Useful Unique And Relevant Content Make You Stand Out

Unique And Relevant Content
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Useful Unique And Relevant Content

Useful Unique And Relevant Content is the basic and foremost element that plays a strategic role with Search Engines to uplift your web page for a higher rank in SERP.

What is Unique Content?

Useful Unique And Relevant Content means the content is original and not copied/duplicated anywhere else.

Unique content plays an important and key role in Search Engine Ranking because what these search engines need is just “Unique Content” to rate high and penalize the duplicated websites or some specific webpages of the blog.

I already have written an article on 25 Best SEO Essentials for any type of article for ease of writing a well-structured, useful unique and relevant content. Believe me, by following this article will work as a self-SEO agent for you.

However, the relevant content means “the whole content must round about the main topic/title and all the paragraphs should be subject oriented”

I will say, “Content is the King”
So more and more unique content will bring more and more visibility to the first page in SERP.

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Fresh – Qualitative – Unique Content

The content of the page is directly proportional to the website ranking the more your content is valuable qualitative and unique the more your page/website is ranked well in search engine results.

So it is important to create a better content that supplies a demand in the humans.
Always provide the useful and storytelling content about new product, new info or the old product and old info with new perspective that they can’t avail on any other website. The users may attract to that and compelled to share it on social media or use to market about your page.

The content of your website must be original and not copied as the copied content is penalized by the search engines and the issue of copyright may evolve into a legal action against you.

Moreover, your website content must be regularly updated with some fresh qualitative content it will help to increase the number of user with positive signs of website credibility. So practice to make sure that weekly or daily the blog shall be updated with unique content for inbound and outbound links

Keyword Research-Based Content

After creating a Useful Unique And Relevant Content the other important factor is keywords research-based content. This phase is mostly concerned to write the content as according with the human search terms.

What the people are searching on the internet or on the search engines will direct you to write your content to effectively answer those queries.

All I am saying is that you rank in the search engines if you use people’s search terms as a keyword in your content.

For Example,

if you use the keyword Justin affairs while the people are searching Justin Bieber dating Saleena Gomes, then your page will not be shown in the SERP because you are not using the exact keywords conferring with the human search.

Now the question arises in minds how much times should I use that specific keyword?

The optimum length for using a keyword is not exactly determined by the SEO Experts but a guess based on successful SEO campaigns leads towards the usage of keywords density about 1 to 2.5 % in the content.

The above keywords density is not the exact ideal length, rather the number of keywords usage limit may exceed if used in a way of natural occurring.

But be careful and keep in mind to not use keywords every time in content with no sense because search engines consider it over optimization and penalize your web page even.

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

There are many tools available in the market to produce a precise and quality content with the present search terms. Some of these interesting tools are:

We will discuss in more details about how to use them in later because our main focus here is to cover up a basic about the SEO and its related terms.

Use of Keyword Phrase in Title Tag

Always use keywords phrase in the title or nearer to the title tag once.

Two or three times or more if the content is long in the body section of the page but the excessive usage may tend towards little or nil impression on ranking.

Try to use Descriptive Tittle in URL

Once in a Meta Description tag, however, Meta description tags becomes the snippet of text used by the Search Engines and are ignored but it produces a charming effect of attracting clicks by the web searchers reading the result pages.

“Avoid keywords cannibalization it means usage of keywords in link anchor text that are pointing towards some other pages on your site.”

Place important keywords closer to the title tag.

Always mention the brand name at the beginning or the end of the title tag as “At The FanMan Show” and it will create the brand awareness, carry more weight and produces higher CTR for the users who like and are well known for a brand.

As title tag is the visitor’s first interaction with your brand so it must be readable, fully descriptive and more convenient towards the topic.

Creating an appealing title will increase the attention of users in SERP because SEO is not about implementing strategic keywords but the entire user experience.

so it is all about useful unique and relevant content that will make your website stand out from millions. Do not ever post copied content either create your own masterpiece article.

if you have some more suggestions on this topic useful unique and relevant content make  you stand out, then share them with me through your comments.

Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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