How to connect printer with iPhone or iPad

Many iPhone users have difficulty to connect the iPhone or other iOS Devices with any kind of printer being used. To overcome this glitch our team “” is providing a detailed tutorial. After reading our detailed tutorial you will be able to print anything from the printer with iPhone. Although all the iOS devices are having a complete set to connect with the printer but plenty of users cannot understand the procedure. For those here is a complete procedure to connect iOS devices.
AirPrint is basically used to print with iOS devices. Many other options are available in below to describe a procedure for connecting iOS devices to printers. AirPrint is a mobile printing solution with wireless networks.
Usage of AirPrint for Printing with iPhone and iPad:
Most of the printers which are introduced in this decade are support AirPrint. AirPrint can be used by iPhones and iPads. The AirPrint-enabled printers are used to print the data via iPhones. You can find the list of those printers which are enabled AirPrint.
All the latest wireless printers are AirPrint enabled printers. Many corporations of printers are providing this facility. Using AirPrint the printing is easy. All the given steps will describe the complete procedure
• Turn on the printer and connect it to your WiFi
• Select the document, picture, graph or any other data which is to be printed
• Only those documents and web pages will be printed which shows an arrow at the left side of the bottom

How to connect printer with iPhone or iPad or other iOS Devices 2
• Click on arrow and tape on PrintHow to connect printer with iPhone or iPad or other iOS Devices
• Printer Options will appear on the screen
• For printing select Printer
• Your iPhone will search for nearby printers on WiFi
• A list will appear in case of more than one printers
• From the list, you can select your printer
• Then mention the number of copies and select Print
• Resultantly, printed copies will come from the printer you selected

How to Cancel the Print on iOS Devices


Just tap on cancel printing will cancel the print on iOS Device

Printing by iPhones or iPads Using other Apps:

Many apps are introduced in the market of software which used to connect non-AirPrint Printers with iPhones and iPads. In this regards, PrintCentral and PrintBureau are used to connect non-AirPrint printers with iPhones and iPads. These apps work in the similar way of AirPrint.
• PrintCentral and PrintBureau have a browser which permits you to see the list of files on the screen
• If you want to connect your iPhone iPad physically you should install a client software on your computer
• With the help of client software, you can print your files via iPhone

There are many dedicated apps are introduced in the market which is used to connect iPhones and iPads for printing. These apps are mostly offered by the printer makers e.g HP offered ePrint, Epson offered iPrint and Xerox offered Print Portal. All these apps are used like AirPrint.

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