10 Best AdSense Themes for WordPress to Increase CTR and Earnings

best AdSense themes for WordPress
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10 Best AdSense Themes for WordPress to Increase CTR and Earnings

Following is list of Free AdSense themes WordPress when you think to monetize your blog you need some attractive and best AdSense themes for WordPress blog.

Almost all the bloggers and publishers know the worth of Google AdSense in the sense of earnings. Monetization of a blog is the most important thing to do.

In simple words, when you think to monetize your blog you need some attractive and best AdSense themes for WordPress sites, you have. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss some free best AdSense themes for WordPress sites. You can also monetize your blog by applying AdSense Plugins for 2019.

These free Themes will help you to increase your blog’s CTR which is the major source of generating income. These themes have best tactical ad locations which make your blog more fit to display the ads.

Also, try these suggestions from TheFanmanShow

10 best free optimized WordPress themes are discussed here, from which you can select according to your requirements.

So, Let’s discuss all the best AdSense themes for WordPress.

Best AdSense Themes for WordPress

  1. Newspaper: AdSense Theme for News bloggers

Download News7Paper WordPress Theme

This theme is most popular for the blogs which are specifically designed for news and daily updates. It will increase the popularity of the blog and most importantly, it will help the bloggers in generating revenue.

It’s wonderful features are:

  • Top Bar Templates: At the top of a blog, the templates must be attractive because it is the first thing which attracts the visitors
  • Smart Content Blocks: The blocks for the contents are specifically designed in columns which make the contents easily readable
  • Smart Lists: The lists of the pages are arranged beautifully which can be seen clearly by the visitors
  • Smart Sidebars: The sidebars are customized wonderfully which are more attractive than the simple sidebars of any blog
  • Footer Styles: Most of the blogs have dull footer styles but in this theme, the footer styles are more attractive ones
  • News Ticker: You can show the latest news and updates on the main content area of your blog by TRENDING NOW.

Its new version is Newspaper 7 which is recently introduced. It’s a theme which can be run faster even on small screens such as mobile phones. It has 12 wonderful layouts and 84 big grid style combinations. Pages and categories of the blogs are fully highlighted which surely increase the fame of the blog.

This theme provides a balance between the ads and the contents of the blog which attract the readers because the ads will not disturb the readers. This theme is the pure choice for the News bloggers.

Many strategy making tools are presented in this theme which will help you to customize your blog’s contents. The customized and well-designed lists of the contents are highlighted along with attractive colors.

If you are interested in building a news blog, your first choice should be Newspaper 7 which can be downloaded HERE. 

2.Theme By MyThemeShop: Anti-Ad Blocker


This is the latest and best AdSense themes for WordPress sites which has many useful and unique features in it.

If a visitor installed an ad-blocker add-on, the anti-blocking feature,  the theme will show a pop-up to that visitor to disable the adblocker for your blog.

There are 8 wonderful layouts of this theme:

  • Tech Blog
  • Baby Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Sports blog
  • Food Blog
  • News Blog
  • Fitness blog
  • Online Shopping Blog

According to my suggestions, you can apply the theme for best revenue from AdSense. If you are agreed with its features you can DOWNLOAD this theme.

3. Admania: Ad on Homepage

The third most wanted best AdSense themes for WordPress is the Admania.

Most importantly when you are monetizing your blog and want to add ads on the homepage, it is not less than a challenge. Admania Theme beautifully overcomes this challenge with its feature to add the ads on the homepage.

download Admania Free WordPress themes

Admania is a high rated theme among 241 themes on ThemeForest. It is the most downloaded theme which many bloggers prefer to download. If you want to generate high earnings from the ads of Google AdSense you may prefer this theme. As earlier mentioned, this theme is usually used to add the ads on the main page of the blog. Many themes do not allow this facility to the bloggers.

You can add the ad codes without plugins which make this theme more preferable. The ad panel of this theme is user-friendly and simple to add the ads and it is also the fastest loading WordPress theme among all. Its charges are only $44 which is reasonable than other theme charges.

If you want to download Admnia theme CLICK HERE

4. Truemag: AdSense Theme for Magazines

The Truemag theme is specifically designed for the magazine blog. If you are interested in making a magazine blog, your best choice must be Truemag.


This theme provides strategic locations for ads which are the main helping factor in monetizing the blog. If you are focusing on monetization of your blog then your solid choice must be this theme. You can perfectly customize this theme according to your needs. Moreover, this theme also provides the facility to add the ads between the contents.  All the ad locations are blended perfectly throughout the website which makes the choices to paste the ads. All the ad units are fully responsive. You can also integrate the online shops on your blog. You can customize the colors, skin and ad units too. Its charges are $58 only.

For downloading Truemag theme CLICK HERE

 5. Devi: The Drag & Drop Features

This theme is very simple to add the ads. If your main focus is monetization of the blog, you must adopt this theme for your WordPress Blog. Easy and simple features are offered here in this theme. You can edit your blog simply using drag & drop feature.Download Devi The Drag & Drop Features

Devi is an optimized AdSense theme for WordPress that allows online ad placement. For high CPC it is used to target the foreign demographics. It is a multi-featured theme which even allows the right to left writing. The bloggers have full freedom to customize this theme according to their requirements. Cross-browser compatibility is also supported here in this theme. This theme is free to download.

You can download this Devi: The Drag & Drop Features theme without any expenditure. CLICK HERE to download

6. IsleMag: A Free AdSense Theme for WordPress

Download WordPress Theme IsleMag

IsleMag is also a free theme for the WordPress sites which is the best option to monetize the blog.  It is one of the most downloading themes. If you want to make the maximum earnings from the AdSense ads, this theme will help you to do so. Its design is fully responsive.  The built-in Carousel Slider will help you to highlight a specific post on your blog’s homepage.

It gets frequent updates for the latest version which shows its compatibility and reliability. If you want to download this IsleMag: A Free AdSense Theme for WordPress free you can CLICK HERE

7. Publisher: Solution for Multi Sites

The Publisher is an AdSense theme for WordPress which can be used for news portals, fashion magazines, and blogs. For any type of site, the Publisher is the best choice if your site is approved for Google AdSense. 10 demos and 90 pre-made homepage designs are available for Publisher theme. You can use a demo which matches to your project.

Download WOrdpress Themes - Publisher

It is a popular theme for item ratings because of its strategic layouts for the ads. This theme can be wonderfully integrated with different plugins including WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

8. TruePixel: Solution for Multiple Ad Locations

TruePixel: It is a complete solution for the ad locations on the front page of the blog. It also offers the ad locations on the sidebar, above and below the contents. It is really a perfect solution to paste the ads. The bloggers and the publishers can get high CTR and can generate more revenue using this multi-supportive theme. It supports many plugins for monetization of the blog.

download TruePixel WordPress Theme

Its design is more attractive which makes the better CTR and CPC. It is the best choice for the bloggers who planned to monetize their sites with AdSense. It is priced $45 only. If you want to download the TruePixel  CLICK HERE

9. NewsOnline:

Monetization of the blog is the main challenge for the bloggers and NewsOnline is the theme which accepted this challenge. It’s a choice of many successful bloggers. It is best for news portals.NewsOnline WordPress Theme

This theme cleverly offers the placement of the ads. Locations of the ads are perfectly designed which surely work to increase the revenue from AdSense.

You can get this theme for $45 only which inexpensive as compared to the other themes.

To download NewsOnline theme CLICK HERE

My Suggestions:

You have gone through the list of the best AdSense themes for WordPress, you can select one or more than one theme for your blogs. The theme which attracts you and fulfills your requirements is the best one for you. Apply different plugins to monetize your blog.

If you find useful the above best AdSense themes for WordPress for you, you can share your experience with us through the comments.

Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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