Googleranking factors 2016

Top Ten Search Engine Ranking Factors 2016

Top Ten Search Engine Ranking Factors 2016

As Google has many search engine factors or signal or clues that produces a major effect on websites. According to the expert opinions some of these are:

Domain Level Link Features 8/10

Based on link metrics e.g. links quantity, page rank of the domain etc.

Page Level Link Features: 8/10

Quality of the webpage, Trust metrics, page rank, root domain linking quantity, anchor text, links etc.

Keyword and Content Features: 7.7/10

Content must be qualitative, quantitative and relevant with the keywords usage, the page should be topic oriented.

Page Level Keyword-Doubtful Features 6.5/10

It includes readability, length of the specific content, page loading and its speed, uniqueness, structural data showing and HTTPS.

Domain and Page Level Engaging Traffic upon queried Data

It comprised on Visitors traffic flow using signals, Clickstream data, quantity and quality of click through rate and others data search results pages engagement metrics.

Domain-Level Branding Metrics 5.8/10

The domain name must show a brand name, it should be mentioned in press, and in media or in news, entity association and data site usage.

Domain level Keywords Usage: 4.9/10

Partial and Exact matching domain regarding keywords.

Domain – Level Keywords Agnostic: 4.0/10

Domain name length, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates and TLD (Top Level Domains) extensions etc.

Page – Level Social Metrics: 3.9/10

Quality and quantity of the tweeted socially links, Google+, Facebook shares for the specific page etc.

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