Zong Device 160GB Monthly Internet Package Bolt & Bolt+ Wingle

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Zong Device Monthly Internet Package 160 GB

Activate Zong 160GB Monthly Internet Package on 4G/LTE Bolt, Bolt Plus, and Bolt Wingle Devices at the cheapest price Rs.2600, and enjoy ultra-fast blazing GG/LTE internet Speed.

Zong 160 GB Monthly internet Packages are only available on Zong devices (MiFi and Dongle Devices) and cannot be subscribed to the usual SIM. These are purely Zong’s Mobile Broadband Packages that are mapped with devices only.

Zong has always facilitated its customers, initially, the package was provided 75GB monthly internet, later on, they have given an offer for 75GB +75GB (4 am to 4 pm), a total 150GB internet package in Rs. 2500. But the same 75GB internet package is now revised to 160GB internet package for 30 days. of which 80GB is usable between (4 am to 4 pm), and 80GB is usable rest of the time.

Zong Internet Package 160GB is best suitable for officials, individuals, and family members. Just recharge your Zong 4G device for Rs. 2600 and stay tension-free for the whole month.

Let’s find out the complete details of the Zong 160GB internet package

Zong 160GB Monthly Device Internet Package

Package Zong Device Monthly 160GB Internet Package Details
List of All Zong 4G Device Internet Packages For 1/3/6/12 Months
Rs. 2,600
Free Internet Prepaid MBB Monthly160GB (80 GB + 80GB 4am-4pm)
Zong 160 GB Internet Package Code Dial *6767# OR *310# 310 Helpline OR Retailer
Validity 30 Days
Auto-Renewable No
Eligibility All Zong Internet Devices (Prepaid) Bolt, Bolt Plus and Bolt Winle
Zong MBB Ad Ons 5GB/Month @ Price Rs. 450 and Zong MBB Good Night Offer
Zong Device Balance Recharge Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong Device Bundle Activation Code (MBB Number Only) *6363#
Zong Device Balance Check Code (MBB Number Only) *222# or *310# (Rs.0.20+Tax/Inquiry)
Zong Device Internet Data Check Code (MBB Number Only) *102#
Zong Device Show MBB Number Code *8#
Zong Device Update Master Number Code *6363#

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How to Subscribe to Zong 4G Bolt Internet Packages?

You can Subscribe to Bolt Zong 4g device packages in the following multiple ways:
·       If you are using a Zong mobile number then call 310
·       If you are using any other mobile network SIM card then call at 9951
·       Visit the nearest Zong Service center/franchise/retailer
·       Dial *6767# from your Zong master number
·       Through the built-in software in Zong 4G Bolt devices
·       Through Zong Live Chat/Facebook/Twitter

How to Recharge Zong 4G Bolt Device for 4G Packages?

You can have a recharge facility on Zong 4G Bolt devices for monthly internet packages (3 months, 6 months, and 12 months) in the following ways:
·       Visit the closest Service Center/Franchise/Retailer for Zong Load.
·       You may transfer a balance from your master number to any MBB device by dialing *6767#
·       You can also use credit cards and debit cards, simply visit www.zong.com.pk/zong-recharge
·       Purchase a Zong scratch card and enter the code in the built-in software in the Zong 4 devices.

How to Activate Zong 4G Bolt?

You can activate the above Zong internet packages on Zong 4G bolt in two steps.
·       By activating the Zong MBB SIM card (Zong data SIM)
·       By subscribing to any Zong Mobile Broadband internet package

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