How to Turn iPhone into Android With These iOS Tips and Tricks?

how to turn ios into android
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How to Make Your iPhone Look Like An Android?

Fed up from iOS inner look and want to change iOS into Android? Don’t worry! Here’s how to turn iPhone into Android. So, let’s make your iPhone look like android

let’s learn how?

All The Fanman are very much familiar with the reality that Android and the iOS are the two completely different OS not only in their looks but with their performance overhead. Most of the people want to change their iOS gloomy theme look into an Android one but how!

We all know that Apple hasn’t yet announced officially to turn your iPhone into Android. So to install Android on iPhone without jailbreak is still not achieved. To convert your iPhones and iPad into Android, you must have to Jailbreak your iOS device.

How to Turn iOS into Android to Change Your iPhone into Android?

Today Thefanmanshow is now going to reveal the way to iPhone users to turn their iOS looks into Android. The package includes the Android back button, a completely new notification center, and a beautiful screen widget.

Let’s begin how to turn iOS into Android with the following tips and tricks.

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How to turn iOS into Android with Andrios?

Now, with which way you can turn iOS into Android? As we all know there is no way officially by Apple to make this happen.

How you may change your iOS operating System looks into an android operating system is a bit tricky! Something is built for such users who want to make their iOS phone into Android, a Jailbreak Tweak known as “Andrios” that is pre-launched in May 2015 has taken a hype nowadays.

Why because iPhone users want to change their cellphone look!

This is the software that sprinkles a maximum change in the iOS to convert it into Android with a beautiful Lock screen widget and with a beautifully designed notification area.

Else there, users can access all the iPhone apps and data as they were accessing before.

Because Andrios is just an android look theme that will just effect on some iPhone devices looks not on the functionality.

Know about which is better between the Google Pixel phone Vs the Apple iPhone.

So some good things that making Andrios better are:

  • it’s Android notification center that fully toggles to import iPhone settings like, wifi, volume, torch camera, Bluetooth and the airplane mode etc.

Also, Andrios completely redesign the volume slider for keeping music bar, volume controller and the other search song bar etc.


It provides the Android action bar that is equipped with the home, back and the app switcher buttons.

The iPhone converted to Android users will now be in a condition to using a home button like on iPhone and a back button for switching between the next and previous app.

And with the holding button, you will be able to clear all the pre-opened apps.

Andrios also offers the ability to add widgets to your iOS lock screen, although we’re not quite sure where the widgets would come from as no iOS app will officially provide lock screen widgets.

So, how do you get this theme and apply it to your iPhone?

Carry on reading to find out.

You can also add widgets to your iOS (converted android) a lock screen.

Now from where to get this elegant theme and apply to your iOS device? Follow the instruction below, please.

Before going to download Andrios, you should have jailbroken your iPhone. Also, there is no guarantee about how 100 % this app is error free because at iTunes store app doesn’t need to get approval for being listed there.

let’s proceed further to the subject.

How to turn iOS into Android Jailbreak Method

Step 1: Jailbreak your iOS Device

The first step in Changing Your iPhone into Android is that your iPhone must be jailbroken before you download and install the Andrios if it is not, then jailbreak your iPhone.

(If you are using iOS 9.3 there is no method to jailbreak if someone knows then kindly mail me.) if you haven’t any idea about jailbreak an iPhone then just go to and search for the mechanism or someday I will write a detailed article over “how to jailbreak iPhone.

Somehow, we have completed the first step of how to turn iOS into Android, now let’s move to the next step of the tutorial.

Step 2: Cydia and Winterboard to install Andrios

In step 2 of turning iOS into Android open the Cydia (A Jailbroken App Store), write “Andrios” in the search bar and hit enter. Once enter with a few seconds later you can see it. While it costs you $3.99 pay the Cydia to download it. For installing it you’ll need a Winterboard app for the jailbroken device.

Step 3: Automatic Respiring or Respiring Through Winterboard

Install it through WinterBoard. Once installed, your device will automatically start respiring the app content algorithm and it will apply the changes in your current iOS theme.

If the process doesn’t go smother go to the Winterboard and choose the AndriOS theme and apply it.

After installation is completed, your iOS device will have a fancy and elegant Android look than ever before. This is how you can Turn iOS into Android to Change Your iPhone into Android.

Final Words

We have discussed how to turn iPhone into android smart looks with Jailbreak method. We have also discussed an app Andrios to install Android on iPhone.

Share your experience to convert iPad and iPhone to Android looks through your comments below.

If you are using any other tips and tricks to turn iPhone into Android then please share with us.

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