How to Schedule Your PC Shut Down at Night (But Only When You’re Not Using It)


Schedule Your PC Shut Down at Night

If you ever forget to shut down your PC at the time of sleeping, you need an automatic Shutdown method through which your PC can be shut down.

Windows provides us this facility to power down the computer system at night.

Actually, it is a very useful method for those who work at night and usually forget to shut down the system. This only works when you are not using your PC at night. Here, in this article, we will elaborate how to shut down your PC at night when you are not using it.

Since the early days of the Windows, it has two useful options to power down the PC which are Sleep and Hibernation. Both options work in a useful way because both are used to save power and system to be run.

If you experienced some troubles with these options, you really feel pleasant to know that both are working accurately now in these days.

Just you have to schedule your task through an app given in Windows you can prevent an unusual shutdown of your PC.

  • Click on the Start button and type Task Scheduler
  • Now, click on Task Scheduler and a window will open which shows the task you want to schedule

 how to auto shutdown your pc

  • In the Task Scheduler window, select “Actions” tab and then click on “Create Task…”
pc shutdown task schduler library settings
  • Now, a window will appear in front of you and you have tap on “General” tab and name your new task whatever you want
  • Here, we are naming it “z_” so that it can be quickly sorted out
  • Check mark the options “Run whether user is logged on or not” and “Run with highest privileges”
  • On the “configure for” option select the version of your Window
auto shutdown pc at midnight
  • Now, got to the “Triggers” tab and click on “New” to build a new trigger
how to pc shutdown timer windows 10
  • Set the “Begin the task” option as “On a schedule” here you can set your own schedule as you like
  • We are scheduling here every night at midnight
  • When you have done all, click on “OK”
auto shutdown windows 10
  • Now, go back to the “Create Task” window
  • Select “Actions” tab and click on “New” to create a new action
windows 10 shuts down automatically
  • A window of “New Action” will be open in front of you
  • In the “Action” option go to drop down menu and select “Set a program”
  • In the “Program/script” box type “shutdown”
  • If you want to avail “Adding arguments” type “/S”. This command will show you an option whether to close the running apps or not when you click on the Shutdown button.
  • If you want to forcedly stop the running apps, you should type “/S/F” into the “Parameters” box
  • At the end click on “OK”
why does my computer shut down every night
  • Now, go back to the “Create Task” window
  • Select the “Conditions” tab
  • Check mark the box of “Start the task only if the computer is idle for”
  • Set the timings as per your requirement
  • Here, we are setting the time to kick the task if the computer is idle for 30 minutes when the shutdown time arrives
  • We are also setting a time to wait for one hour for that idle time to happen
  • Check mark the option Stop if the computer ceases to be idle to stop the task if you start to use your PC again
  • Also, checkmark the option “Restart if the idle state resumes”. It will start to count the time again when you stop using your PC
auto shutdown windows 10 software
  • It is the time to go to the “Settings” Here, you have to set up your task again if it fails in often times
  • Check mark the “If the task fails, restart every” option and set your preferences. Such as we set up the task restart after thirty minutes and we letting it try to restart for three times
  • Click on “OK” to save the changes you made
schedule shutdown windows 7

Note that the “Task Scheduler” may ask you to put the user account and password to finish out your task and then you can exit “Task Scheduler”. Now, your PC will automatically shut down at night when suddenly sleep.

Hopefully, you are now well aware of shutting down your PC automatically at night. You can share your precious experience with us through the comments section.

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