The Best Techniques to Steal Your Competitors Search Traffic

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The Best Techniques to Steal Your Competitors Search Traffic

Discover your competitor’s best keywords and rank them for yourself. Here’s how to steal your competitor’s organic search traffic and rank higher in Google.

Do you want to improve your SEO ranking? I think, there is a Yes: That is why you are searching the best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic?

There are several hundred techniques that are available to get huge organic traffic.

After the hard work for weeks, you find some of the SEO techniques are working and some are not.

Actually, you have to go through all these ups and downs of SEO.

At this stage evaluate your results, note your time that you have taken while doing SEO techniques and compare it with the worth of your results.

Working overnight with SEO doesn’t mean that you’ll get best results from it.

After all, you need organic traffic for the survival.

Believe me, I am going to tell you a way that will bypass your hard work and also give you the better SEO results.

Forget about the budget issues you are facing.

This is something that you can do without expenses.

Do you believe in me?

Well, the basic thing is that you have to make a deep look at all the SEO contents of your good SEO competitor.

After observing their content deeply, you can copy their SEO strategies.

We are talking about the backlinks and the first question about backlinks is:

What are the backlinks?

Also, try these suggestions by TheFanmanShow

You can somehow get an idea from its name backlinks.

Yes, that’s means something about the links.

Basically, a backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one page to another page, post, blog, or website.

In simple words, when Google finds your website’s link on another authority website or blog, then Google will consider your website a popular one.

Oh well, you got the point that more backlinks will bring high ranking to your blog.

Backlinks are mandatory things for high SEO rankings.

For example, a top blog post must have domain authority backlinks that provide a base for that post.

If you don’t have backlinks, your post will get no rank even with high-quality content.

There are some cheats for you which will guide you to grab the “competitor’s SEO ranking and search traffic”.

So, let’s talk about the best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic?

Get the Backlinks of Your Competitor:

All SEO techniques are based on backlinks.

So, the first thing that you have to do is to steal the backlinks of your competitor.

Why Backlinks are Important?

The backlinks are important because:

  • They are mandatory things that can rise up the potential of ranking
  • Targeted and High PR audience can be derived to your site
  • Increase the brand promotions
  • It helps to grab the organic traffic

More backlinks will bring you the better SEO ranking, as you can observe the following graph:

seo traffic checker

Note that the highest ranked site has the highest number of backlinks.

This is a true fact for all the websites that are fighting with each other to get the first rank in SEO rankings.

The second thing about the backlinks, they can drive the targeted traffic to your site.

When the latest post on your website goes live on many sites, a huge number of traffic comes to your site via this single link.

Note: Before going to post a link on any website check the website or group type first.

Post your links on those sites and groups which are related to your blog or post. This way you can grab the targeted audience for your website.

For example, you have a technological blog, target technological groups on Social Media and high PR sites so that you can get an organic audience.

Always keep searching the new audience so that the better brand awareness can be achieved.

Social Media backlinks also assure you to provide organic traffic to your website.

Doing all these things is not an easy job for anyone.

For me, the backlinks provide me a way to build huge brand awareness.

This thing makes me able to establish myself as a frontrunner of the topic in the SEO industry.

With this, I can be a professional and my brand can have some credibility.

Consequently, you have to grab more backlinks than your competitor.

After knowing much about the backlinks, now you should go to explore the backlink profiles of your competitor so that you can get an idea where and how they are getting backlinks.

Type your specific keyword in the Google Search Engine and note the top blogs for that specific keyword.

Now you have to analyze the top blog’s backlinks.

So, you go to Moz’s Open Site Explorer and paste the copied URL of your competitor in the given bar.

Here is an example of the world’s top entrepreneur and SEO specialist’s website “Neil Patel”. Let’s say he is your competitor and we are going to understand the topic of the best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic by taking his website “” to get the whole process.

Moz competitor analysis

Click on “Search” button and then go to “Compare Link Metrics” section:

compare link matrix in moz - competitor search analysis

This allows you to analyze whether you competitor’s links are worthwhile or not which you are going to steal.

Now scroll down to “Root Domain Metrics” section and look how many links their website has:

how to steal the competitors backlinks

If their website has thousands of backlinks, their site is worthwhile.

In case, they don’t have many links you can skip them and then go to check another competitor’s links.

When you find a proper link strategy from any competitor site, follow the next guidelines.

Go back to the “Inbound Links” section and choose the given search filters:

how to find the competitors inbound links
For the purpose to sort out the high ranked sites click on DA (Domain Authority) button.

how to steal the competitors traffic

Finally, a curated list of their high performing backlinks will appear which you can steal for your use.

Here the main point is you have to find the sites which are performing well with the backlinks and how these backlinks attained.

seo traffic checker

This site has 100 domain authority and is the best one and you also need this type of links.

You can also know how they get these links.

See the backlink source and read the title.

Here is the article “11 Beginner Mistakes That Cripple Blogs in Their First Year

Here is what you are looking for:

seo competitor analysis tool

Now you can make your own portfolio of backlinks that you’ll get from your competitor’s backlinks analysis.

You have to pick one by one all the links that are given by the authority website and also note down their Domain Authority (DA).

Optionally, you can also note down the Page Authority (PA) for easy analysis of these backlinks.

Remember that there is no need to save or copy the backlinks from any social site because social sites are not considered worthwhile for backlinks.

The next phase of our article “best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic” is how to steal the keywords of your competitors?

Steal the Keywords of Your Competitors

Truly speaking, I have the least interest in keyword research.

To find out the long-tail keywords for SEO is a time-consuming task.

Many of the found keywords are already used by some massive brands.

It clearly means that you cannot get high SEO ranking with already used keywords. So you have to be very smart with keyword analysis.

Once you get right keywords, you’ll make yourself able to get top SEO ranking.

Do you want to skip this time-consuming process?

If yes then read this article to find a way in which you’ll be able to steal the keywords of your competitors.

For this, you have to keep eye on competitor’s content to get their keywords and interestingly, you can use those keywords against them.

I suggest you to use Alexa for this purpose.

alex - competitor analysis

So, let’s start to get the keywords with Alexa.

Go to Alexa Site and type your competitor.

find competitors website traffic and backlinks

Click on the “Find” button and see the great data that will help you to find out what you need.

You can see the traffic from organic search in the form of a “Search Traffic” graph:

organic traffic checker

From this tool, you can know about all the efforts of your competitor in SEO.

If you find a higher number, they are heavily investing in SEO field.

Alexa tool will also show you their 5 best keywords which they are using to reach at the top ranking.
competitors keywords and backlinks research

Through this measure, you’ll come to know which keyword you should target first.

Here is a key point for you, try to get more search engine traffic because it will rank you higher in search engine ranking.

You can also create a free trial account to analyze more data.

alexa seo tool for competitor traffic research

After creating a free account for seven days you can easily analyze the more keywords of your competitor.

Now, go to the “Features” tab and select “Competitor Keyword Matrix”.

find keyword idea using alexa competitors keyword matrix

You have to enter your competitor’s site in the given search bar.

alexa competitors keywords matrix - find competitors keywords

With this search, you’ll find out a bundle of keywords such as:

keyword ideas through competitors traffic search

Here in this matrix, you’ll see many levels to analyze the keywords such as “Popularity” factor, “Competition” level and many more.
By pressing the download button you can get all of these keywords for your own use.

organic traffic checker - find competitors keywords

If you want to see your chances of ranking with the keyword, go back to the “Keyword Difficulty Tool”.

seo competitor analysis tool - organic traffic checker

This SEO competitor analysis tool will help you to save your precious time to find out the right keywords for your content.

Make yourself able to get more traffic with less time consumption.

All this is legal and many are doing same, so don’t you worry about the copyright factor.  

Work deep to Publish Better Content than your Competitor

Surely, you are more interested to get the huge traffic.

The basic thing that you have to do is to bring better content on your website.

Creating a better content is again a time-consuming process.

Again, pay thanks to your competitors because you can steal their ideas and polish them to get betterment for your own content.

You can steal their ideas by spying on their content.

First of all, you should have some idea for best content so that you can easily pick their ideas.

Before 2016, there was a trend of short blog posts (below 1,000 words) but now marketers believe in above 1,000 words posts.

According to Orbit Media:

semrush competitor analysis - orbit media

Well, you’ll find available opportunity when you see the difference between top-ranked content and this data.

25 best seo tools for every long form post

You can see in the above graph that top 5 posts have more than 1900 words which clearly mean that more content brings an opportunity to get top rank.

Suppose, your competitors are making 1,000 words posts, take their post add another 1,000 words to make it more worthwhile and publish it.

Surely, you can outrank them.

This is the way to steal their leads.

Here is an article about best SEO tools to guide you in writing every long form post for your blog

Another great tool to opt the best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic is Buzzsumo.

Because to search for the top performing content of your competitor, go to BuzzSumo:

free online competitor analysis tools

Type your competitor in the search bar and click on “Search” button.

Here is the search result where you should click on the first one:

competitor analysis tools free

After opening the link, you have to select all the content on the page.

Here is what it looks like:

seo competitor analysis report
After knowing the word count, you have to set a target.

If word count is 1,000 or above, add another 1,000 words to it and make it more better for your own use.

Try to provide proper and comprehensive content so that the user can get all at one-stop.

Do not let the user go back to the Google to search another content related to your post because when user goes back to navigate another topic, there is a chance that user may go to your competitor’s site.

I also use this trick and grabbed huge traffic and leads.

Another thing that you can get from your competitor’s site is their outline.

This will benefit you to get more help with your content structure.

You can copy their topics and add all to your list.

Next, try to cover up all the topics with comprehensive content.

In the end, go to the Google and type your keyword then scroll down to have LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

Let’s have a look LSI keywords for “growing Keywords”:

Use maximum times LSI keywords in your content and you’ll see tons of traffic to your blog post.

This means you are providing all the content that a user searching for.

In simple words, steal the topics of your competitor expand it and show that you are doing better than your competitor.

Be Fast with Your Page Loading Time

Page speed is an important factor for SEO ranking and fast page speed will take you to the high rank on SERPs.

CTR, Bounce Rates, and Rankings are considered as key factors for the given graph:

seo competitor analysis report sample
It shows that when your site has 10 seconds to load up, your bounce rate increases up to 123% that is horrifying.

If your site has less then 3 seconds to load up the probability of your bounce rate will be up to 30% which is good for your site.

When you start working to get top rank in SERPs, the first thing is getting more speed while loading.

Make better page speed score of your site if you really want top SEO ranking.

The next thing that you have to do is to note your competitor’s page loading time and compare your page speed with it.

Check your page speed score at Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

find competitors website - google page speed insights

Enter your competitor’s web page URL and make a click on “Analyze” button.

If you find low page speed of your competitor, you have a better chance to outrank them easily.

And if you are slow with page speed click here to get 100/100 page speed score.

Let’s have look at “” page speed score:google page speed insights of competitor analysis models

“” has 73/100 page speed score for mobile traffic, this clearly shows that my blog can overtake this massive SEO teaching site.

Now the mobile user traffic is increasing day by day.

You should hurrily optimize your site for mobile users so that you can get more traffic from mobiles.

You can also notice the mobile traffic from this graph:

statcounter - competitive analysis tools techniques

After October 2016, the mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic.

An interesting fact is that Google found that more sites in every field are too slow:

competitive analysis tools techniques
Here is a fine tool that will definitely help you to improve your page speed.

The tool is WP Smush.

WPSmush - free online competitor analysis tools

It is a paid tool that will wonderfully compresshow to automatically smush images with wpsmush your images and other contents.

After installing this plugin to your site don’t forget to enable “Automatically smush my images on upload” from the settings section.

This plugin will give the advantages to improve your page speed with ease by compressing and resizing your image contents.

Truly speaking, my blog has less score too but I am optimizing my page speed by compressing heavy images, minifying Javascript and CSS using this amazing plugin.

You can also optimize your page speed by using some other plugins such as:


We have discussed a lot on “the best techniques to steal your competitors search traffic?”

Anyhow, getting search engine top-ranking is not an easy job for all.

You need some shortcut ways to get better SEO ranking than your competitors.

You have to work hard to optimize your website for SEO ranking but this process is time-consuming and tough.

Your competitor is doing the same for their own contents.

There is not a better way than to steal their backlinks, ideas, keywords, and content structures.

So, you take the help of “Moz’s Open Link Site Explorer” tool to steal their backlinks.

Then you go to “Alexa” tool and steal their keywords and content structure.

At the end, you compare your page speed with your competitors and find a way to overtake them by improving your website’s page speed.

If you have some other best techniques to steal your competitor’s search traffic, don’t forget to share with me.

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