How to take Screenshot of Complete Webpage

Taking screenshot of complete webpage of your monitor’s screen/LCD or laptop lid, is simple and this complete webpage can be used for education, presentation, and other purposes but how will you get a screenshot of the complete webpage?

Here are many easy solutions for you to get the complete webpage as a screenshot with one click. The whole lengthy webpage will appear to you in a continuous manner.

Screenshot & Printing:

Many web browsers are providing the facility to print out a webpage into a PDF file like Windows 10 and macOS. The older versions of windows also provided this facility. If you need to print a webpage using Windows just open the required webpage and follow the given procedure:

Select File > Print

Now choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” option, if you don’t have PDF installed then choose “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” option

Simply, when you press Ctrl+P you can get the whole webpage into “PDF” or “XPS” format which can be used for further use.

If you are a macOS user, simply click on Print on print dialog

It is easy to get a print of a web page but screenshot is too easy to get a complete web page. For this reason, there are some techniques and tools to capture the whole web page.

Solution#1: StandAlone Screenshot Tool to take Screenshot of Complete Webpage

Many browsers have built-in ability to capture webpages but sometimes it won’t do a pretty fine job. This tool is a fine and versatile to capture a screenshot with a single click.

Basically, it is third party tool that makes you able to capture your screen and whole scrolled webpage. FastStone Capture (it costs $20 for Windows) is a fine tool too which has been used for ages.

The users can trigger this tool by toolbar button or pressing Ctrl+Alt+PrtScn. You can use this for Capturing Panel, resizing, Hotkeys, screen magnifying and many more.

faststone captureNote: you can download StandAlone Capture tool from The Portal Freeware Collection

Luckily, there is another powerful tool for screen capturing that is Screenpresso (free for Windows) and Snaglt (for Windows/Mac).

Solution #2: Fireshot to take Screenshot of Complete Webpage

The most comprehensive and popular tool that is used to take screenshots is Fireshot. Its popularity is increasing day by day because it can be used in all popular browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox etc.

It can also be used to take the entire webpage screenshots. The annotation of the webpages is also available in this tool. Even you can edit many this in those taken screenshots.

Fireshot: take Screenshot of Complete Webpage

Solution#3: Webpage Screenshot Chrome Extension

Basically, this is an extension of Chrome which is used for capturing webpages. Google Chrome is vastly used in recent days this is why we are sharing its major extensions to take full page screenshots. Follow the given steps to reach this extension:

  • Go to the three vertical dotted button presented on the right side of the Chrome under the menu bar
  • Now click on More Tools option
  • A submenu will appear in front of you, select Extensions
  • Chrome web Store window will appear
  • From here, you can select Webpage Screen Shot
  • After adding the extension, a camera icon will appear on the toolbar
  • By clicking on the camera icon you can easily take screen shots

Solution#4: Screengrab Firefox Extension

This is fully dedicated add-on given in firefox browser to capture the webpages. The whole selection of the webpage can be grabbed easily with this add-on. Just follow the given steps to get this add-on:

  • Go to the three horizontal lined button presented under the cross button of the Firefox browser
  • A sub-window will appear under the button
  • Select Add-ons
  • A new window will appear in front of you, from here select Extension option given at the left side of the window
  • Now you can select Screengrab Extension
  • A camera icon will appear on the menu bar
  • Now you can and capture the webpages according to your need

Solution#5: Other web-based Tools to Ttake Screenshot of Complete Webpage

Other than these given tools there are many web-based tools that are used for the same purpose. They are easy to use and powerful tools to capture the webpages. These tools decrease the complexity of installing tools and add-ons. Two basic tools are mentioned below:

  3. Full Page Screen Capture

Both tools are pretty good to take screenshots of the complete webpages. Web-Capture is more flexible because it allows to specify the image format and it also supports web-pages through bookmarklet.

So, these are the essentials tools to take screenshots of complete webpage. If you have any questions or suggestions to make this post pretty better then share with us through your comments.

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