Zong 2 Hour Internet Package Code – 2 Hour Call Package Non Stop Offer

Zong 2 hour call package - Zong Student Bundle Package
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Zong 2 Hour Call Package Code – 2 Hours Internet Package to Activate Zong Student Bundle

Zong 2 Hour Internet Package Code *3000# activates 2 Hours Non Stop Offer. It’s also called Zong Student Package or Zong 2 Hours Call Package

Zong Call Packages 2 Hours Code *3000# will activate Zong Student Bundle 2 Hours Package and you can call make free calls to any Zong number in Pakistan. Activate and enjoy this 2 hours non-stop offer Zong.

We have discussed various kinds of Zong calls, SMS, and Internet Packages with you in previous articles such as:

Zong 2 Hours Internet Package – 2 Hours Non Stop Offer Zong

But right now, we are going to explore Zong 2 hour call package code, a Student Bundle 2 Hours Package, and its associated incentives.

The company has always introduced an exciting and attractive series of Call Packages with the best voice quality throughout Pakistan. This time the company has offered Zong Student Bundle Package which you can shortly call it as Zong call pkg 2 hours also.

You can also subscribe to Super Student Bundle which is Zong 1 hour call package by dialing *5555# and gives you unlimited on-net minutes and 30 MB of data for the next 1 hour.

I hope you’ll have multiple SIM cards as a maximum of 5 SIM cards are allowed in Pakistan. Then, you might be interested in the SIM Codes List of Zong, Jazz Warid, Telenor, and Ufone which contains information regarding SIM service codes. You also might be interested in how to take screenshots on any device, all smartphones, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC and Linux, and more.

However, this is also called the Zong 2 hours internet package or 2 Hours Non Stop Offer Zong, you have another option to subscribe to Zong Good Night Offer, which will give you 2GB of internet data to stream videos and watch movies.

Well, let’s explore more about this offer as to how to subscribe to Zong 2 hour call package and how to unsubscribe Zong student bundle later in this article. But, right now,

Here are the short details:

Zong Student Bundle 2 Hours Call Package – 2 Hours Internet Package

PackageDetailsSubscribe CodeValidityAuto-RecursiveCall Setup FeePrice
2 Hours Non Stop Offer Zong 1 GB Data On-net: 120 *3000# Unsubscribe: Auto-Expire After Two Hours Next 2 Hours No PKR 0.15
Rs. 9.43

How to Check Remaining Resources/Balance/Summary

Check Remaining BalanceCheck Zong Free MinutesCheck Zong Remaining SMSCheck Zong Internet Remaining MBCheck Zong Remaining Balance Summary
Check Remaining Summary Dial *102*3# Dial *102*2# Dial *102*4# Dial *102*1#

How to Subscribe Zong Student Bundle 2 Hours Package?

To subscribe to 2 Hours Internet Package and 2 Hours Call Package, dial the code for subscription *3000# from your smartphone.

You can also subscribe/activate Zong 2 hours call pkg, non stop offer, 2 hours internet package, or Zong Student Bundle by sending an SMS ‘y’ or ‘sub’ to 7402, and here is what you receive.

zong call packages 2 hours code
Zong call packages 2 hours Incentives

How to Unsubscribe Zong Student Bundle?

Zong Student Bundle Unsub Code is not available because once the offer is expired, you will automatically be unsubscribed.

Offer Validity

Net two hours.


What are the Call Setup Charges on Zong call packages 2 hours?

PKR 0.15 call setup charges applied on every outgoing call

What Happens When Zong 2 Hours Call PKG Expires?

If you have subscribed to any other internet offer, then the mobile internet data will be used from that valid offer. But if you are not subscribed to any other Zong internet packages then out-of-bundle rates are applied at Rs. 1+Tax/MB until the expiry of the Super Student Bundle.

Can the Zong Student bundle be subscribed again on the same day?

Yes. You can activate Zong student call package code *3000# but the existing resources will be over-written and either you have any remaining resources internet data or free minutes.

Is the Zong student package auto-renewable?

No, you have to activate it again, once the offer is expired

Wrap Up

We have discussed Zong Student Bundle 2 Hours Package with you.

  • Zong call packages 2 hours code for subscription: *3000#
  • Unsubscribe Zong student bundle code: The offer will automatically expire
  • Zong 2 Hours Internet Package Incentives: 1 GB data, 120 free on-net minutes
  • Validity: Next two hours for internet and 120 minutes for calls.

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Reference: Zong

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