Zong Devices 6 Months Internet Package 105GB – Zong MBB Plans

Zong Devices 6 Months Internet Package 105GB - Zong MBB Plans
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Zong 6 Months Internet Package on Mobile Broadband 4G Devices

Subscribe Zong 6 Months Internet Package and get internet 105GB/Month. Zong MBB 6 month package is for those who use the internet for long a run. To activate Zong MBB Plans offer 6 months bundle *6767# from your master number, or *310# or 310 helpline from your MBB number or you can visit a retailer shop and ask him to activate the Zong 6 months internet package on your MBB device.

In this article, we will explore the “Zong 6 Months Internet Package Devices only” with Zong customers who regularly use the internet for the long run.

Previously, Zong MBB 6 months package was giving 75GB/month in a reasonable price of Rs. 10,000 but later on, the same package (Zong 6 months internet package on devices) is offering a total of 105GB internet package [75GB + 30GB (4 am – 4 pm)/month] in a price of Rs. 12,500.

Let’s find out in-depth details on the MBB Zong package.

Zong 6 Months Internet Package

This is another extraordinary Zong internet package 6 months bundle. By subscribing to this Zong 4G package 6 months internet bundle/offer, you’ll continuously get 105GB per month of the internet with the fastest Zong 4G/ internet speed with the LTE/3G/2G fallback option.

The regular Zong 75GB for one month bundle costs you Rs. 2600 and activating each month will cost you about 15,600 but purchasing a 6-month Zong MBB bundle will cost you Rs. 12500. So, activating Zong MBB packages 6 months together will save Rs.3100 for you.

Wrap Up

We have discussed “Zong 6 Months Internet Package” subscription codes and various popular FAQs with you so far!

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Is there any warranty on Zong MBB devices?

You’ll get 12 month’s warranty on all MBB devices

How to Claim Warranty of Zong MBB Devices?

Call 310 from Zong Mobile Number (for further assistance)
Call 9951 from other network numbers (for further assistance)

Which Operating Systems Do MBB devices support?

All Zong MBB devices are compatible with:
·       Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
·       MAC OS X (compatible with all latest upgrades)
·       Zong MBB devices do not support: Windows RT

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