Zong Internet Packages Daily Codes, Unsub Codes, Price & Details

Here’s a list of All Zong Internet Packages Daily Codes, Unsubscribe Codes, Internet Data Volume, Prices, and Details. Select from the best Zong day internet packages, dial the activation code and enjoy the super-fast blazing 4G internet speed. We’ll also discuss how to unsubscribe Zong daily internet packages and which is the best Daily Net Packages for you.

Zong is the fastest 4G/LTE growing data network in Pakistan. The reason behind its success is the variety of Internet Packages, calls, and SMS offers. It is covering more than 120 cities in Pakistan and the number is still increasing.

Besides spreading the network, it has also offered Pakistan’s cheapest Zong day internet packages 3G/4G for its prepaid and postpaid customers exclusively. I have disclosed Internet Packages Daily Codes for subscription and unsubscription, time duration, and prices in Pakistani currency in today’s post.

Let’s go ahead and find out about Zong internet packages daily codes and how to unsubscribe them.

Zong Internet Packages Daily Codes, Unsubscription Codes, Price, and Details

Below is the list of all Zong internet packages daily codes for activation and deactivation, their prices, free on-net minutes, off-net minutes, validity, and other necessary details.

Zong Daily Internet Packages Internet MBs/GBs Other Incentives Details Validity Subscription Code Price
Zong Free Google Maps Internet Package FUP 250MBs N/A Daily Dial *627#
Rs. Free
Zong Free Facebook Package Free On Facebook App N/A Daily Not Required
Rs. Free
More Deatils
Zong Full Gup Package 30MB Internet On-Net 75 Minutes, 100 SMS 1 Day Dial *118*1#
Rs. 5+Tax
More Deatils
Zong Daily WhatsApp + SMS Package 1MB Internet + 500MBs WhatsApp 500 SMS Daily Dial *700#
Rs. 7
More Deatils
Zong Daily Facebook Package 1GB Internet for Facebook N/A Daily Dial *32# OR Send SMS "fbook" to 6464 Unsubscribe Code: Send SMS "Unsub fbook" to 6464
Rs. 8
More Deatils
Zong Flutter Package 50MB Internet On-Net 120 Minutes, 120 SMS One Day Dial *369#
Rs. 12+Tax
More Deatils
Zong Hello 1 Din Package 50MB Internet On-Net 150 Minutes, 150 SMS 24 Hours Dial *2200*1#
Rs. 13+Tax
More Deatils
Daily Karachi LBC Package 125MB Internet On-Net Unlimited Minutes Daily Dial *544#
Rs. 13+Tax
More Deatils
Zong Daily Shandaar Offer 50MB Internet Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes, 800 SMS Daily Dial *999#
Rs. 17 Balance
More Deatils
Zong Daily Basic Internet Package 100 MBs N/A Daily Dial *6464#
Rs. 23
More Deatils
Zong Day Time Offer 1.5 GB Internet N/A Daily (4 am - 7 pm) Subscribe Code: *47# Unsub Code: SMS "unsub dto" to 6464.
Rs. 23 Load
More Deatils
Zong Daily Good Night Offer(GNO) 2.5 GB Internet N/A Daily (1 am to 9 am) Subscribe Code: SMS "GNO" to 6464 Unsubscribe Code: SMS "unsub gno" to 6464
Rs. 23 Load
More Deatils
Zong Daily Social Package 1.5 GB (YouTube + WhatsApp+ Facebook + IMO) N/A Dial *386#
Rs. 23 Load
More Deatils
Zong Bol Lahore Offer 150MB Internet Zong to Zong 500 Minutes, 50 Other-Network Minutes, 500 SMS 1 Day Dial *2233#
Rs. 26 Load
Zong Daily Mehran Offer 100MB Internet Zong to Zong Unlimited Minutes, 500 SMS Till 12:00 Night Dial *2345#
Rs. 26 Load
More Deatils
Zong Daily Punjab Offer 150MB Internet Zong to Zong 500 Minutes, 40 Other Networks Mins Daily Dial *376#
Rs. 37 Load
Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package 1GB Data (500MB Internet + 500MBs YouTube) N/A Daily Dial *6464# OR *5#
Rs. 49

Important Note*: These Daily Internet Packages are available on all regular SIM Cards and the above list of Zong internet packages daily are officially announced by the Company in 2022!

Zong Pakistan offers 3G/4G prepaid internet packages hybrid bundles including voice and SMS for 24 hours, 2 hours, selected hours, and for the whole day.

Let’s find out in-depth details of Zong internet packages daily code list

Zong Daily WhatsApp Plus SMS Package

Zong Daily WhatsApp and SMS Package Code *700# is used to subscribe to the Daily WhatsApp and SMS Bundle. You can send 500 free SMS to any network in Pakistan and use 500MBs for WhatsApp only. To Unsubscribe from Daily WhatsApp and SMS bundle Send an SMS ‘unsub’ to 700. The package will also expire the same day at midnight.

Zong Daily Basic Internet Package

Zong Daily Basic Internet Package offers 100MBs of the internet for 24 hours for just Rs. 23. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, and the Internet for 1 day. To activate dial *6464# from your smartphone.

Zong Day Time Offer

Zong Day Time Offer gives you 1.5GB internet for 1 day (4 am to 7 pm) at the cheapest price, just Rs. 23 load. To subscribe Zong daytime package dial *47# and to unsubscribe send an SMS “unsub dto” to 6464.

Offer Duration: Day time Package is a limited-time offer

Zong Daily Shandaar Offer

Zong Daily Shandaar Package code *999# activate the Shanddar offer, you’ll get 50MBs of internet and 800 on-net minutes plus SMS for 24 hours.

How to deactivate the Shandar offer?

The offer will automatically expire after 1 day.

Zong Daily Classified Pack Offer

This is another offer from Zong 4G daily internet packages. Through this Zong Daily Classified Pack Offer, you will get 50MBs of the internet in just Rs.5 rupees only through which you can post free classified ads to Carmudi, Pak Wheels, and Daraz and there are various other websites that fall under this Zong daily internet package.

Zong New SIM Offer

This is a Zong 3 Days Internet Package which is available on Zong’s new SIM only. So go to the franchise or SIM service center and buy a new SIM to enjoy this offer. You can subscribe Zong 3 Days internet package by dialing *10# and enjoy 2000 MBs for 3 days.

Zong Daily Unlimited Offer

Just activate the Zong Daily Unlimited Offer by dialing *522# for just Rs.15 only, you will have only 1MB of the internet with Zong to Zong unlimited free calls.

Zong Daily Facebook Package

The subscription code for the Zong Daily Facebook Package is: *6464# and you can activate this daily net package Zong in just Rs. 5 valid for one day.


Q#1. How can I subscribe Zong daily Internet package?

Ans: You can subscribe to Zong Daily Internet Packages by going to the above table. You’ll find the subscription code for each daily package.
Just dial the activation code and wait for the confirmation message sent by Zong. Once, you have received the official message about the subscription, you’re done.

Q#2. How can I activate the Zong internet package?

Ans: To activate Zong Internet Package, You need to dial the activation code. Each internet package has its own code. It depends on you, which internet package you want to activate.
For example, to activate the Zong Daily Punjab offer, you will dial its activation code *376#. Dialing this code, you’ll receive 150 MBs of internet and 500 on-net minutes, and 40 off-net minutes as well.

To activate Zong Monthly Internet Package, Monthly Super Offer, dial *4567#. You’ll receive 30GB of Internet data volume with free Facebook and WhatsApp.

Q#3. What is Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package?

Ans: Zong daily data Max is a daily hybrid internet, call, and SMS package.
Here are short details about the offer.
Subscribe to Zong Daily Data Max Offer for just Rs. 49 rupees which will provide you a total of 1GB of internet data of which 500 MBs of internet and 500 MBs for YouTube on daily basis.
To activate Zong Daily Data Max Offer: Dial *6464# OR *5#
To deactivate Zong Daily Data Max Package: The package will automatically expire after 1 day.

Q#4. How can I subscribe Zong 2.5 GB internet?

Ans: To subscribe to Zong 2.5 GB internet, you need to activate Zong Good Night Offer
This is an excellent Zong 4g daily internet package which is also called late night internet offer. You can subscribe Zong Night Internet Package by sending an SMS “gno” To 6464 and enjoy 2.5GB Internet data volume daily (1 am to 9 am) for just Rs. 23 Load.
To deactivate Zong Good Night Offer, send an SMS “unsub gno” to 6464


We have done a successful discussion on the Zong Internet Packages Daily Codes list for activation and deactivation with you. So that you can easily subscribe to the internet package Daily 100 MBs, 500Mbs 2GB, 1200MBs, and many others. You also have choices to use Zong Social Pack Package Daily, and Facebook Daily Packages for 2022

If you are using any new internet packages daily for 24 hours then share them with us, so we can write about them for our valuable readers.

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