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How to send Fax from Phone with Free Fax Apps

It is a very useful article in which you will learn about “how to send fax from phone with free fax apps?”

Although, there is email service available on the Internet which is being used for official documentation but there are also many institutions and organizations who believe in receiving physical documents via post or fax.

Posting documents via courier services is very expensive and time-consuming way.

Have you a Smartphone?

If YES, then stay with me to know about a free solution for sending occasionally physical documents to any organization in the world.

Remember: There is no free mobile app available on the Internet which you can use for sending your regular faxes.

To send the fax occasionally, you can use many mobile apps for free as many apps have their free trials.

Once you send your fax for free with the trial version of any app, being smarter one, uninstall that app after usage.

Isn’t it a smart tip?

Here, in this article, I’ll tell you about some third-party apps that are offering trial versions to send fax from phone for more time durations.

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Let’s start with the Fax Burner to send fax from phone

  1. Fax Burner:

Fax burner is a versatile app that allows you to send five pages and receive 25 pages free fax facility. If you are not a professional and you send fax occasionally, you can install this app and enjoy sending free faxes.

If you want to send regular faxes from your mobile phone you have to go for its pricing plans.

Fax burner is easy and user-friendly for the users.

This app is free fax app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

How Can I Fax from my Android Phone Using Fax burner?

To send fax from your smartphone using Fax Burner app, you have to dive into the following guidelines:

  • First of all, go to your android mobile’s play store:
install fax burner to send fax from your phone
  • Next, type “Fax Burner” in the play store search bar:
Fax Burner send and receive fax on mobile
  • Click on the “Install” button to continue the installing process
can you fax from your phone
  • After downloading and installing procedure, tap on the “Open” button
fax burner - free fax from phone
  • Before going to login section, you have to register your account first. Click on “Registration” button to continue
can you send a fax from a cell phone
  • Type your active email address and verify your account by opening the email that has been sent to you.
  • After verification, you have to reserve a new number that is basically your own fax address number.
can i send a fax from my cell phone
  • Here is your new reserved number:
how to send a fax from my phone
  • You can use this reserved number to receive documents
  • Now, go to compose section to send your required document
can i fax from my cell phone
  • After adding your document tap on “SEND” button. Your document will be sent to the given fax number. In case of failure, you’ll receive a failure message.

Proceed towards the second app to send fax from phone

2. eFax:

It is one of the best fax services available for mobile users. It offers 30 days free trial version.

Once you create your account, you can use this app free for 30 days.

If you want to send fax regularly you can buy it after the free trial which offers you complete features and reliability.

You can send faxes anywhere in the world with this app.

This app is applicable to both Android and iOS devices.

 How do i send a fax from my phone Using eFax?

To send a fax from your smartphone using this app, you have to dive into the following guidelines:

  • Open your Android mobile’s play store type “eFax” and start searching this app.

The mentioned app is a required app that I am going to install

efax - how to fax from your phone
  • Tap on the mentioned app to install it on your android device
install efax - how to fax from cell phone
  • Tap on the install button, click on “Accept” button to agree to all terms and conditions of the app. Wait till its complete installation process
can i send a fax from my phone - efax
  • After installation done, click on “Open” button to use this app for sending your faxes
can you fax from your phone - efax
  • Now, you’ll see its “Sign Up” page where you have to register your account
how to send and recieve fax from efax
  • After Sign Up process, go to use free trial of this app for 30 days.
send a fax from my phone
  • Now, you have to provide all required information on the info page. You’ll not get billing during trial time.
how to send fax from phone
  • Next, checkmark the acknowledge box and you can send your faxes anywhere in the world

Moving ahead to the third app to send fax from phone with Tiny Fax.

3. Tiny Fax:

This is a fax app that specially designed for iOS devices. You can download this app from your iPhone’s App Store.

This app has two categories to use with:

  • Free
  • Business

Business category offers many helpful features to the users. If you want to send faxes occasionally, you should go for its free category version or otherwise you can use its business category version for sending regular faxes.

Another free app to send fax from phone is MobiFax

4. MobiFax:

However, there are tons of fax apps available on play store, but this one is the more favorable and easy app to send faxes over distances.

I found it best-performing app for smartphones.

No registration or account is needed to send faxes. Just install and type the recipient number and send a fax.

It is very simple to use at very low cost.

I found it cheaper and cost-effective low range users. It costs 20% less than other fax sending apps.

How do I fax from my android phone?

Follow the guidelines to install this wonderful fax app for android mobile users and send free fax from phone:

  • Head to your phone’s play store and search for “MobiFax”
how to send and receive fax from MobiFax
  • Tap on the selected app icon to install the app
  • Next, tap on “Install” button to go ahead
how to send mobile fax in india
  • Now, wait for the completion of installation procedure
  • After installation, press “Open” button to continue further process
can i fax from my phone
  • The app will ask to access your mobile info
free fax from phone
  • Now tap on “Send Fax” button to send your fax anywhere
fax from cell phone
  • Now, type destination fax number, and press on “Send” button. Your fax will be sent to the provided address
send a fax from phone

5. Fax From Cell Phone with Fax Pro:

With Fax Pro you can turn your mobile device into fax station. It is also a paid app for all mobile users.

Its pricing depends upon the countries where you want to send your faxes.

It charges least cost for local faxes.

It supports many countries where you can easily send your faxes.

How do I fax from my android phone?

There is an easy way to send faxes from your android mobile phone. Just follow the step by step guide to send faxes to any location in the world:

  • Go to your android mobile phone’s Google Play Store
how to fax from phone
  • Type “Fax Pro” in the in the search bar of the play store
  • Install this app on your mobile by tapping on “Install” button
how to install and send fax from faxpro
  • To accept its terms and conditions tap on “Accept” button
can you fax from your phone
  • After installation, click on “Open” button
Fax pro send and receive faxes from phone
  • Next, you’ll see a Registration page of Fax Pro Go direct to the “Registration” button and tap on it for making your own account over there.
free fax app android
  • Provide your active email address and then verify yourself from your provided email account. After verification, you have to type your email address again and password to continue the process.
  • After receiving successful message press “OK”
receive fax on mobile
  • Now, you’ll see the main page of Fax Pro, tap on “SENDFAX” button
google fax app
  • You can choose images from your phone’s gallery, you can take a fresh photo using your mobile camera or you can write a document.
best free fax app for phone
  • After selecting a document, you have to put the address of recipient name, subject, and priority. And then press on the “SENDFAX” Your fax will be sent if not, then it will send you a failure message.
send a fax from my phone


Here in “how to send free fax from your smartphone?” article I bring the best working fax app that offers free faxes for you but unfortunately there is no any app that offers total free faxes.

However, we can manage to send free faxes occasionally by using free trials which are offered from the fax apps.

To send fax from phone on regular basis, you have to pay some amount to these apps.

There are huge numbers of fax sending and receiving apps but all are not perfect for all users.

Anyway, eFax and Fax Burner are the top fax sending apps that are being used by tons of users in the world.

If you are using any other fax app with good experience, do not forget to mention that in the comment section.

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