All Secret Codes for iPhone 2018

Are you searching for iPhone secret codes and hacks? Don’t go anywhere secret codes for iPhone 2018 are given here with all possible details.

In our previous article, we have discussed All Hidden Codes For QMobile Android Phones 2018 and All Hidden Codes For OPPO Android Phones 2017

But today we are going to illustrate iPhone secret codes

Let’s start!

iOS devices are totally different from Android devices, hence their secret codes are also different. These secret codes for iPhone are obtained from the different sources and experiences, so, some of them may not work on any iOS device but most of them are working accurately.

Do not try to use the sensitive codes they can harm the stable condition of your iOS device. Proper working of any code may help you not to involve with inner settings of the device, for this purpose we are sharing some important iPhone secret tricks with you.

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Check out the following iPhone secret codes list and use these codes carefully.

iPhone Secret Codes list

Secret Codes for iPhone 2018
Secret Codes Functionality of Codes
*#06# It displays IMEI number of the iOS device
*3001#12345#* It displays field mode of device to show out the inner settings of the device
*#67# It is used to check the call forwarding settings
*777# It is used to check the account balance (Prepaid Users)
*3282# It shows usage info of the cell
*3370# It is used for EFR Mode
*43# This is used to Activate/Deactivate call waiting service
*331* It used for Barring Code: inquiry about the lock code of abroad going calls
*#43# It shows call waiting for status
*#33# It is used to check the call control bars
*#76# It is used to check out the connection of line presentation
*#21# It is used to inquire call forwards
*#61# It shows the number of missed calls
*#62# It used to check the number of forwarding calls
*#5005*7672# It shows SMS Center
*#31# It is used to hide the number
*646# (Postpaid only) It shows remaining Postpaid minutes
*225# ( Postpaid only) This one is used to check the Bill Balance
#31#Phone-Number+Call It is used outgoing call anonymity of current call

Note: Our site is not responsible for the misuse of these codes because these codes are provided for the general purpose of the users. These codes are taken from different experiences. Do not use any code if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about these codes.

There are many sensitive codes that can harm the stability of your cell phone. In case of any damage, our site will not take responsibility.

Hence these are all the Secret Codes for iPhone 2018, share your experience through comment section with us, if you find these informative and useful

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