Why You Need a CDN for Your WordPress Site-Best WordPress CDN Services

Best WordPress CDN Services
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Why You Need a CDN for Your WordPress Site-Best WordPress CDN Services

We’ll explain what is meant by CDN? What is a CDN for WordPress? Why would you use a CDN? How does a CDN work? And the best WordPress CDN services? These are MaxCDN, CloudFlare, KeyCDN, CDN77, Incapsula and Sucuri.

There is a serious issue with many WordPress sites that they are very slow. And this slow loading factor does not allow the websites to be in the top of the search engine ranking.

Basically, there are many factors that slow down your websites such as poor cache integration, heavy images on the website, poor hosting company, poor coding, and many more.

The main cause that usually slows down the website is the distance between the viewer and the main hosted server.

Sometimes, even you cannot find the reason for which your site is performing with poor loading speed.

Search engine standard says that your website must be loaded within 3 seconds on the desktop as well as on mobile device then you can get very bright chance to be at the top position in the search engine result page otherwise your site will be far behind on the search engine result pages.

If you really want to get the fast speed for your WordPress site you have to make all the issues clear that are causing the slow speed of your website.

For example, when a user opens your site and he experiences slow loading, he quickly leaves your site and jumps to another one. This will increase the bounce rate of your website which is counted as a negative factor.

So, how to reduce this bounce rate that is increasing because of slow page loading speed?

For this, there are many popular and Best WordPress CDN services that provide you a soft solution which can speed up your WordPress site in different ways.

Some days ago I received a question from a regular visitor to our blog that is:

Would I still need hosting if I get a CDN?

So I want to explain that CDN is used only to help you to speed up the things that really slowing down your site and it is not a replacement for a web hosting service.

That is why in this article we’ll explain what is meant by CDN? What is a CDN for WordPress? Why would you use a CDN? How does a CDN work? And best WordPress CDN services which will make your site faster than before.

You will know about the salient features with their pricing plans of all the best WordPress CDN services.

We’ll also tell you about the WordPress free CDN service and disadvantages of a CDN service.

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What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network that is a system of distributed servers. These servers are used to deliver the web pages, images and other contents of your website.

Basically, a CDN fetches your website’s content and delivers it to the visitor’s device with the help of its nearest server.

This is how a CDN makes the deliveries of the content faster.

CDN is a powerful network of the servers and these servers are spread throughout the world.

All your static data will be stored and cached on all the used servers this is why the server response the viewer more quickly and easily.

For example, your main server is hosted in the USA and a user from Pakistan tries to access it, CDN provides the facility to redirect it towards the nearest server which may be in India.

what is CDN - best free cdn for wordpress

Here, in this example, if the data directly comes from the main server, it will surely take time to load because of long distance but CDN server makes the access for the users very quick by providing near access.

What is a CDN for WordPress?

Till now, I think you have understood what impacts a CDN can make on your website.

Here in this section, you will come to know what features of CDN can be used for a WordPress site. These features are discussed below:

CDN Effect on Speed:

Since you know CDN has a great effect on the speed of a site it also shows a great impact on the speed of your WordPress site.

If you are working with a successful website which receives traffic from different part of the world, you might be facing the slow loading issue with your website.

In this case, CDN is a genuine solution for this slow loading issue because the CDN servers are situated in most of the locations of the world. Each CDN server acts as the main server and helps the viewer to access your website more quickly.

CDN provides Security to Your Site:

Security is a main and very important factor for any website.

In this way, WordPress sites are also concerned about security. CDN has maintained the security factor for the websites.

CDN acts as a virtually situated fence that totally protects your site and all web applications from hacking and unauthorized usage.

CDN can be ideally used for blocking DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and mitigate them outside from your core infrastructure to save your website from illegal attacks.

CDN Provides Stability to Your WordPress Site:

Use of CDN makes your website stable by preventing from server crashing issues.

For example, the visitors of our blog have shared many of our articles on Social Media and in the result our blog facing huge traffic, if there wasn’t the proper CDN and caching setup our blog would crash so many times.

There is a high chance of server crashing when a flood of users try to access your website’s content directly from the main server at the same time but when CDN server involves there is no chance of server crashing because CDN distributes a load of traffic to its multiple servers.

This simply makes your website stable and better with performance.

CDN Delivers Improved User’s Experience:

If users get slow loading speed, data crashing and security issues from your website you definitely lose the audience for your website.

So, it is very important to provide everything perfect to the users so that they can experience better performance from your site.

CDN is kind of network that can provide a better improvement in the user experience so that you can get good results from your website.

CDN Shows Best Results of SEO:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another factor for which CDN can perform well because when your site has fast loading speed it can automatically get higher rank in search engine results. A higher rank will secure your website’s traffic.

Why would You Use a CDN?

There are several reasons for which you have to use a CDN, these reasons are given below:

  • If you want fast page load speed of your website you need to get CDN service
  • For better performance of your website, CDN service is necessary to attain
  • CDN service can provide better SEO results
  • CDN reduces the security concerns of any website
  • Stability of your website can be achieved with the help of a CDN service
  • If you are using CDN, your audience will get good experience whenever they access your site

How does a CDN work?

CDN provides the shortest path to the users whenever they access your website with the help of distributed CDN servers or Points of Presence (PoPs) which are present in the different part of the world. These PoPs are also called data centers of CDN service.

How does a CDN work?

The left part of the above image is showing that a user is accessing web content from the main server of the website which is situated far away from the user. It may take more time to load up on the user’s device because there is no CDN service available for that particular website.

While in the left part of the image a CDN service is involved which reduced the distance between the user and the server. Here a CDN data center (CDN server) acts as the main server. With the reduction of the distance, the user can access web content within no time.

A CDN edge server fetches the website files, images, scripts, theme files and other static content from the website and stored all the duplicate copies on its data storage. Whenever a user tries to access any of these files edge servers provide them quickly.

In simple words, a CDN service makes the website faster with its fast page loading speed.

Whenever a user tries to access the web content he may face slow loading speed because of the long distance between the main server and the user. If a CDN service is available for that particular site then the user will get the required web content from CDN server which is nearest to him.

In this way, a CDN service reduces the distance and make faster page loading speed. All the successful websites are availing CDN service because they don’t want to lose their traffic.

Best WordPress CDN Services

Usually, a website hosting service serves your WordPress site from a single location from where the users access the web content of your website.

When there are many users who access your website from that single located host, your website will slow down that may crash your web contents.

To reduce this factor there is a CDN service that plays a very important role in your website infrastructure. CDN has different PoPs (Points of Presence) or data centers worldwide which serve the services as the main hosting server. These PoPs are also called third-party servers that are used to reduce the distance between the user and the main hosting server of a website.

For WordPress sites, there are many popular CDN services from which I have chosen the top WordPress CDN services.

Let’s have a look at these best WordPress CDN services:

  1. MaxCDN

MaxCDN - best cdn 2017

one of the Best WordPress CDN Services is MaxCDN.

If you are searching for a 99.99% perfect CDN service for WordPress site then you can choose MaxCDN seamlessly.

MaxCDN is an expert in CDN services and millions of websites are trusting on this CDN service because of its reliability, stability, and security.

MaxCDN builds and maintains the network that you control using control panel of MaxCDN.

Those websites which covers the audience from all parts of the world should use the CDN service that contains more number of servers and data centers, MaxCDN is one of those CDN services which contains servers in most part of the world.

MaxCDN servers are strategically located in more than 90 countries of the world which provide the full stability of the websites. And also MaxCDN has 53 peering partners in North America and Europe to minimize hopes between ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

wordpress cdn plugin


    • It provides real-time control on the network with real-time SSL integration and real-time reporting
    • MaxCDN makes easy availability of actionable real-time analytics, access through API (Application Program Interface), and reporting of your website
    • You can view, manage the people, bots, locations, and types of access to make high security for your website
    • It provides 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement for all websites
    • For the security concerns MaxCDN provides two types of authentication: first on logging in and second the person who is logging in needs your physical phone to correct the security credentials which doubles up the security from the get-go.
    • It also provides 24/7/365 support to the customers with its fully trained network engineers team
    • It provides full WordPress integration support
    • You can protect your origin server (main server of your web hosting company) from request overload with this mid-tier caching layer
    • It provides the feature of integrating users, zones, and other resources into your applications with API.
    • You can also secure your website’s traffic directly from the edge server with custom or shared SSL options
    • There are multiple data centers of MaxCDN across the world
    • There is 30 days money back guarantee

Sales contacts of MaxCDN are:

  • For USA sales: 1-877-629-2361
  • For International sales: 1-323-313-1206
  • Fax Number: 1-323-843-9584
  • Email Address: sales@stackpath.com


There are three types of pricing plans available for easy access to the customers.

Pricing Plans for an Entrepreneur:

In the annual pricing plan for entrepreneurs, you can get 2 months free MaxCDN service for your website.

MaxCDN service pricing plans

Pricing Plans for Professionals:

In the annual pricing plan for professionals, you can get 2 months free MaxCDN service for your website.

MaxCDN Pricing Plans for Professionals

Custom Pricing Plans:

All custom pricing plans are available on a cost per GB. It means the user can pay according to their needs with very cheap rates:

MaxCDN custom pricing plans

2. CloudFlare

cloudflare - wordpress cdn setup

WordPress CDN CloudFlare is one of the well-known and best WordPress CDN services. It is also widely being used by many successful websites around the world.

Unlike other CDN services, it doesn’t charge your website on the basis of bandwidth usage.

It doubles up the loading speed of your website and provides sufficient security which saves your website from DDoS and illegal attacks.

CloudFlare provides its services with 15Tbps and 119 data centers (Edge Servers) around the world by using a technology called “Anycast” to route your visitors to the nearest data center.

cloudflare - maxcdn wordpress


    • It has a very large network of data centers
    • CloudFlare dramatically improves the performance of your website
    • It provides complete virtual security to the website with WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL which defend the website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats and illegal attacks
    • CloudFlare has over 35% of market share and runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable DNS (Domain Name System) service in the world
    • It also helps the website owners to identify the visitor and bot (an application that performs an automated task) behavior which is not accessible by many analytics technologies
    • With CloudFlare you get flat free pricing because CloudFlare doesn’t charge you for bandwidth usage
    • You can have a quick setup with custom WordPress plugin
    • Integrates with many popular WordPress caching plugins
    • Also has a free entry-level plan
    • Provides 24/7/365 support and live chat with customers
    • Contact Sales: +1-(888)-993-5273


According to your website’s need, you can pick one of the following pricing plans. If you feel a need to explore the CloudFlare you can its “FREE” entry level plan.   

Cloudflare pricing plans

3. KeyCDN

KeyCDN - cdn providers comparison

KeyCDN is very simple, fast, reliable and secure CDN solution which is being used by many large websites.

It is one of the best WordPress CDN services which are popular cutting edge technology and optimization along with CDN service.

KeyCDN operates with its powerful network which is spread in most part of the world such as North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

KeyCDN is very easy to use with popular platforms like WordPress and it is the best CDN for WordPress also.

There is no monthly fixed pricing plan for KeyCDN because it offers to pay as go a plan which means you only pay for what you use.

This is the best CDN service for the beginners who don’t have huge traffic in starting times.

It provides very powerful analytics to the website owners so that they can know who is visiting their website and what they do on their websites.

KeyCDN analytics


  • KeyCDN supercharge your WordPress site and provides an exceptional user experience
  • KeyCDN operates with 28 data centers in different parts of the world
  • It provides full control on pricing by offering pay as you go plan in which you only pay for what you use
  • It also provides a powerful management dashboard along with RESTful API
  • KeyCDN focused on high performance of the websites. So you can avail the service of KeyCDN to get high performance of your website
  • It provides more reliability because it routed to the nearest available PoP (Point of Presence) or data center
  • The industry-leading encryption standards are used to provide standard security to the websites
  • It blocks the bad bots and gives DDoS protection to the websites
  • KeyCDN offers 30 days free trial to explore the KeyCDN
  • 5 zones are free but others will charge $1
  • Instant account activation facility
  • It provides 24/7/365 support and live chat with the team of expert engineers
  • You can contact on:
  • Physical Address: Ruemikerstrasse 60 CH-8409 Winterthur Switzerland
  • Email Address: hello@keycdn.com
  • Contact Number: +41 44 585 31 52

Push and Pull Features:

 keycdn review

  Security Features:

keycdn ssl

KeyCDN Pricing:

KeyCDN provides simple and transparent pricing to the customers. Here the customers are allowed to pay for what they use. You can get the entire content delivery network service without any commitment.

keycdn pricing

4. CDN77

cdn77 review

The 4th most demanding from the Best WordPress CDN Services is CDN77.

CDN77 is very popular CDN service that is familiar to handle the websites which have heavy traffic load.

For example, many space agencies are using this CDN service because it provides them a constant and stable network access with the help of its data centers on earth.

CDN77 also provides sufficient help to the website owner to monitor the overall performance of their website by using CDN77 analytics tools.

It is fully integrated with leading WordPress caching plugins such as W3 Total, or WP Super Cache.

CDN77 operates with 32 data centers in 27 countries on 5 continents.

cdn77 vs cloudflare


  • You have full control over choosing data centers from CDN77 network. You can also turn these data centers ON or OFF any time
  • It reduces the loading of your main server because you can upload larger files to the CDN storage directly
  • You can easily create a bridge between CDN77 server and your application by using API
  • CDN77 purge and pre-fetch the files from your website so that users can access those files easily and quickly
  • CDN if fully integrated with popular CMS such as WordPress
  • In CDN77 SSL Certificates are available to provide industry standard security to your website
  • It gives real-time bandwidth, traffic, and cost graphs
  • There are also some paid services like CDN configuration service and CDN storage
  • CDN77 provides 24/7/365 support and live chat with the customers
  • You can also get 14 days free trial of CDN77 to explore it
  • You can get in touch with CDN77 experts with:
  • Email Address: support@cdn77.com
  • Contact Number: +44(0) 20 3808 5949


Up to 5 TB:

cdn77 pricing

5 to 500 TB (Pay as you go) Plan:

cdn77 cost

5 to 500 TB (Monthly Fixed) Plan:

cdn77 pricing

Over 500 TB Plans (High Volume Plans):

cdn77 high volume pricing plans

5. Incapsula

incapsula free

The last one among the Best WordPress CDN Services is Incapsula.

Incapsula CDN service is one of the best WordPress CDN services, which is familiar for its unlimited bandwidth and large storage capacity.

Incapsula CDN service also provides great monitoring dashboard so that the website owner can check all the effect of caching of his website.

It boosts up the performance of your website with its powerful tools.

It gives full protection against DDoS and other illegal attacks. You can secure user’s information, accelerate your website, and mitigate all DDoS.

There are more than 40 data centers of Incapsula in the different part of the world to serve its valuable customers.

incapsula review


  • Incapsula provides strategically located local PoPs improve the response time and ensure the customers that their web content would not be skipped from any data center.
  • Local PoPs give response in 10 seconds in case of any illegal attack on your website
  • Full integration with API and leading WordPress caching plugins
  • Incapsula provides the average boost up of your website up to 50%
  • It has global network of more than 40 data centers
  • It has more than 5 Tbps capacity
  • It provides very cheap plans with free entry-level plan and 14 days free trial of its premium plan
  • It provides 24/7/365 customer support with the team of all well-trained experts
  • You can get connected by:
  • Physical Mailing Address: 3400 Bridge Parkway, Suite 200, Redwood Shores, CA 94065
  • Contact Numbers:

US: +1-866-250-7659

UK: +44-20-3695-7727

Israel: +972-3-978-6970

Singapore: +65-3158-4244

Japan: +81-3-4510-8992

Australia: +61-2-8294-5141

India: +000-800-100-7025


incapsula meaning


Extra Security with CDN Services


sucuri review

Do you know?

4% of daily network traffic is malicious, more than 37 thousands of websites are hacked on daily basis, and 125% DDoS attacks are increased each year.

So, you need brute force protection like Sucuri which provides real security to your websites.

Sucuri is most familiar security service which provides bulletproof digital security to the websites and completely integrated with popular and all best WordPress CDN services.

Most of the websites are concerned about security issues because when a website accessed by any user, its first priority is to have sufficient security to protect the web contents.

Sucuri resolves all the security issues for your website. Once you use the Sucuri service you forget about the security concerns because Sucuri provides website firewalls, anti-virus, backups, and WordPress security with all popular and best WordPress CDN services.

98% website owners are satisfied with the Sucuri security which can be fully integrated with all best WordPress CDN services.

Sucuri provides you with the best security services in all departments of detection, protection, response and performance.

It provides all of the following:


  • Sucuri scan your website every time to detect the internal and external risks and hacks
  • Simply, it provides you continuous monitoring on your website with every angle
  • With Sucuri service, you can have incident alerts
  • It also allows you to scan your website remotely
  • A server-side scanner is also available with the services of Sucuri


  • It provides a powerful WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • Sucuri has the power to block any kind of hackers
  • It provides the facility of DDoS mitigation
  • It prevents zero-day exploits


  • It can easily clear up the blacklist warnings
  • It gives fast time response
  • It provides the facility of backups


  • It can work with all other CDNs
  • Sucuri also provides Global Anycast CDN service
  • You can have smart caching options with the services of Sucuri
  • Resource optimization facility is also allowed
  • It reduces the main server load with its CDN service

Pricing Plans:

sucuri pricing

WordPress Free CDN Services

In the above list of the best WordPress CDN services, CloudFlare and Incapsula are the CDN services that are providing the free entry-level plan which a beginner can use. These are also the best CDN for WordPress.

However, there are limited tools and facilities are available in free entry-level plans but these plans can also help you to understand the features and facilities of a CDN service when you don’t know how to use a CDN service. These free entry-level plans are also valuable for those websites which are just started their online operation.

Disadvantage of a CDN Service

We know that all the best WordPress CDN services are very useful for websites but if you just have entered into a digital world with a new-born website, paying to a CDN service will be a burden on you.

After the success, when your website starts earning sufficient revenue or grabbing huge traffic from different parts of the world, you may get the CDN service for your website otherwise it would be useless to borrow a CDN service for your newer website.


Every website on the Internet needs some tools that boost up their performance and provide sufficient security.

Page load speed is the main factor to boost up a site. If a site has fast page loading speed it will show the best performance on the search engine result page.

Content delivery networks are very useful for every website that has huge traffic.  It might be a burden to pay for CDN for a starter website because the newer websites cannot pay as much amount to the CDN service providers but there are some CDN service providers that allow free entry-level plan such as Cloudflare.

However, among all the best WordPress CDN services I found MaxCDN WordPress CDN service most reliable, powerful, and more useful for the WordPress websites.

If you just started your business with a new website you should go to a free entry-level plan so that you can know the use and advantages of a CDN service.

All the above-discussed CDN services provide sufficient security tools to your website but if you need more security for your website you can try Sucuri that is best with its powerful security tools.

In case of any issue with the use of these best WordPress CDN services, you can contact on their provided numbers.

Well, this is all about the Best WordPress CDN Services available for your WordPress website.

If you are experiencing any other CDN service for your website, kindly share your good and valuable experience with us via our comments section.

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