Download: tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2 Released

tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2
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Download: tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2

Apple has deliberately released the version to download tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2 for the developers.

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But today we are going to discuss tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2 releases.

let’s start!

According to the Apple Developers Enrolled Program, you know that the original beats have already been released for the registered two weeks ago.

Now if you really are a good developer and are keen to shape the future in a modern way, then I recommend you to download and instantly install on your machine right now.

The release of “tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2″ will also earn the interaction of the user’s behavior and will prove a definite consumption of Apple TV and Apple Watch in the market.

Apple humbly updates its customers with always with the new products and its software versions.

The most exciting we are talking about is the Apple Watch powered by watchOS 3.1 of which initial version watchOS 3.1 was released in a couple of days before.

The initially released version of the watchOS 3.1 beta 2 was more emphasizing on enhancing the performance of Apple Watch with the help of their user’s experience on account of bugs and errors.

Now the latest approach has been produced by the Apple for its developers to download the latest version for its developers with watch app on the iPhone.

Be careful about having at least 50% remaining power on battery of your Apple Watch, when downloading and updating it or it must be connected to some power bank, power source

Download: tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2 and watchOS 3.1 Beta 2

Let’s discuss individually, where to download these tvOS and watchOS

Download tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 2


tvOS is the most demandable and interesting platform not only for the customers but also for the company itself.

From the company point of view, it is the most immature product line while we talk about 4th Generation Apple Tv. The tvOS 10.0.1 beta 1 was released last week, and now you can download the latest version tvOS beta 2.

No doubts, the Apple has always been a good responsive entity and updated their versions of OS quiet deliberately. This version is also been optimized as according to the user requirements and with the fixture of bugs.

Now the registered users as developers having a great look of their tv room with Apple tv, can also upgrade their version of tvOS and easily install it via a USB-C to USB-A cable on a computer via iTunes.

But if they had already installed the beta build on their tv then they require a possible install over the air download from setting menu of apple tv.

Keep in touch with and updated with the latest releases at your device desktop.

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