How Search Engines Operate?

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How Do Search Engines operate?

Let us take an example of a librarian of the books library to understand the term quoted above.
Suppose there is a library of books in the university, college or in a school where different kinds of books containing poetry, science, medicines, marketing, management, computer networks, fine arts etc. are available for the students from a different discipline.

Whenever a student needs a book it will go to the librarian and demands for that specific book.

The librarian will then provide that exact book within a moment by following his system.
So we can resemble the above quotation as
First, Google, Bing, yahoo and other Search Engines are that librarians but of the internet.
Second, the students are the users of internet.
Third term is used “the system” and that is referred as Search Engines Algorithm, a secret behind their working to generate the possible exact or precise match. All the search Engines collect every information about the websites or a page and represent precise match infront of users whatever they are searching for.
Another example about the working of SEs can be given as.

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