How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks

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Previously we have discussed How to Enable Emojis on Android and iOS and How to Fix Android’s “Insufficient Storage Available” Error Message

But today we are going to discuss “How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks”

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You like an android application to an extent that you might want to run it at your desktop PC or on a windows laptop. And you are thinking alone as:

Can I download apps to my computer?

Or how to install android apps on pc windows 7, 8, 10 whatever you are using.

The answer is simple: yes, you can run android apps on your PC or Mac even if you are not an android developer.

However, you might get Google play on windows 10 laptop or desktop quite easily.

If you are at less knowledge about Windows and Android then there is a possibility that you might not have heard about BlueStacks.

Let we first know what is BlueStacks? then we will proceed our article on How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks

What Is BlueStacks?

Let we suppose,

You have pretty much ok with your android.

You play a game on your android phone, now you want it at your desktop too with a wider screen and more comfortable interface. Or you spend most of the time at your desktop and want multiple Android applications to run on your desktop.

Then, there are two ways to run Android apps on your desktop.

  • One is, install the complete Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to emulate Android on your PC.
  • The other method to make things so simple is installing a software that fulfills all of your android apps demands.

So, we will discuss the second method which is run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks software

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BlueStacks is a free tool to run Android applications

Here is all about BlueStacks:
run android apps on windows 10 pc

Click here to download BlueStacks 3

The BlueStacks runs with Android smoothly with all type of modern hardware. With the latest BlueStacks 3, all the major issues are resolved to make it better available for the users.

Once you have installed BlueStacks on your Windows PC, you can run all types of popular social media apps and the gaming apps. The whole environment runs Android apps easily.

Before going in-depth detail on “How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks” we should discuss more key features of BlueStacks 3

BlueStacks App Player Key Features

BlueStacks 3 supports the following

  • Google Play integration
  • Fully customizable environment
  • Multiple OS configurations
  • BlueStacks App Player supports multiple languages.

You can customize the whole BlueStack environment with your own needs and requirements.

How to Install BlueStacks on Windows PC

 To install BlueStack, just go to the BlueStack download page to download it.

I am using Microsoft Windows 10 in my example, but installation process will be quiet similar to windows process.

Once you have downloaded the installer, launch the installation process by double-clicking on the installer.

how to install bluestack 3 software in windows or mac

Checkmark on the accept software license

Press the install button to install BlueStacks.

You want BlueStacks to have access to the App Store and Application Communications.

You need to be sure that both the options are checked.

Next, you’ll be asked to create an account at BlueStack. So you can use your Google account to sign in. BlueStacks also gives you a facility to chat with other BlueStacks users while you both are playing the same game.

The best features of BlueStacks is that it will sync all of your settings. So it simplifies the environment whether you are using a laptop, desktop or the mobile.

Getting BlueStacks Ready By Signing in with Google Account

You’ll have to fill all the forms as you fill at the time of basic configuration setup of a new Android device. Sign in to Google to access the latest apps and games from Google Play Store. So you need to do everything here again as you do with new Android device

You’ll also get a security alert at your Google email that someone has signed in to your account if it is you then ignore this email etc.

How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks

the installation process has been done now let’s discuss running apps and games on PC.

Here is the dashboard of BlueStacks 3

how to download apps on computer from google play

Once, you are done with Android setup process, you will be redirected to the newly emulated Android device. Everything which you do on your Android device, you can apply here.

You can find:

  • Google Play Store
  • Settings Menu
  • Profile Account
  • My apps
  • App Center
  • Help Center
  • Search Area

How to Use BlueStacks to Run Android Apps

Let’s understand the Google Play area

Click on the My Apps icon then System apps.

You will reach the following BlueStack Panel.

BlueStacks 3 Tutorial

Here you will see multiple options at the header under the Google Play search bar

  • Top Charts
  • Games
  • Categories
  • Editor’s Choice
  • Early Access

The bottom area is the fully featured with multiple functional icons

  • Back and Home button
  • Keyboard
  • Tips Display Area
  • Shake Button
  • Toggle Full Screen
  • And Take Screenshot button

These are all the same buttons and functionalities as you do in Android

Let’s start by downloading some apps by clicking on the Play Store in order to understand “How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks”

For this, Click on the Google Play search bar and search an app. in our example let’s install WhatsApp

just search the WhatsApp in the Search bar and hit enter


You will see WhatsApp Messenger in front of you. just click on the free icon to install it on your Windows PC.

how to use bluestack 3 on window 10

After accepting the terms and conditions, the installation process will start proceeding.

after the installation process, it will ask you to open the application.

Now, just follow the instructions to setup your WhatsApp.

You will see each and every installed app in the “My Apps” area to make them accessible for the next time, as shown in the fig:

how to install apk with obb on bluestacks

You can also see a WhatsApp icon on your desktop to open for the next time, anytime.

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what about the rest of the BlueStack 3 App

You can toggle between the opened tab on the taskbar at the Bluestacks header

how to install apps in bluestacks windows 7

You can click on any tab to switch to that tab.

Basically, BlueStacks is totally free to use. but clicking on the right side an account section will open.

Here you can subscribe to BlueStack basic and premium packages in order to get BlueStacks 3 for no ads, interruption-free gaming, and a premium support if you got stuck at any stage.

The basic package starts with just $3.33/month and the premium package starts from $4/month.

BlueStacks 3 basic and premium packages

You can also edit your profile by clicking “edit profile” button, you can set your basic information and upload a beautiful picture of you as Display Pic.

BlueStack 3 Bottom Area

at the bottom right area you’ll see multiple icons:

how to install apk on bluestack 3
  • Multi-Instance
  • Install .apk
  • Uninstall app

How to install Apk on BlueStacks?

just click on the install .apk, it will ask a path to the .apk to install just select the .apk file and install it.

How to perform Multi-Instance in BlueStacks 3

You can perform multi-instance in BlueStacks 3.

  • Click on the multi-instance icon
  • it will open all the running instances
how to start a new instance in bluestack
  • Click on the new to start a new instance
  • on the next step it will ask you to create an instance with the new account or the clone account (same account)
how to start a new instance in bluestack step 2

So, it’s your own choice which accounts you are going to opt.

  • To save the time I am selecting Clone (same account)
  • just give the name of the instance I give it “instance 1”
how to start a new instance in bluestack step 3
  • Press the Create button to create a new instance.

A warning message will appear on the screen asking for the performacne warning.

  • just click on the create instance.

By clicking it will starting creating another instance of BlueStacks 3 on your pc with a clone account.

How to Uninstall Apps on BlueStacks 3 on Windows

You can uninstall an app from the Bluestacks.

  • To uninstall an app from the BlueStacks click on the uninstall button at the right side of the bottom.
  • A cross will appear at the top left side of all the apps, just click on the cross button to uninstall the apps.

BlueStacks Settings

You can set the BlueStacks settings of your own choice.

Go to My Apps >> Click on the System Apps >> then click on Settings

The Settings will open on BlueStacks 3, you can scroll down to find all the settings.

BlueStacks Settings

These settings are absolutely same as you see on your android device.

You can also use the android browser in BlueStacks. if you are using a laptop you can use the camera option. believe me, it’s an amazing software to use android on the windows.


So far! We have learned about how to install BlueStacks on Windows PC and then “How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks”.

Once you will install BlueStacks emulator, you will be stunned at the OS that it runs quite similar to Android runs on a mobile, but this time you’ll be running it on Windows. Install your new and old favorite apps with without any hesitation on your PC interface with effects of Android interface.

Share your experience with us how you find this article on BlueStack installation on Windows or Mac.

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