Zong Internet SIM Packages – Zong Data SIM Packages

Zong Internet SIM Packages – Zong Data SIM Packages
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Zong Internet SIM Packages – Zong Data SIM Packages

Subscribe Zong Internet SIM Packages or Zong Data SIM Packages and enjoy daily, weekly, monthly internet packages with fastest 3G/4G/LTE blazing speed.

Another exclusive offer which introduced is Zong internet SIM Packages or data SIM offers which is not only available on affordable prices but provides you the fastest internet speed of 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE in all the major and minor cities throughout Pakistan.

Zong Data SIM Packages can be used in any Dual SIM smartphone or tablet and is also compatible with almost all the other MBB devices. In simple words, you can use Zong Internet SIM card with all the internet supportive compatible devices.

All you have to do is just insert the SIM in your mobile phone and enjoy the unlimited 3G/4G internet speed.

Usually, we have seen that most of the cell phones come up with 2 SIM slots, one is for 2G and the other is for 3G. You need to make sure that you have inserted Zong internet SIM in the 3G or 4G slot to get the maximum 4G speed on Zong Data SIM Packages 2019.

Because you will be given a 4G SIM from Zong which is having default Zong 4G internet packages. So always prefer 4G device and the 4G slot to enjoy the fastest blazing 4G internet speed.

If you don’t have 4G enabled a cell phone or device then don’t worry the Zong Internet SIM has by default fall back option of 3G/2G.

Zong Internet SIM Packages – Zong Data SIM Packages

BundleVolumeSubscriptionCheck Remaining MBsValidityData SIM PricePackage Price
1 Month Bundles4GB*6666#*102#1 MonthRs.100Rs.499
12GB*6666#*102#1 MonthRs.100Rs.799
18GB*6666#*102#1 MonthRs.100Rs.999
36GB*6666#*102#1 MonthRs.100Rs.1500
75GB (Free Nights 1AM – 9AM Up to 100GB)*6666#*102#1 MonthRs.100Rs.2500
3 Month Bundles3GB/Month*6666#*102#3 MonthsRs.100Rs.744
12GB/Month*6666#*102#3 MonthsRs.100Rs.1800
(9 am-4 pm)
*6666#*102#As Per BundleRs.100Rs.372
(1:00 AM to 09:00 AM)
*6666#*102#As Per BundleRs.100Rs.149

Note* All prices of the above Zong net packages are inclusive of Taxes

How to Activate Zong Data SIM Bundles?

Dial *6666# to select your favorite Zong internet bundle at affordable prices

Zong Data SIM – Advantages

The foremost benefit of the Zong Net SIM is that you will not pay any extra tax because all the Zong Internet SIM Packages 2018 are inclusive of tax. For example, if you purchase from Zong Net SIM Packages with a worth of Rs. 500 then you will only recharge Rs.500 for that specific internet bundle.

If you have a dual SIM mobile phone and you want to use any other network SIM card as primary for voice calls and 4G SIM slot as secondary to use the internet then Zong Net SIM is the best choice to avail the fastest internet speed on all Zong Data SIM Packages.

Zong internet SIM can be your 6th SIM even if you have been already issued 5 SIMs against your CNIC.

Frequently Asked Question

Where to Buy Zong Internet SIM?

Approach the nearest CSC/Franchise or a Zong retailer.

How to Subscribe Zong SIM Net Packages

To subscribe Zong 4G SIM Packages dial *6666# from your smartphones.

You can also subscribe Zong Internet SIM Offers through Zong Live Chat/Facebook/Twitter

How to activate Zong Data SIM?

Internet SIM can only be activated with a bundle, so at the time of purchase Zong representative will activate a bundle of your choice and your Internet SIM will be ready to use.

Select the Zong Data SIM internet package, pay the cash to the Zong representative and leave the rest on that representative. He will activate the internet bundle on your purchased SIM.

Where I Can Use the Zong 4g Data SIM Packages?

You can use Zong Data SIM Internet Packages by inserting Data SIM in dual sim smartphones, iPads, tablets and open market internet SIM which should be compatible with all MBB devices (Wifi and Wingle devices). The issued Internet SIM cannot be used in Zong MBB Device.

How to Renew Zong Net SIM Packages?

All the internet SIM bundles are auto-renewable, you just have to recharge the bundle amount when the bundle expires.

All Zong Data SIMs are auto-renewable. Whenever the bundle is expired you just recharge your data SIM and again enjoy the Zong 3G internet speed or 4G blazing speed.

Can I subscribe to any other Zong internet bundle along with Zong SIM Net Packages?

Yes! You can activate Zong Good Night Offer or GNO as Add-On with this Zong Data SIM Internet Packages and have unlimited 3G internet speed with 1GB data download from 1 am to 9 am.

What happens if consume all the data before 30 days or the expiry of my bundle?

You will be charged OOB rate i.e. Rs.0.15/MB after the consumption of your bundle.

In which time can I use the internet SIM GNO?

Yes, you can use this GNO between 1 am to 9 am every night, 1GB will be allocated every night till the validity of GNO.

The validity of GNO add-on will be the remaining days of the original bundle. During the GNO usage time Window, original bundle will not consume until 1GB of GNO is exhausted.

Can I use GNO without subscribing to any bundle?

No, you need to subscribe to an internet SIM bundle to subscribe GNO.

Final words

We have discussed Zong Internet SIM Packages, with Zong customers which are searching Zong Net SIM Packages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo or on some other search engines.

So select the best Zong 4G SIM Internet Packages for you to subscribe which fulfill all of your needs in less and less price.

If you love this article, “Zong net sim packages”, then you must share it with the people surrounding you on social media. So that all can get benefit from these Zong 4G Internet Packages.

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