How to Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google AdSense?


Whenever I sit around the internet marketing gathering, people are always curious about their website CTR which compelled me to write few lines about what is Click Through Rate and how many ways it can be increased, in order to maximize the earning through AdSense?

Because CTR has its own identity in the AdSense market, your advertiser will stop on such grounds if he is not receiving the reasonable clicks. So let’s find out all the myths about CTR to understand it on the very deep level.

What is CTR in Google Adsense?

“CTR simply stands for Click Throgh Rate” it is calculated as the Total Number of Clicks received by the website visitors for one hundred impressions or exposures. If a blogger ultimately place one single AdSense unit on his single webpage and it is viewed by one hundred times and during these one hundred impressions he receives two clicks then that website or a webpage has 2% Click Through Rate (CTR). If it receives 3 clicks then his webpage has 3% CTR.

The CTR Formula is:

Click Through Rate (CTR) = (Total No. of Clicks / Total No. of Ad Impressions)*100

The CTR in Google AdSense is directly related to the professional bloggers and publishers’ total earnings. So it is necessary to place the ad units on such vulnerable places on your webpage which give you the best CTR.

What is the Best CTR?

Until now, you will be thinking about what is the best CTR either with getting more and more clicks or with few reasonable clicks? I think receiving more and more clicks is not a guarantee to increase reasonable revenue. Rather, you should target those ads which generate better PPC (Pay per Click). This is the most successful way that bloggers can opt to produce maximum income to their AdSense dashboard even with few clicks on such ads.

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