Zong 200GB Monthly Internet Package on 4G Devices Only

Zong 200GB Monthly Internet Package on 4G Devices (Bolt and Bolt+)

Activate Zong 200GB Monthly Internet Package on 4G Devices for Rs.3300 for 30 days. Users can enjoy the double volume data, of which 100GB all time and 100GB (between 4 AM – 4 PM). Get the blazing 3G/4G/LTE internet Speed on Zong 4G Internet Devices, Bolt, and Bolt+.

In our previous articles, we have discussed various Zong Internet Packages in 2022 such as:

Right now, the topic is actually about “Zong Monthly Internet Package 200GB

Zong 200GB Monthly Internet Package

PackageZong 200 GB Internet Package Monthly (Device Only)
List of All Zong Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly
Rs. 3,300
Free Internet Prepaid MBB Monthly 100GB + 100GB (4am-4pm)
Zong 200 GB Internet Package Code Dial *6767# OR *310# 310 Helpline OR Retailer
Validity 30 Days
Auto-Renewable No
Eligibility Prepaid on Zong Internet Devices Only
Zong MBB Ad Ons 5GB/Month @ Price Rs. 450 and you can activate Zong MBB Good Night Offer
Zong Device Balance Recharge Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong Device Bundle Activation Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong Device Balance Check Code (MBB Number Only) *222# or *310# (Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry)
Zong Device Internet Data Check Code (MBB Number Only) *102#
Zong Device Show MBB Number Code *8#
Zong Device Update Master Number Code *6363#

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes
  • The following taxes are applicable on every recharge
  • 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT)
  • 19.5% FED
  • 19.5% Sales tax (GST)


How to Buy Zong 4G Devices?

To buy Zong 4G Devices, please visit
Zong service centers

Which is the best Zong 4G device?

All Zong devices are best for their super blazing speed. However, you can buy the following 4G devices.
Zong 4G Bolt+
Zong 4G Bolt Wingle

How to Subscribe Zong 4G Bolt Internet Packages?

You can activate Zong 200GB Monthly Internet Package on Bolt 4g devices
Dial 310 from a Zong Number
Dial 9951 from any other mobile network
Visit Zong Service center/franchise/retailer
Dial *6767# (Zong master number)
Zong 4G Bolt devices Web Interface
Zong Live Chat/Facebook/Twitter

How can I recharge my Zong 4G device?

You can recharge Zong 4G Bolt devices through:
Zong Load from Service Center/Franchise/Retailer
Transferring balance from your master number to any MBB device by dialing *6767#
Pay via credit cards and debit cards
Zong Recharge Cards

How to Check the Remaining Internet MBs on Zong Device?

·       Turn on your device and connect the PC, laptop, or mobile through the WIFI
·       Open any browser and log on to the Zong web interface using username and password
·       Click/Tap on the check data usage.
·       Go to the Inbox and you’ll see Data Usage Summary there.
You can also dial *222# or *310# from your MBB number charges are (Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry)

How to Activate Zong 200GB Internet Package on Zong 4G Devices Bolt and Bolt+ online

Follow the steps below
Visit Zong 200GB Internet Package Page
Enter MBB Child number or Internet SIM number and press the “subscribe” button.
Enter the PIN ( you’ll receive 7 digits number on your MBB number) and enter the PIN on the interface on the website and press “Verify & Subscribe”.
Please save the PIN number for future subscriptions

The Zong 200 GB Monthly Internet Package is best suited to the people who massively use the internet or share the internet with friends and family.


Reference: Zong Official Website

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