Social Media website (Totally Free)
  2. incomeON as Making Money Online Platform (Paid Once in a Lifetime)

incomeON as a Social Media Website

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  • You can SignUp at incomeON absolutely free
  • You can make maximum 5000 friends at incomeON
  • You can simply post your status as you do on other social media website
  • Your posts are shared among your friends or family and your friends or family can see your posts also
  • To keep your post in friends and family, change the privacy of the post to friends or family. You cannot select both friends and family together you have to select only one category between these two.


how to make a post in incomeon[/su_list]

Use incomeON to Make Money Online

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  • You can SignUp at incomeON absolutely free
  • You can make maximum 5000 friends at incomeON
  • You can simply post your status as you do on other social media website
  • Your posts are shared publically by default and Social Timeline is selected.
  • You can switch between the timelines (select the one where you want to post your status by crossing the Social to the top right corner)
  • When your posts are shared as Public then it costs you some pennies (in USD)
  • The user’s Spendable balance will be decreased from his spendable section and the money will go to that Public Post and will become a source of income for the post owner and then the person who perform the actions given right below.
  • Your Public post is shared to all the users at incomeON, regardless these are one million, two million or unlimited


When they see your post is Green, feels that’s great, interesting and useful for making money. They then do the following actions:

The Post is Green, Promoted and Public means it has some money and when someone presses

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  • Like: Each one who likes others posts, he earns
  • Comment: the person who comment on others status, he earns.
  • Share: Whoever with this Share button shares a post on other Social Media Websites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter etc. and when someone joins incomeON through this shared post that person earns
  • Great Job: Anyone who presses the Great Jobs gives money to the post owner and he earns
  • Referral: Anyone who copy and paste his/her profile link, shop link or page link to other Social Media websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter etc, and whoever from these Social media sites join incomeON and verify his account, he/she earns One Dollar (1 USD)
  • Promote: Posts are promoted by the post owners only. All Public posts are promoted posts. The promoted posts cost the owner means if you are going to make your post public then you are purchasing that post for an advertisement that will be shown to all the users across incomeON (from 1 to 1 Million or 2,3 Million or whatever the incomeON users capacity is). When a post is Red Heart it can be made Green by the post owner by making it promoted
  • Feed: Feed is an investment in your own post or in any other post. The post-Red Heart will turn into Green. Feeding other purpose is to make advertisement under that fed post also. So when someone Feed a post he can advertise his website/blog under that post. The Feed will cost to anybody who presses this button. The Feeders becomes an equal partner to the post owners and receive money at each Feed as the owners receive.
  • Push Up: it is for Red Heart posts to make them Green Heart, The post owner can Push Up any post and make it Green (Green means he has again put money into that post) 40 Push Ups are equal to 1 Feed. Pressing one Push Up will take your post to the top of the timeline and make it Green. The post owners and the action performer can again earn money through that pushed and green post.
  • Reply: The users can Reply to their Friends’ comment and earn once on their all comments
  • Reviews: Creating Reviews on a product will add some money to your account balance at incomeON.


Posts Red and Green Hearts Behavior

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  • All posts are promoted by default and have a “Promote” button with “Green Heart”.
  • incomeON (THD) (THD) allows you to make your first post (after every 24 hours) for updating status without any cost but that post will have a “Promote” button with “Red Heart”. When you or anyone else go for investing a budget to promote that post, the heart will become green after promotion.
  • A post that is either Fed or Promoted will have a “Green Heart”, so anyone who performs Like/Dislike/Comment/Share actions to this post will get some money for those actions (this action budget is defined by the donor, however, it does have a minimum limit)
  • If a post neither Fed nor Promoted, it will have a RED HEART, which means anyone can feed it by adding money. A Red hearted post won’t give any money to anyone who Likes/Dislikes/Comment/Share it
  • You can Re-Feed an already Fed (Green Hearted) post of some else by just clicking Feed button.
  • You can Re-Promote an already promoted (Green Heart) own post by just clicking the promote button again.


Reasons behind the Success Story of incomeON (THD)

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  • incomeON is not only a social media website but a Business Media also where users can have a Moment Wages Program specially designed as a Technology for Human Development where they make money on likes, comments, shares, feeding, Pushups and by great job etc.
  • You can do business over here by attracting the social users towards your online incomeON shop directly
  • Attractive and beautiful design that has compelled the users to stay on for a long time.
  • An online business solution to small as well as gigantic business to grow up.
  • An excellent marketing tool that attracts the users immediately.
  • Cheap classified rates to market your stuff national or internationally
  • 100% real users, because of its strongest verification method nationally and internationally.
  • Strict policies over:


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  • Nude or sexual material or Porn websites links
  • Irrelevant and hatred posts
  • Hatful Speech posts
  • Invalid, False, Copy paste, Abusive and Irrelevant commenting like 123786, abxefz etc.


[su_list icon=”icon: square” icon_color=”#ff774a”]

  • incomeON respects all the religions. One of the greatest achievement accomplished so far for incomeON is its great and equal respect for the world’s all religion. No one is allowed to post anything against another’s religion. Because it’s a platform for the resonance of all the religions.
  • incomeON is spending more than 80% of its revenue on the welfare of its users/people/community by giving them incentives on their posts like Great Job award, Post Advert Revenue or in shape of donation received and in many other ways.


Besides the above, there are thousands of reasons to use and stay on incomeON. Just I want to say that incomeON is a great website which not only allows you to engage socially but an earning platform for those who do not have a job, are disabled, old age, or teenagers like students, and for those also who are even job holders.

Still, needs improvement in this article “How to make money at incomeON” we will update soon.

Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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