Zong Devices 12 Months Internet Package – MBB Zong Package

Zong Devices 12 Months Internet Package - MBB Zong Package
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Zong 12 Months Internet Package on All Mobile Broadband Devices

Subscribe Zong 12 Months Internet Package on all Zong mobile broadband 4G devices. MBB Zong Package 12 months (1 Year) is a long-run net package. To activate Zong MBB Packages dial *6767# OR *310# or dial 310 helpline number or visit any retailer shop and ask him to load/recharge your device package.

Zong 12 Months Internet Package is for those who are regular users of the internet on daily basis. This Zong Net Package is beneficial to those who are running businesses or households who want continuous connectivity and blazing 4G internet speed to connect throughout the world.

If we go back in history, a few years ago, Zong 12 months internet package was one of the best Zong MBB Packages. initially, the 1 year Zong package was 75GB/month for the price of  Rs. 18000 only. It was a one-time payment for the 12-month MBB Zong Package. But later on, the telecom company increased the rate as well as the data volume regarding a definite increase in internet demand.

Let’s find out what changes have been made in this MBB Zong Package 12 months bundle.

Zong 12 Months Internet Package (MBB Zong Package)

Package Zong MBB Device 12 Months Internet Package Details (105GB/Month)
List of All Zong 4G Device Internet Packages For 1/3/6/12 Months
Rs. 23,000
Free Internet 75 GB+30 GB (4am-4pm)/Month
Zong 12 Months MBB Package Code Dial *6767# OR *310# 310 Helpline OR Retailer
Validity 30 Days
Auto-Renewable No
Eligibility All Zong Internet Devices (Prepaid) Bolt, Bolt Plus, and Bolt Wingle Devices
Zong MBB Ad Ons 5GB/Month @ Price Rs. 450 and Zong MBB Good Night Offer
Zong MBB Device Balance Recharge Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong MBB Device Bundle Activation Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong MBB Device Balance Check Code (MBB Number Only) *222# or *310# (Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry)
Zong MBB Device Internet Data Check Code (MBB Number Only) *102#
Zong Device Show MBB Number Code *8#
Zong Device Update Master Number Code *6363#

Zong internet Package 12 Months Bundles Discount Offer – 4G Device (Huawei)

This is really the premium and tension-free Zong 4G package for the one-year tenure. You’ll get a lot of discounts on this Zong net package offer for 12 months.

Once subscribed to Zong 12 month’s internet package, you’ll receive 105GB [75GB + 30GB (4 am – 4 pm)] of internet per month for the whole year. Subscribing a regular Zong 80GB internet package per month will cost you Rs.2600 for one month and activating this Monthly MBB plan will cost you a total of Rs. 31200. But purchasing Zong net packages for 12 months internet bundle will make Rs. 8200 difference in the plan price.

The Zong 12 months internet package will cost you Rs. 23,000 and you’ll get the fastest 3G/4G internet speed for 24/7 365 days.

Wrap Up

We have discussed the “Zong 12 Months Internet Package” for 1-year tenure, frequently asked questions about the Zong MBB device 12 months bundle, and the subscription codes for activating the Zong 4G devices packages with you.

If you have subscribed other than “Zong Monthly Net Package 1 Year”, then share it through the comment section below.


How to Know the Remaining Internet MBs on Zong Device?

You will receive a notification of internet MBs consumption (on Zong 3G packages and Zong 4G packages) after every 25%, 50%, 80%, 90%, and 100% usage on your Master Number from Zong or any other network number or in the Zong MBB’s built-in software in a browser at your PC or laptop.

Can I send SMS using Zong MBB devices?

Yes, you can send and receive text messages on your Zong MBB devices. Once you plug in your Zong device on your laptop or PC, a built-in software will automatically open the GUI (graphical user interface) in front of you, where you can find the SMS tab to send and receive text messages easily.

Do I get any warranty on my MBB device?

Yes all MBB devices have a 1-year warranty.

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Reference: Zong Official Website

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