Off-Page SEO Tutorial – Off Site SEO Quality Link Building Strategies 2017

Off – Page SEO and Link Building Strategies 2017

Today, we’ll discuss what is Off the page seo and what are the quality link building strategies 2017-18

We’ll also know about:

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  • What is Off-Site SEO?
  • What is Natural Link Building?
  • What is Unnatural Link Building and Which Technique is Better?


We have already discussed What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimizationalong with the On-Page SEO Techniques.

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Now let’s take a look at Link Building Strategies 2017.

Off – Page SEO doesn’t end at building links, rather it’s something about building and implementing marketing strategies about your brand on various other sites on the internet.

Before getting involved in the Off-Page SEO, your website must be fully optimized with the On-Page SEO. But we can’t fully rely on the On-Page SEO techniques because to get the higher visibility on the Google and the other search engines there must be implemented a better Off-Page SEO strategy for the specific webpage.

You can also visit these to build high-quality backlink:

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The variety of bloggers or the webmasters focus on both the On-page and Off-page SEO techniques. So I would like to say that both the campaigns must be run in parallel.

“Great SEO minds have developed a viewpoint about Off-Page SEO that it guides the search engines that what the others think about your website, webpage or blog”

If there have been a lot of links pointing to your website, the Google and the other search engines will assume that you have got a valuable content that is providing a helpful information or product and compelling the people/users to link it to other sites. Even you will receive a lot of words of mouth referrals from approximately all of your users/customers/visitors.

Building links can be dangerous if suitable steps are not taken into account for the fresh/old website in the Google first page. But if the bloggers, web owners or the SEO agents become able to create a suitable Off-Page SEO campaign, they can be nearer to the Google first page with every upcoming step.

So let’s summarize the above discussion about Off-Page SEO in various terms.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to all of the strategies developed by you or by a marketing manager that compelled others to stick with that marketing method and promoting your site to rise higher in the search engine page results.

So the people who think that Off-Page SEO is link building just, they are at some extent right but not fully because there are many activities and important factors involved (like people daily chatting about your product, its information, website quality, authority referrals etc. ) that leads to the higher ranks in results.

For example, if you share someone’s promotional posts at your social media profile or sending its information to your friends or performing commenting and giving reviews of that thing then you are ultimately performing someone’s off-page SEO.

Off Page SEO Optimization by Understanding Google

There are many factors to keep in mind to optimize a website with Google Guidelines while preparing a site for link building. There are some major factors to adopt which can produce quality results in the Google Search Engine Results.         

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  • On page optimization: (higher priorities from 2003 and ongoing with a little bit decline)
  • Link Building: (it was given higher priorities from 1999 to 2013, it doesn’t mean that now link building has vanished, rather quality link building matters a lot)
  • Freshness of content: (From 2011 and given higher priorities nowadays)
  • Social Networking: (From 2007 and ongoing with higher priorities nowadays)
  • Time on Site: (From 2005 and given higher priorities nowadays)
  • Speed of the Website: (From 2012 to still matters a lot)
  • Responsive Websites: (2015 to still ongoing with higher values)
  • Mobile SEO: (websites should be optimized for mobile SEO from 2015 to onward)


Now let’s stick with the topic of “Link Building Strategies 2017″.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO Link Building Strategies 2017

Link Building in 2017 is something like receiving a reference to your website from other websites (high quality or low quality).

All the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others give more value on receiving natural links coming to your webpage and hence improve your visibility in their search results.

Now, let’s take a look at the Link Building Strategies 2017

How To Build Links In 2017 – Link Building Tactics in 2017

There are many ways to build links in 2016, but first, we need to know about white hat link building and Black hat link building strategies.

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  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO


Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

The Fanman Show is going to reveal all the Link Building Strategies 2017 with all the possible ways.

The links that are built organically called natural links and building links naturally is called the White Hat SEO.

But as I said there are many other artificial, illegal or spammy ways of building links by cheating or violating the Google’s Guidelines are known as Black Hat SEO

Most of the people are of the opinion that link building is not other than a webspam and will cause a definite ruin to their business.

But I think link building in 2017 is still an important and integral part of the search engine optimization.

People who are having the negative viewpoint about building links must understand that it’s not like that search engine didn’t give values by their tactics, although it’s a bit tricky part that gives a boom to your business.

Google Guidelines always welcomes the High-Quality Links to promote your web-based business, products or services.

Link Building Strategies 2017

The most important part of the Link Building Strategies 2017 is building backlinks with naturally and unnaturally.

Natural links are more valuable than unnatural links.

The important thing is that Google values both natural and unnatural links.

Natural links are the one which is the ultimate result of all of your SEO and Digital Marketing Campaigns engaging websites, for example by having a blog on a website or outside the web on other websites like WordPress blog or social media marketing campaigns.

So Natural links are also called the editorial links, as they are pointing to get more information towards on particular subject. As we do on our blog, giving links for further information on the specific subject. Natural links are those which have a strong profile and quality content and are not paid.

While Unnatural links are those links which are made by you, by a webmaster or a web developer.

Google considers a natural link to be the expected end result of all the SEO and digital marketing that websites engage in, such as blogging and social media marketing.

If a customer finds you through great content you have created, that is due to natural links.

A link to your blog directing the reader to more information on the subject is called an editorial link and is a perfect example of a natural link. However, unnatural links have been more loosely defined.

While unnatural or artificial links are paid or purchased links which are used to manipulate the search engines to rank higher in the search results.

These links are attached by the spammers to your web pages. This with some other tactics are done only to misguide the Google, but the Google knows everything and always discourage all these tactics and give more value to the organic tactics.

That is what we have got from the Link Building Strategies 2017, as either to build link naturally or unnaturally?

Be positive and always try to create and post a great quality content that people love to share with others and always talking about your stuff in reasonable and valuable comments.

Posting Links in Footer is Natural or Unnatural?

There is some old-fashioned practice done by all the web developers is posting or embedding links in common places like footer and repeating the same links in header etc. nowadays these links have been named as unnatural links and are extremely dangerous to your ranking in search engines.

So the first things you need to do is just remove such practice from footer, but if you are a web designer and still want to post with a viewpoint of artistic beauty then do the following changes in your HTML Code.

  1. You should have to use a rel=’nofollow’ attribute along with the tag.
  2. Use a robots.txt file with a redirection of that page link which is blocked by the search engine.

Actually, the nofollow attribute is a command for search engines as “do not follow a link with nofollow attribute” and including the robots.txt file will direct the web crawlers to “ignore” any link present here! Using both the attributes together is the sure compliance of 200 Google’s Guidelines and provide a safe escape from Google Penalties.

Here above we have discussed the quality Link Building Strategies 2017 to our very extent. How this article is helpful, share your experience with us through the comment section

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