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Best 3G/4G Internet Package

Best 3G/4G Internet Package in Pakistan

Here is the list of all the Telecom sector working in Pakistan with amazing calls, SMS and internet offers, but people with various SIM Cards are always try to choose the Best 3G/4G Internet Package to minimize their expenses.

Here are the following telecom companies which are offering the Best 3G/4G Internet Package in Pakistan






But we have made a comparison based on the best internet packages in pakistan by all the internet service providers.

So, let’s start from PTCL

PTCL Best 3G/4G Internet Package 2017

Following is the Best 3G/4G Internet Package of PTCL for Unlimited Download Limit:

Data Limit 1Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps 8Mbps 12Mbps 16Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Price (PKR) 1325 1575 1775 3025 4000 5000 6000 7500 10000 20000

• All standard terms and conditions will apply
• Landline and new connection charges will apply for each connection
• Limited packages are offered for 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 4Mbps connections only
• 1Mbps connection allowed 10GB, 2Mbps connection allowed 20GB and 4Mbps connection allowed 40GB of data volume with charges Rs.625, Rs.775 and Rs. 999 respectively
• Over limit charges of the data, volume is Rs.100 per 10GB usage

Cheap Ufone Best InternetPackages 2017 Full Details

Here is the complete detail of the Best internet package of Ufone in Pakistan

Offers Duration Charges(Rs) Data(MBs) Duration Activation Code
Light Bucket Daily 10 40 24 hours *804#
Heavy Bucket 15 75 24 hours *8042#
Special Bucket 5 50 1 AM-9PM *810#
Mega Internet 99 1024 1AM-6AM *550#
3-day Bucket 3-day bucket 25 100 24 hours *3350#
Light Bucket weekly 50 250 24 hours *7811#
Heavy Bucket 125 500 24 hours *7815#
1GB Bucket Monthly 250 1024 24 hours *7807#
3GB Bucket 500 3096 24 hours *803#
10GB Bucket 1000 10240 24 hours *5100#
  • All standard terms and conditions apply
  • Daily Packages are auto-renew packages
  • All the offers and their charges are revised for 2017 by Ufone

Mobilink+Warid Internet Packages 2017

Following is list of all the Best 3G/4G Internet Packages in Pakistan

Offers Duration Charges(Rs) Data Volume Duration Activation Code
Lite 3G Package Daily 12 50MBs 24 hours *114*14#
3G Package 20 100MBs 24 hours *117*1#
Super 3G Package 29.88 200MBs 24 Hours *117*4#
3G 3-day Package 3 day Bucket 41.83 300MBs 72 hours *117*3#
3G Package weekly 71.70 1500MBs 7 Days *117*7#
Super 3G Package 119.50 2500MBs 7Days(Unlimited 2am-9am) *117*77#
3G Lite Package Monthly 239 2GBs 30 Days *117*31#
3G Heavy Package 478 4500MBs 30 Days *117*30#
3G Super Package 1195 12GBs 30 Days *117*32#
  • All the standard Taxes are included in the given charges
  • Standard terms and conditions apply
  • All the charges and data volumes are revised for 2017

Zong Internet Packages 2017 Details

Zong has always been the best choice all around the four provinces of Pakistan. there is an interesting quote about Zong is that it claims the fastest mobile internet in Pakistan.

So following is the complete list of all Best 3G/4G Internet Package of Zong in Pakistan.

Offers Name Data Duration Charges (Rs) Subscription
Day Time Offer 1GB 4AM-4PM 10 SMS to 6464
Daily Mini Offer 20MBs 1 Day 5 SMS mini to 6464
Daily Basic Offer 100MBs 1 Day 15 SMS db to 6464
Daily Premium Offer 500MBs 1Day 35 SMS dp to 6464
Good Night Offer 1GB 1AM-9AM 6 SMS gno to 6464
Weekly Premium Offer 700MBs 7 Days 70 SMS weekly to 6464
Super Weekly Offer 2GBs 7 Days 100 *2*1#
Monthly Mini Offer 150MBs 30 Days 50 SMS m150mb to 6464
Monthly Basic Offer 500MBs 30 Days 150 SMS m500mb to 6464
Monthly Premium 2GBs 30 Days 300 SMS m2gb to 6464
Monthly Premium 6GBs 30 Days 600 SMS m6gb to 6464
Monthly Premium Plus 10GBs 30 Days 1800 SMS m10gb to 6464
Monthly Premium Plus 20GBs 30 Days 3500 SMS m20gb to 6464

• All the terms and conditions will apply
• Whole data of all the packages are revised for 2017

Telenor Best 3G/4G Internet Package 2017 Details

The below list contained all the best internet package of Telenor in Pakistan:

Bundles Data Duration Charges (PKR) Activation Codes
Daily unlimited Offer 1GB 1Day(1AM-7PM) 9.56 *345*139#
Daily Offer 100MBs One Day 17.93 *345*131#
Daily Plus Offer 200MBs One Day 29.88 *345*132#
3 Days Bundle 300MBs 3 Days 41.83 *345*133#
Weekly Unlimited 7GBs 7Days(5AM-5PM) 47.80 *345*144#
Weekly 1GB 7 Days 75 *345*134#
Monthly 4GBs 30 Days 478 *345*135#
Monthly Plus 10GBs 30 Days 1195 *345*136#
Hourly 500MBs 1 Hour 6 *345*981#
  • All the Taxes are included in the given prices
  • Standard terms and conditions apply

So, above in the article, we have tried our best to represent the best internet Packages comparison of the best 4g network in Pakistan by all the major internet service providers in Pakistan. We will suggest Zong as the best internet packages for students and for any other corporate service because Zong has the 4G license.

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