What is Google AdSense – Everything You Need to Know About?


Google AdSense is an Advertisement Placement Service Program controlled and managed by the Google Inc. itself for the website owners, bloggers and publishers who are eager to display ads (Textual, images, Videos) commonly interrelated with their content and earn money when traffic or the visitors come to their website / blog and perform clicks on the ads or only view the ads.

Google AdSense has always been the best and the Highest Pay Per Click network for earning through ads, once activated on your webpage. The AdSense program was officially launched in June 18, 2003 and since then there have been not a single alternative I have ever found. The basic idea behind AdSense was to monetize the web materials for the bloggers and the websites owners. Initially it faced a lot of performance issues but with the passage of time Google not only fixed AdSense issues but proved it a highest profitable network across the world.

Now there are millions of people at the same time are earning through Google AdSense with the Google as the Technology for Human Development which not only empowers you but to your family too.

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