Telecommunication Companies in Pakistan, their Calls SMS and Internet Packages Comparison

Best Calls, SMS and Internet Packages Comparison of Mobilink, Warid Ufone, Telenor, Zong

Find the detailed comparison of the best 3G, 4G internet Packages, national and international call packages and SMS packages by all the operators actively working in Pakistan.

National Assembly of Pakistan approved “The Ordinance of Telecommunication” in 1994 which became the basic cause of the creation of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

It does not mean that Pakistan started work on the telecom sector in 1994 actually the basic action plans were started since 1962 by Gen. Ayub Khan. He approved Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph (PT&T) which converted into PTC (Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation) in the early days of 1990.

Lately, PTC altered into PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited). PTCL is the central service provider in Pakistan which is owned by the government itself.

In the decade of 2000, the private service providers started investing in telecom sector of Pakistan. In this regards, Mobilink Jazz came into account to provide telecom services in Pakistan.

After the year of 2000, a revolution of telecom sector came in the country which created a tough competition among service providers. These competitors are Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, and Warid.

All the competitors are trying their best to provide the best quality service and the best calls internet and SMS packages to their valued customers.

PTA is responsible for issuing licenses to the telecom service providers. All the basic taxes over the telecom companies are applied by the regulatory authority of government.

In 2003, some private firms of telecom sectors started investing in telecom field of Pakistan. Resultantly, in 2008 Pakistan was declared the third best-growing country of the world in the telecom sector. More than half population of Pakistan is using mobile connections of these mobile network providers.

Now, it has become necessary for all companies to grow and to provide the best internet packages in Pakistan.

The following article is based on providing the best calls, internet and SMS packages by Ufone, Zong, Mobilink, Warid, and PTCL.

This comparison is based on the base charges of each company. All the details of call rates, SMS rates, international call rates and Internet rates are given for the judgment procedure.

The Fanman Show has tried his best to provide you the latest assessment of all the major telecom companies in Pakistan (excluding SCOM). The given comparison is based on the basic charges of call, SMS and Internet rates in Pakistan. So that you may better judge which package is more suitable for you remaining in your daily, weekly and monthly budget.

Read carefully all the given Calls, Internet and SMS Packages Details to make a better comparison among them.

Best Call Packages By Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong Warid:

Best Call Packages Based on Lowest Call Rates in Pakistan 2017:

Following is the assessment made by TheFanmanShow, based on Best Call Packages to all Network 2017 by Mobilink, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone. These call packages are comprised of real and latest facts and figures of all network operators of Pakistan.

All these prices are according to the on-net call rates given on the official websites of the service providers working in Pakistan. the following table consists of the cheapest prepaid on-net minutes given by the all operator.

Best Prepaid Mobile Call Packages in Pakistan

the following table consists of the cheapest prepaid on-net minutes given by the all operator.

Operator’s NamePackageChargesDuration
Mobilink JazzJazz OneRs.1.50Per minute
Ufone30 SecondRs.1.66Per minute
TelenorTalkshawk A1Rs.1.00Per minute
ZongZong 45Rs.1.36Per minute
WaridGlow2Rs.0.89Per minute

Here the difference of lowest( Warid Rs.0.89/minute) and highest(Ufone Rs.1.66/minute) charges is 40% between Warid and Ufone.

Comparison of Prepaid lowest Off-Net Call Charges:

The Off-Net minutes means, the minutes given to the subscriber on a specific package from one mobile operator to another mobile operator.

For Example, minutes given on Ufone Packages to other Mobile operators like Mobilink, Warid, Telenor, Zong and PTCL etc.         

Normally the charges are becoming high when the subscriber of specific mobile network calls to another network. For a better comparison read the given information of Off-Net call rates in 2017:

Best Call Packages to Other Networks By All Mobile Operators

the following table consists of all the cheapest prepaid on-net minutes given by all the operators in Pakistan.

Operator’s NamePackageChargesDuration
Mobilink JazzJazz FirstRs.1.98Per minute
Ufone30 secondRs. 1.66Per minute
TelenorDjuiceRs.1.25Per minute
ZongZong 45Rs.1.36Per minute
WaridGlow2Rs.0.89Per minute

The above charges are calculated for 60 second’s assessment. Mobilink Jazz is dominant with the high price for another network according to the comparison. Here again, Warid is providing lowest call rates for other networks.

Best Postpaid Lowest On-Net Call Rates:

                         Postpaid tariffs are famous for the lowest call rates. According to the given details, you will be able to find out the best postpaid SIMs with their default packages. So, read carefully all the information presented here:

Operator’s NamePackageChargesDuration
Mobilink JazzMonthly UnlimitedRs.0.30Per Minute
Ufone1999Rs.0.20Per Minute
TelenorKarobar 100Rs. 1.10Per Minute
ZongProXcess 299Rs.1.00Per Minute
WaridW4000 UnlimitedRs.0.00Per Minute

 It seems clear that Telenor and Zong are charging more than others but actually there are some factors behind this. Zong and Telenor are also providing free minutes, free SMS and free internet MBs which makes their prices high. Warid, Ufone, and Jazz are providing these services with the given charges.

Postpaid OFF-Net Call Rates Comparison:

                         Postpaid subscribers of all networks can get valuable information from this comparison. It is useful to select the best network for postpaid users.

Operator’s NamePackageChargesDuration
Mobilink JazzMobilink UnlimitedRs.1.05Per Minute
UfoneUfone3999Rs.1.05Per Minute
TelenorKarobar 100Rs.1.50Per Minute
ZongEconoXcess0Rs.1.30Per Minute
WaridW4000unlimitedRs.0.65Per Minute

Above mentioned call rates are calculated for the ease of visitors. A comprehensive comparison can be made by the calculations of different factors on which the service providers depend. Team “TheFanManShow” worked very hard to make all these calculations very simple only for the valued visitors of our blog.

SMS Rates Comparison:

Usually, the SMS rates are low for the same network and range of the quantity of SMS is very large. A major comparison is present here:

Best Daily SMS Package By Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Zong:

This comparison is based on the daily usage of SMS packages. A subscriber can easily understand this assessment and can select the best network for SMS rates.

NetworkNo. Of SMSPackage CodesCharges
Mobilink+ Warid150Dial *106*1#Rs.1.99+Tax
Ufone150SMS Sub to 605Rs.3.99+Tax
Telenor300Dial *2*2*1#Rs.2+Tax
Zong500Dial *704#Rs.2.50+Tax

Warid Telecom is merged into Mobilink Jazz, so all the SMS rates of Warid are according to the SMS rates of Mobilink Jazz.

Best Weekly SMS Package Evaluation By All Networks:

                         The given evaluation is the best weekly SMS package comparison by all network in Pakistan 2017. After reading the given information carefully, you will be able to get best SMS weekly package.

NetworkNo. Of SMSPackage CodesCharges
Mobilink+ Warid1000+Free WhatsAppDial *101*1*07#Rs.10.99
Ufone1200SMS Sub to 611Rs.10+Tax
Telenor1200+100MB WhatsAppDial *2*2*2#Rs.7.99+Tax
Zong1200Dial *702#Rs.10.99+Tax

The package charges and codes are presented here according to the official websites of Network Providers.

Best Monthly SMS Package Evaluation:

                         Monthly SMS packages are basically a relief for the subscribers of all Network Providers.

NetworkNo. Of SMSPackage CodesCharges
Mobilink+ Warid20,000+Free WhatsAppDial *101*1*02#Rs.39.99
Ufone20,000SMS Sub to 607Rs.80+Tax
Telenor10000+300MB What SappDial *2*2*3#Rs.40+Tax
Zong500 +900MBSMS to 700Rs.80+Tax

You can choose the best SMS package for you according to your network. This information also helps you to convert your network. Here the details are in simplest manner therefore an understanding of these figures is very easy.

Best Internet Packages in Pakistan

                         Over 40 millions of subscribers of Pakistan are using Smart Phones which means that the Internet is their basic need. Every Smart Phone user wants to surf on the Internet on his/her palm which is possible when charges of Internet by different Network Providers become as low as anyone can afford.

Now, it is the era of 3G, 4G fastest internet alongwith modem devices and the data sims which has turned made the everyone’s life better.

The Fanman Show presenting a detailed comparison of the cheapest Internet Packages which will be definitely useful for you.

This comparison based on internet packages on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

3G/4G Daily Internet Package By All Companies in Pakistan:

Every Network Provider introduced a variety of 3G, 4G Internet packages according to the needs of the subscribers. Here, we present a comprehensive Comparison of Internet offers by all the internet service providers in Pakistan:

Service ProviderData in MBsChargesSubscription Codes
Mobilink+Warid50Rs.12Dial *117*11#
Telenor1024Rs.13Dial *345*139#
Ufone1024Rs.99+TaxDial *550#
Ufone75Rs.15+TaxDial *8042#
Ufone50Rs.5+TaxDial *810#
Ufone40Rs.10+TaxDial *804#
Zong1024Rs.6+TaxDial *6464#
Zong1024Rs.10+TaxDial *6464#
Zong200Rs.25+TaxDial *6464#
Zong100Rs.15+TaxDial *6464#
Zong20Rs.5+TaxDial *6464#

Presented Internet data is different with different charges of the same Network Provider. It is so because of time durations. Some offers are allowed for limited or specified time and some offers are allowed throughout the day. For more details check our section where all the packages are described with full details.  Zong subscribers get a menu of

For more details check our section where all the packages are described with full details.  Zong subscribers get a menu of Internet packages by dialing *6464# and then easily can select any package for any time duration.

Comparison of the Best 3-Day Internet Bundle Offers:

Three-day Internet bundles are offered by some of the service Providers like Ufone and Mobilink Jazz+Warid. The details are here:

NetworkData in MBsChargesSubscription Codes

Here, Ufone provides 3-day internet Bundle offer for the whole 72 hours consistently but Mobilink specified time durations for the use of these Internet bundles. 

Best Weekly Internet Packages By Ufone Mobilink Zong and Telenor:

                         The weekly comparison is done among Mobilink+Warid, Ufone and Zong with many choices of Internet offers.

Service ProviderAllowed MBsChargesSubscription Codes
Mobilink+Warid300Rs.50Dial *117*3#
Mobilink+Warid500Rs.75Dial *117*7#
Ufone250Rs.50+TaxDial *7811#
Ufone500Rs.125Dial *7815#
Zong700Rs.70+TaxDial *6464#

These internet weekly bundles have high demands from the subscribers so they are in great use. You can choose your best Internet Package according to your needs.

Best 3G, 4G Monthly Internet Offers in Pakistan:

                         All the Network Providers are offering best Internet packages for whole month. The Fanman Show has categorize each of them for the ease of our visitors.

NetworkAllowed MBsChargesActivation Codes
Mobilink+Warid3072Rs.250Dial *117*31#
Mobilink+Warid6144Rs.500Dial *117*30#
Mobilink+Warid13312Rs.1200Dial *117*32#
Telenor300Rs.200Dial *345*482#
Telenor600Rs.350Dial *345*483#
Telenor4000Rs.600Dial *345*484#
Telenor8000Rs.1000Dial *345*485#
Ufone1024Rs.250Dial *7807#
Ufone3096Rs.500Dial *803#
Ufone10240Rs.1000Dial *5100#
Zong150Rs.50+TaxDial *6464#
Zong500Rs.150+TaxDial *6464#

The given charges and codes are standard taken from the official websites of Network Operators of Pakistan.

Top Social Media Offers By All Network in 2017:

                         Almost every subscriber is using their identities on Social Media for this they should have some cheap social Media Offers. Here we present a comparison to select the best Social Media Bundles.

NetworkTime DurationDataChargesCodes
Mobilink+Warid1 Day30MBsRs.5Dial *114*5#
Telenor1 Day100MBsRs.3Dial *5*325#
Ufone1 Day100MBsRs.5Dial *4242#
Ufone30 Days1GBRs.50Dial *5858#
Zong1 Day100MBsRs.10Dial *6464#
Zong1 Day50MBsRs.5Dial *6464#
Zong1 Day30MBsRs.3Dial *6464#
Zong1 Day20MBsRs.2Dial *6464#

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