Best Free iTunes Alternative for iDevices iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook

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Best Free iTunes Alternative for iDevices iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook

Searching for Free iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPod, iPad? Here are best alternatives to iTunes for music library and to manage Media in Mac and Windows.

iTunes on Windows is terrible, the article contains the best iTunes alternatives 2019 that will let you manage your iDevice and play music and movies quite easily.

Certainly, iTunes works better on OS X and iOS but the same doesn’t apply on Windows. When you need to do the basic things iTunes consumes all the resources just for the basic things to do.

The interface of iTunes is getting more confusing year by year. This demands some fine alternatives to iTunes. If you hate Apple’s music player for any reason, you are right in all the way.

Try these suggestions by The Fanman Show:

Windows offers better and powerful music programs which have many unbelievable features. Windows music programs have a user-friendly interface which makes these players more dominant over iTunes.

Here, in this article, some free “best alternatives to iTunes for music library” and to manage media are explained.

So, let’s discuss the “best alternatives to iTunes for music library”

1. MusicBee: Rank No.1 Among  All the Best iTunes Alternatives

musicbee_beenight_metro_skin---itunes alternatives

MusicBee is a simple, powerful and fast music player which can play every type of video or audio file. It can play the music the way you want. So, it stands the no.1 amongst all “alternatives to iiTunes for music library” to manage various media files.

Your PC can be turned into a jukebox which makes you able to enjoy the music. Many players fail in some areas of music but MusicBee iTunes Alternative for iPod, Mac and iPhone does well in all fields of music. Most importantly, it does all in free.

Actually, MusicBee iTunes Alternative for Mac, iPhone and iPad is a modern and lighter version of Winamp which does not contain a lot of cruft. It is a user-friendly music player program that can be easily customized according to your likings.

You can add extra pages for lyrics and you can see the bios of the artists and much more.

An active skinning community is also available for this music program from which you can make your player more attractive snazzy and flashy according to your desires.

It also supports some features of Winamp. If you are thinking to try MusicBee, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s have a look at its prime features.

Prime Features of MusicBee iTunes Alternative:

  • It is simple and user-friendly
  • It is the most powerful music program
  • It attractive skins are available to customize the player
  • It can convert the incompatible tracks into compatible tracks
  • It can synchronize music to Android devices and other non-iOS devices
  • It has native support for Groove Music and which is not available for many music players
  • It can auto-tag your music library and rip CDs
  • It is updated frequently

2. MediaMonkey: The Second Best Among All iTunes Alternatives

mediamonkey-for-windows-and-android-bundle - best iTunes Alternatives

Whenever someone asks me about the “best itunes alternative for Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad” among all others, I pick MediaMonkey as an excellent choice.

I personally use Media Monkey iTunes Alternative for iPhone, Max and iPod and enjoy all its versatile features. It is a perfect replacement of iTunes. One of its dominant features is that it can synchronize the music to iOS devices which are not performed by any other music player.

mediamonkey free download - Best iTune alternative

It may be a little slower than the Musicbee iTunes Alternative for Mac due to its style of the database but it can control a large number of libraries. The robust tag editor can fill out the metadata. The Media Monkey iTunes Alternative for iPhone provides the auto-tagging facility. You can customize it according to your desires.

You can customize the skins of MediaMonkey. Package of the features of this music player is given below.

Prime Features of MediaMonkey iTunes Alternative

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It can manage 100,000+ music tracks and video files without slowing down
  • It can record CDs
  • It has the facility to download music and video files
  • Automatically lookup spontaneously tag album, art, lyrics and other metadata
  • It can manage audio/video genres
  • It supports the best volume bass
  • It can share via DLNA and convert MP3s, M4A, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AVI, and WMV to support most devices
  • It can be synchronized to Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad & others, converting & leveling tracks on-the-fly
  • It supports all type of audio files

3. Foober2000: The Third Best Among iTunes Alternatives

Donwload Foober 2000 - Best itune alternatives

foober2000 is an advanced audio player which can be customized with ease according to your desires. Users can enjoy all the audio features of this music program. It is specifically designed for audio files. Its dominant features are given below:

Main Features of foober2000 iTunes Alternative for iPhone, Mac and iPod

foobar2000 skins
foobar2000 skins
  • Foober2000 iTunes Alternative for Mac and iPhone etc. supports many audio formats. These formats are MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND… and more
  • It provides gapless playback facility
  • The interface can be easily customized
  • Tagging capabilities are much advanced
  • It provides support for ripping Audio CDs as well as transcoding all supported audio formats using the converter component
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available that can be customized according to your wants
  • It provides a full ReplayGain support facility

4. Tomahawk Another Among iTunes Alternatives and A Social Music Player

tomahawk-player-review - Best iTunes alternatives
tomahawk-player is the 4th best iTunes alternative

Tomahawk can also be used as better among all the “alternatives to itunes for music library” because it contains a  professional player that is used to play music files in all ways.

It can combine music libraries and streaming services in a decent manner.

It supports many popular streaming services such as YouTube, OwnCloud, Spotify, Napster(formerly Rhapsody), Tidal, Subsonic, Jamendo, Bandcamp Amazon Music, Google Play Music and much more. It can also be plugged into more social tools like Jabber and Hatchet.

tomahawk-plugins the best iTunes alternative

Basically, Tomahawk iTunes Alternative for iPod, iPhone and Mac is a new kind of music player that invites all your streams, cloud music storage, downloads, radio stations and friends to the same place in the same party.

If you are chasing music tracks from the services you don’t have access, a name that links or song to Tomahawk iTunes Alternative for Mac, iPod and iPhone and it will search the best source for you and play that particular song.

You can add your favorite music services, music platforms, networked libraries, radio stations, cloud storage and social networks.

In simple words, Tomahawk aims to combine all the many music sources into a single program with a social twist. The customized music stations can be easily created by the users. From this music program, you can share a music file to play with your friend.

Main Features of Tomahawk:

  • It can combine all music sources into a single platform
  • It can stream the best music source for you
  • It has the power to play all type of audio/video files
  • The streaming sources, music platforms, radio stations, cloud storages and other music services can be added and removed from the customized list in Tomahawk
  • You can create your own radio stations to listen along with your friends
  • It can be used in many operating systems, for example, it can be used for Windows, Mac/ OS X, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Chakra, Exherbo, Source Tarball and Android

Final Words

We have discussed the “best free iTunes alternative for iOS  and Windows 10, 8, 7, XP to manage all types of media including music library and movies on iDevices. you can use these as top free iTunes alternative for iPod, iPhone or any other iDevice.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot to find and choose the “best alternative to iTunes” from MusicBee, MediaMonkey, Foober2000 and Tomahawk. If you know about other “Free iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPod, iPad” you can share with us in the comments section right after the post below.

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