How to Restore your iPhone, iPad, | How to Reset Forgotten Passcode on iOS Devices?


Restore Your iPhone |Reset Forgotten Passcode on iOS Devices

Forgotten the Passcode of IPhone Or iPad? Want to reset forgotten passcode on your iOS device, or restore your device with iTunes

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you forgot its password, don’t get worry you can reset your passcode by following the given instructions. You can reset your iPhone by the help of iTunes. This is not complex and it surely works for you.

If you entered passcode 6 times and a message “iPhone is disabled” appeared, still it does not signify that you have lost your whole data.

For the case of recovering the device from the above mentioned situation, Apple offers some techniques. This can be a possibility to forget the passcode of iPhone or iPad.

Those who have already synchronized their iOS device with iTunes on PC can easily understand our tutorial and we have also provided guide lines for those who didn’t synchronized their devices with iTunes on the PCs.

If Your iOS Device is Already Synchronized with iTunes:

            If you are using an iPhone and you forgot its passcode, you can connect your iOS device with the PC you usually connect with. If iTunes still asks for passcode, connect your iOS device you previously synchronized with.


If iTunes still demands its passcode from you, you have to synchronize your device by taping on“sync” button.  The synchronization will start.

how to synchronize iOS device





After the completion of synchronizing process, you can restore your device by taping on “Restore iPad”

how to restore and update ios device



Now the iOS assistant will asks about to set up your device, you have to tap on “restore from iTunes backup”

Setup your iphone

Here you will choose your iOS device in iTunes and select the most recent backup of your device.

To Reset the iOS Device: Not Synchronized

If the following message alerts appear, you will need to delete your whole data:

  • “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”


  • “You haven’t chosen to have iPhone trust this computer”

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your iOS device then use the Remote Wipe feature to delete the data of your device and use iCloud to Restore the most recent backup and reset the passcode of your device.

If you are not able to access Find My iPhone or iCloud features then follow the guide lines given below:

  • Set your iOS device in the Recovery Mode
  • A statement will be appear which shows that the device is in recovery mode and you have to tap on “OK”
restore iphone
  • Now you can easily restore your device from iTunes.

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