Most Popular Responsive Free Best WordPress Slider Plugins

Best WordPress Slider Plugins
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Most Popular Responsive Free Best WordPress Slider Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress slider plugins available on internet but we have curated a list of Most Popular Responsive Free Best WordPress Slider Plugins for you so that you can easily pick up the best one to modernize your website.

Adding slider plugins to any website is a trend by now. The sliders give an attractive and modern outlook to the website.
The demand for slider plugins is high that is why many WordPress developers are developing new slider plugins with solid and attractive features.

The sliders can be added to the homepage, landing pages, or on any content where you want. The list of the best WordPress slider plugins that I have picked is taken with some criteria. I have compared many WordPress slider plugins with their prices, weights, speed, performance, basic & advanced features, and added them to the final list.

Here in this article, both paid and free best WordPress slider plugins are discussed with sufficient details.

Why is a Slider Plugin used with a Website?

The web designing terminology says that the word “slider” is used for slideshow and the slider plugins provide a feature that can be used to slideshow a web content, image, or web page. The WordPress site owners are glad to know that there many WordPress plugins available that can modernize their website with their attractive features.

Most of the website owners use these slider plugins to:

  • Modernize their website
  • Engage the audience
  • Slideshow their latest contents

A WordPress slider plugin gives the wonderful experience and plays an important role to grab the audience to their required content.

Features for a Best WordPress Slider Plugin:  

Before choosing a WordPress slider plugin you must have to know about their basic features so that you can choose the best one for your blog.

Let’s have a look at the features that should be counted before selecting a WordPress slider plugin:


This is the serious problem with most of the WordPress plugins that they are very slow and if you don’t have good hosting service it may slow down your hosting server to respond.

This issue comes when the slider plugin is coded poorly or loaded with heavy features.


If a WordPress slider plugin is not coded properly, it may show some issues after the installation on your website. A slider should have a simple and easy interface so that you can easily get all the options and use them in a proper manner.

When there is overfeeding with the useless features then you may not properly get the actual options.


Before selecting a slider plugin for your website, make sure that is it well responsive or not? Because a WordPress responsive slider plugin can perform well and take your site to the height of the success.

Nowadays most of the users have Internet access on their mobile devices so it is necessary that the slider plugin that you are going to install on your website must be friendly for mobiles and other handheld devices.


Compatibility is another most important factor that must be noticed before choosing a slider plugin for your blog. Make sure that your selected WordPress slider plugin has compatibility with your website theme and design.

Overall Performance:

After testing the basic factors, check the overall performance of the selected WordPress slider plugin for your website. If it is not performing well, choose another one so that you can get most of the benefit.   

Let’s move towards the main part of this article the best WordPress slider plugins:

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TheFanmanShow Recommendations:

 Best Free Slider Plugin for WordPress

Free image slider WordPress plugins are performing well in the market with their powerful and advanced features. Here I also included some top WordPress slider plugins from which you can choose for your website.

  1. MetaSlider

meta slider

MetaSlider is one of the top, leading, free and best WordPress plugins that are performing well with many successful websites.

It has more than 800,000 active installations which mean roughly half of the successful websites are using MetaSlider for their slideshow.

Using MetaSlider you can create your own unique slideshow in a matter of seconds. It is also one of the fast and quick WordPress slider plugins.  MetaSlider is a slider WordPress plugin that is fully optimized for SEO.

It has 4 types of Slideshow:

  • Flex Slider 2
  • Nivo Slider
  • Responsive Slides
  • Coin Slider

It is very easy to use with, simply choose the images from your WordPress media library and using drag & drop facility put them into the place and then set the slide captions, links and SEO fields just from a single page.

meta slider screenshots


  • MetaSlider is an open source software that available without any cost
  • Its interface is very simple and easy for the individuals, developers and clients
  • MetaSlider will help you to create responsive and SEO optimized slideshows in a very short time
  • There is no restrictions for image slides
  • It normally supports caption, link, title, text, and alt text
  • It also supports the full-width slideshow
  • MetaSlider offers drag and drop facility to reorder the slides
  • It provides the admin preview
  • The images can be cropped intelligently
  • Built-in widget and short-code are available
  • Configuration options
  • MetaSlider is fully localized
  • Fully compatible for translation plugins such as WPML and PolyLang & qTranslate
  • Free basic support for the clients
  • It is WordPress multi-site compatible

2. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 - Best WordPress Slider Plugins

Smart Slider 3 WordPress slider plugin brings many advanced features which many other best WordPress slider plugins don’t have.

It is the best rated and it also has more than 100,000 active installations according to the official website stats.

It is a newer and intuitive WordPress slider plugin which is fully responsive and optimized for SEO.

It has every feature that you can expect from a free slider plugin.


  • It is an open source WordPress slider plugin that is available without any cost
  • You can edit your slides, drop layers after each other, and structure them with rows and columns by using its Content Slide Builder feature
  • To kick-start your work there is a Slide Library available that contains numbers of pre-made slides
  • The drag and drop builder option makes the interface very easy to use
  • Smart Slider 3 is totally integrated with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery
  • It is fully responsive and mobile optimized WordPress slider plugin
  • Dynamic Slides option s also available for your ease
  • It provides all customizable controls so that you can set them according to your needs
  • There are 9 super smooth background animations are available
  • It provides fonts and style manager system
  • 6 types of sample slider are also available with smart Slider 3
  • You can create the slides with 3 presets Default, Thumbnail, horizontal & Caption
  • Import and export slides option is also given with this free slider plugin
  • Auto and the full-width responsive mode is also given
  • Auto-play configurations option is available for your ease
  • 6 layers can be used with a slide Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, YouTube
  • Visual slide editor can work with all desktop, mobile and handheld devices
  • You can hide the layers on specific devices
  • Thumbnail image option is also given
  • It is compatible with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Visual composer and Elegant themes Divi editor

3. Master Slider

Master Slider - wordpress responsive slider plugin

Master Slider is the best rated and it has more than 100,000 active installations so that is why it is known as the most popular WordPress slider plugin.

It is fully optimized for mobiles and other handheld devices. It is a highly responsive and totally SEO optimized WordPress plugin. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before.


  • It is an open source WordPress plugin
  • It has an easy and simple interface to use
  • You can simply create a fully responsive and device optimized sliders with 8 starter samples
  • You can use Sliders Cross-browser which works well on all popular browsers
  • Superlative lightweight outputs in compare with other best WordPress slider plugins
  • You can manage slideshows with auto-play timing options
  • drag and drop slide creation option is available
  • Admin panel is also very simple and user-friendly
  • CSS3 Transitions with jQuery Fallback is given with this slider plugin
  • It is fully optimized for all screen sizes and touch devices
  • With this slider plugin experience Smart Loading Assets
  • It has more than 6 Interactive Slide Transitions
  • Smart auto image cropping is also given
  • Shuffle Ordering Slides option is also provided
  • Auto-height Slider feature is available
  • The option is available for Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation
  • Fully customizable thumbnail and tabs
  • Vertical and horizontal bullets are also given
  • With this slider plugin, you can experience Mouse Wheel Navigation
  • You can customize Arrows
  • Exclusive widget and short-codes
  • You can scroll Handle Slide Indicator
  • Smart Memory Management tool is available
  • Image positioning options are also available
  • you can experience an advanced Import and Export tool
  • Master Slider has built-in Cache Boosting
  • It supports all popular WordPress translation plugins
  • It is fully multi-site compatible
  • You can have 24/7 Support with expert agents

4. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider - upfront sliders

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider is one of the famous and best rated WordPress slider plugins. There are more than 40,000 active installations of this amazing WordPress slider plugin. You can add infinite image slides in a single slider using multiple images Up-loader.

It is a fully responsive slider photo gallery plugin that you can add to your website to get an amazing slideshow for the images and other contents. You can customize many things on your blog like height and width, autoplay slides, slide thumbnails, navigation buttons and much more.

It has many powerful and useful features that can help you to make your WordPress site more attractive than before, these features are discussed below:


  • It is a free WordPress slider plugin
  • Its drag and drop facility make the interface very easy and simple to use
  • It is fully responsive and optimized for all accessing devices like mobiles, desktop, and tablets
  • You can upload multiple images at the same time using Multiple Image Uploader
  • You can Enable/Disable Slider Title
  • You can Enable/Disable Slide Title
  • You can Enable/Disable Slide Description
  • You can Enable/Disable Navigation Bullets
  • You can put your thumbnail position on the top or bottom of your gallery
  • Customize easily the thumbnail width and height
  • There is also an auto-update option is given
  • You can give stylish look to your existing fonts because it supports more than 500 Google fonts
  • According to your size requirements, you can resize the image with Slide Scale Mode
  • You can set the slider order ascending, descending or random
  • It is compatible with popular browsers
  • It is also multilingual translation ready
  • It gives autoplay option as well
  • You can get 24/7 help and support from the experts

5. WP 1 Slider

wp 1 slider wordpress responsive slider plugin

With WP 1 Slider you can get unlimited sliders, separate slider, caption, page settings, enable/disable buttons, separate navigation and arrows settings.

WP 1 slider is most demanded WordPress slider plugin which offers free services to the clients.

There are more than 7,000 active installations of WP 1 Slider.

It clearly shows that most of the people are using WP 1 Slider on their websites and enjoying its all-powerful features. It provides regular free updates to the clients so that they can use the most advanced features to modernize their sites.

Features of WP 1 Slider:

  • WP 1 Slider is an open source software which is available without any cost
  • You can add an unlimited amount of images to the slider
  • You can also add unlimited sliders on a single page of your website
  • Enable/disable buttons are also given on the slider
  • There are separate slider settings available for each slider
  • You can get separate caption settings for each slider
  • There are 4 different caption layouts for each slider
  • You can have four different dot pager layouts for each slider
  • Separate navigation / Arrows setting for each slider
  • WP 1 Slider is fully integrated with leading WordPress plugins
  • You’ll have two different box shadow for slider image
  • You can set 9 different positions for slider title and description within the image
  • It has the ability to change colors of title, description, buttons, and button hover on slider image
  • It also has the ability to change the font size of slider title and description on the image
  • WP 1 Slider provides an ability to change the background color and active color of dot pager navigation on slider image
  • You can add unlimited sliders to widgets
  • The slider is fully responsive to all mobiles and other handheld devices
  • You’ll experience the easy usage via Short-code facility
  • You can get 24/7 help and support from the experts

6. Responsive Slider

Responsive Slider - best wordpress slider 2018

If you want to demonstrate your images and videos in a superb way, you need to add WordPress Responsive Slider plugin to your WordPress blog.

WordPress Responsive Slider plugin is a free image slider which comes with its best features that can be used to slide your web images and other contents you want. It is a best rated and high performable WordPress slider plugin that is also available for free.

According to the official WordPress site, Responsive slider plugin has more than 100,000 active installations.


  • Responsive Slider is a free WordPress slider plugin
  • You can add unlimited images on a single slider
  • You can also add the image/video title and other description
  • To tailor the specific pages you can also add URLs
  • There is an option available to add different sliders to different pages
  • You can use hyperlinks on slide titles and description
  • The short-codes will be auto-generated to add the images to Posts/pages/templates
  • You can add a slider in widgets from the widgets admin panel
  • Smart Target feature is given to open the inner links within the page and outsourced links will be opened in a new page
  • Responsive Slider plugin supports HTML in the title and description
  • There is a drag and drop facility available to reorder the image sequence
  • You can build quality and responsive slider within the seconds
  • The plugin is fully optimized for various devices

 Best Paid Slider Plugin for WordPress

A premium WordPress slider plugin is more responsive and faster than the best free slider plugin for WordPress. That is why many professionals prefer to use premium slider plugins so that they can get most of the benefit from a slider plugin.

The features of premium slider plugins are more powerful and advanced that can perform in the better way.

According to the features and prices, I have selected some best WordPress premium slider plugins for professionals, these are:

  1. Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite - best slider jquery

Soliloquy Lite is a best responsive WordPress slider plugin that has many powerful features for your website.

According to the official WordPress site Soliloquy Lite has more than 80,000 active installations which are the highest number achieved by any premium WordPress slider plugin. It offers regular updates so that users can get advanced and updated features to make their sites more charming and attractive.

It is fast, flexible and solves the problem of responsive sliders quick and painlessly.

Most importantly, Soliloquy Lite offers a 100% money-back guarantee. For example, if you don’t like Soliloquy Lite within the 14 days you can get your 100% money back without any inquiry.


  • Soliloquy Lite offers a drag and drop feature which makes it easy and simple to create images and attractive video sliders with just a few clicks
  • It is fully responsive to mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • You can use pre-built beautiful templates to customize your WordPress sliders
  • It is completely integrated with WooCommerce so that you can produce interactive sliders for your WooCommerce store
  • You can create interactive sliders based on your posts, pages or custom post types
  • Here is a feature offered which can be used to create a light-box slider with your photos, videos, and galleries
  • You can turn any WordPress slider into a responsive carousel
  • It offers various different sources which are used to dynamically create sliders
  • You can easily add thumbnail images as navigation for your sliders
  • If you want easy sharing, you can add Pinterest Pin It button to your slider
  • It is also integrated with Instagram so that you can easily import images from Instagram into your slider
  • There I an option which allows you to create your sliders from presentations and PDFs
  • With the default settings, you can also speed up the slider creation process
  • You can schedule your sliders or individual slides for specific time intervals
  • You can disable the Right-Click option so that nobody can copy your images
  • You can also customize your WordPress sliders by adding custom CSS and styles
  • It offers regular updates so that users can get more advanced features to make their sliders more beautiful
  • 14-Days 100% money back guarantee


Soliloquy Lite is the best WordPress responsive slider plugin that offers many powerful and useful features without high costs.

Soliloquy Lite - Pricing Plans

2. Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider best wordpress slider 2017

Nivo Slider is also one of the best WordPress slider plugins that are available in the market. With this, you can make your posts and pages interactive with stylish sliders.

It comes with many attractive features that can help you to create a modern, most beautiful, and attractive website. it is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins and has more than 30,000 active installations.

Nivo Slider is the best choice for a WordPress slider plugin because it is fast, intuitive, and very easy use.


  • You can make your galleries interactive and fun with the 16 transitions effects
  • You don’t have to need any coding skills to use Nivo Slider
  • You can automatically crop the images
  • It is fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress slider
  • You can use its pre-built slider themes
  • It also has post types support
  • From your admin dashboard, you can build beautiful and attractive carousels
  • It is not loaded with heavy features that is why Vivo Slider is more responsive than any other slider plugin
  • Nivo Slider offers 30 days money back guarantee


Nivo WordPress slider plugin offers the lowest prices on its all versions so that users can get all basic features to slideshow their posts, images, and videos.

Nivo WordPress slider pricing plans

3. LayerSlider

LayerSlider wordpress responsive slider plugin

LayerSlider is a WordPress slider plugin which used to create effective and attractive image sliders in record time. It is all about you need to modernize your website.

It is a WordPress premium multipurpose animation platform which can slideshow your images and galleries with mind-blowing effects.

Even you can create a full website using LayerSlider. It is the ultimate solution to create professional sliders, slideshows and animated content. It is very fast and easy to use with drag and drop, undo-redo, multi-select layers, resizable with rules and guides, keyboard shortcuts, image editor and lots of other features.

LayerSlider a slideshow plugin supports touch navigation and fully mobile optimized. You can add unlimited images to a single slider within fa ew seconds. It also allows creating video sliders and galleries.

LayerSlider is fully focused on its performance, accessibility, stability and providing the best experience for user with all accessing devices. LayerSlider has great support and frequent updates that ensure you to make the most out of your purchase.


  • Layer Slider offers visual slide builder with drag and drop feature
  • Most professional sliders can be created
  • You can experience drag and drop facility to create interactive sliders
  • You can have slider preview
  • It offers short-code supported slider
  • It is completely SEO and mobile friendly WordPress slider
  • You can apply animations effect on the sliders
  • You can easily reorder the images in a slider
  • It supports, text layers, image layers, video layers, HTML layers, and many more
  • Slider layer animations are also offered for your ease
  • Its Layer Animation Delay feature allows you to schedule your sliders or individual slides for specific time intervals
  • You can easily customize the length and width of the slider
  • Colors of the sliders can also be customized
  • Its content slider and video slider are highly responsive
  • You can also customize the design and templates of the sliders
  • It fully supports YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Video.js, SublimeVideo, and JW


LayerSlider Pricing plans

4. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution best wordpress slider 2018

Slider Revolution is No.1 selling WordPress slider plugin which can be used to create attractive sliders.

It offers many free add-ons like Whiteboard add-on to create interactive animations which easily grab the audience attention. If you want to create professional sliders, Slider Revolution will be a good choice for your website’s professional animations.

You can have many free and paid slider templates from the Slider Library. Slider Revolution is not just a slider, you can also build modern and mobile friendly presentations for your website within no time.


  • With its Powerful Visual Editor, you can easily create attractive and beautiful sliders by using drag and drop facility
  • Slider Revolution is fully responsive and mobile friendly with total control WordPress slider plugin
  • Its 5.0 version supports Flicker, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 and other Social Media
  • You can experience an optimized performance of the Slider Revolution
  • You’ll get tons of navigation styles for bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails with Revolution Slider
  • Slider Revolution has full focus on security
  • It offers advanced debugging options
  • The plugin is fully SEO optimized
  • You’ll have Hero, Carousel, and Classic features
  • Full width, full-screen auto responsive slider sizes
  • Performance monitor and better performance suggestions
  • It offers free updates and premium support to the customers


Slider Revolution Pricing plans


Today for a professional and modern outlook almost every website is applying some free and paid features on their websites so that they can move with the modern age websites.

A slideshow is one of the modern things that many of the websites are acquiring to have an attractive look. There are plenty of paid and free WordPress slider plugins that are being used for slideshow purpose.

Making difference among all free WordPress slider plugins is really difficult but I have the best experience of using MetaSlider as WordPress slider plugin. It is free and rich with many useful features.

I recommend Soliloquy Lite for professional use so that the professional users can create professional, attractive and beautiful sliders for their WordPress site.

Well, this is all about free and paid best WordPress Slider Plugins created by TheFanmanShow, If you are using any other free or paid WordPress slider plugin with good experience, don’t forget to share with us via the comments section.

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