Track AdSense Wire Transfer – International Wire Transfer Not Received

track AdSense wire transfer payments
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Track AdSense Wire Transfer Payments

Quick way to track AdSense wire transfer payments and AdSense bank transfer troubleshooter. Click to resolve international wire transfer not received.

You reached the Google AdSense threshold of $100 or more and applied to the Google AdSense for Payment and still didn’t received in your bank.

You might want to track AdSense wire transfer payments and you are also finding AdSense bank transfer troubleshooter.

You are at the right place.

in our previous articles, we have discussed “How To Receive AdSense Payments In Pakistan Through the Western Union And Wire Transfer” and  How To Increase AdSense Revenue?

Find the Complete Step by Step Guide for Google AdSense for beginners and Advanced users here

But today, The FanMan Show will talk about the method to track Google AdSense wire transfer payments and report back to Google and your bank.

Google has upgraded its AdSense Payment System that is “Wire Transfer” for its publishers from all over the world including Pakistan, India, UK, US and other countries. Now you do not have to take Google AdSense Cheque at your bank counter and stay in a lengthy queue to cash it.

The Google Wire Transfer has made it so easy that you can go to your bank and smoothly process your AdSense received payments.

However, with Google wire transfer publishers still facing issues and we got so many pings at our social media pages of TheFanmanShow about how to track AdSense wire transfer payments!

We also have received so many complaints about AdSense payment not issued, rejected wire transfer and AdSense missing cheques etc.

Now the question is that can you track a wire transfer?

Simply, the answer is Yes!

The Google AdSense missing cheques can be found out from your courier company to track down the other situations are still discussable.

Let’s stick to the topic that how you can track AdSense wire transfer payments

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How to trace AdSense Wire Transfer Payments?

To track wire transfer chase, we have discussed earlier, that the complaints about AdSense payment not received via wire transfer actually did not reach their bank nor has been issued by the Google.

They just think or made a self-prediction that the Google has sent their AdSense Payment and they are wandering around their bank account daily.

Upon asking to help out from the issue, when I logged in many of their accounts I saw the following problems;

  • Some of them have given the wrong information which does not match their bank account details.
  • Some of them have not reached the minimum payout or the threshold
  • And some of them had not still set up AdSense wire transfer method

So, let’s get started with the wire transfer troubleshooting

Best Ways to Troubleshoot Missing AdSense Wire Transfer

We will start with the basic methods to troubleshoot missing AdSense Wire Transfer so that the readers which do not know the basic issues must become aware of these problems and their solutions.

So, lets us start with very basic troubleshooting tips:

1. Login to your Google AdSense Account and make a checklist either you have added a Google Wire Transfer Payment Method or not. If you have not activated it yet then follow these steps to set up wire transfer for your account:

adsense wire transfer troubleshooting

2. Now, let’s talk about the bank details. You may have to verify either you have given correct bank details or not.

It is also a possibility that you may have multiple bank accounts and choosing wrong bank account for wire transfer which doesn’t provide a facility for such type of international transaction.

You have to be double sure while making bank choice because once you add a payment method, you cannot edit it or review your given details.

What you will only view is the last 4 digit of your selected bank account.

how to track wire transfer payment by adsense

3. Let’s suppose if the last four digits viewable in the given bank account number in the Google AdSense Wire Payment Method mismatch with your bank account number then quickly remove the given payment method and add a new payment method with correct details.

track google adsense payment india4. At the next step, you need to check your payment history between 21st and 25th of every month, as according to the Google Payment Policy (see the figure below)

Google AdSense payment policy

5. But if still, you haven’t check out your current balance in your Google AdSense account, then go for it and check either you have been reached to the payment threshold or not which is ($100).

So, if you still have not accomplished the minimum threshold of the amount then you cannot add a payment method nor you can draw amount.

adsense payment not received india

6. You need to know that if you have not still reached the minimum threshold, you cannot add payment method according to Google revised Policy 2017 and your add payment method is invisible at the moment. It will be automatically visible or “ON “when you reach out 100 USD.

7. Let’s say, if your payment history tells you that the AdSense Payment has been already issued, then you must have to wait for minimum 5 working days.

There are also some sort of banks which do not deal with wire transfer but involve some other banks to avail such facility because they are not rooted internationally.

If you have given the account number of such banks in the Google AdSense Wire Transfer payment then it may take up to 10 or more working days to complete the payment process.

8. But, if you have selected a smart bank that directly deals with the wire transfer and you still haven’t received your amount in 5 working days, then approach the bank and discuss your matter with the reasonable authority to get the payment completed.

Actually, there may be a chance that the bank involved in some sort of manual process to receive payment.

Because of such foreign payments for the first time, most of the banks do a preliminary inquiry about the account holder and the nature of the payment. So until they receive the proper information they hold your payments.

So, go to the Branch Manager cabin and discuss your matter with him and convey him to check their foreign remittance department about any payment on hold for you.

9. Despite doing everything, you still failed to track AdSense Wire transfer payments, then ask Google to reissue the payments to get rid of this issue.

Final Words

Here is all about how to track AdSense wire transfer payments and AdSense bank transfer troubleshooter. We have also resolved issues regarding international wire transfer not received.

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