Best Keyword Research Tools for Every Website to Splash in SERPs

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Best Keyword Research Tools

The best keyword research tools will help you to grow up with search engine rankings and compete effectively with your competitors.

in our last articles, we have learned a lot about How To Improve SEO Ranking With Pillar Pages? and 25 Best SEO Essentials for Every Long-Form Blog Post

But today, we are going to discuss “Best Keyword Research Tools for Every Website to Splash in SERPs “


Organic rankings of your website have a great impact on your revenue.

One of the basic steps which improve search engine rankings is a keyword.

For keyword selection, you have to show your intelligent approach because keyword research is a science.

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What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?


There are many factors that must be counted before the selection of proper keywords. You should not use the biggest keywords which are already performing in your industry.

If you use these biggest keywords for your content you’ll be far behind in search results rankings.

Here is a point to note: In a case when you are competing with massive brands and they already got standard in ranking. You picked up the keywords they are using; analytics shows that your competitors will remain on top in search results ranking with the same keywords.

So, there will be mere chances when you see some good results otherwise you will disappoint with your website.

Another issue with these big keywords is that they always revolve around the blurred topics like “content marketing”.

No doubt, these types of keywords bring huge traffic but the quantity of actual visitors and buyers will be low.

As a blogger, you can get your regular visitors to sign up for the newsletter and other lead magnets but still doing this you can’t get good results.

So the question arises how to fix these issues? And how to get accurate keywords that can show immediate results?

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Here are some best keyword research tools that can help you in all aspects while selecting keywords for your content:

Google AdWords

Are you getting confused?

If you know advertising terms on Google you have the idea about AdWords but you may not know its hidden features.

One of its hidden features is to generate keywords according to a recent market level which is perfect for the recent trends.

Because of these hidden features, Google AdWords is counted a best one among all best keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner is a tool which is used to generate revenue-generating keywords. It also shows you volume and competition feedback for different keywords.

To be very honest I don’t like to use it for this purpose. I like to use it for other interesting purposes such as competitive analysis.

For example, when you drop a website or URL on the given bar it will quickly show you all the keywords that are targeted by your competitors.

If you want to navigate your competitors you can analyze them through this feature.

how to use Google Keyword ToolBesides this, Google Keyword Planner also recommends many more related terms which can be useful for you.

You can load these recommended terms directly into the AdWords to see instant response.

This is the thing which I like about this tool, because using this I can organize these keywords into the Ad Group.

After adding keywords to the Ad Group you can instantly browse new keywords you like most by clicking on the blue arrow button presented in the right-hand column.


These terms or related keywords will be quickly transported to your account where you can use them with your ad contents.

If you do keyword research with AdWords, you‘ll find another benefit too.

  • AdWords quickly helps you to identify the “money” or related keywords. These keywords grab traffic quickly for a website
  • It uncovers the “money” keywords that you might never know before

Now move to its working:

Mostly in AdWords, you bid on Keywords but you are paying for search terms.

Why did this happen? Look at the following image:

best keyword research tool

  1. Added / Excluded:

This shows that when a search term is added to the campaign will be excluded as a negative keyword or none.

You may think that why Added / Excluded search terms are important.

Note the first keyword “WordPress themes for designers” it shows “None”. It means that I am paying for this term but it is still not used in my campaigns.

The reason is that when you use broad match type, you only allow the relevant terms to show up in the ads.

People are searching this term as well and I am also getting clicks but still I didn’t create any landing page for it. Because it will show low results:

  1. Impressions:

Measuring impressions is just a useless thing to do because just seeing an ad will not generate any revenue so it is better for you to just ignore it.

For example, just note the impressions for the first keyword which showing that 3704 people have searched and seen this term. But you’ll be surprised when you check its revenue in the next column.

  1. CTR(Click Through Rate):

This is the column which shows you the actual performance of the keywords.

It clears that how much people have seen this ad and how many clicked on it.


In the above image check out the CTR of the first keyword which is 1.73% a poor performance.

The reason is that I don’t have a particular ad targeting for it.


Google Analytics

Basically, AdWords is a paid tool on the list of best keyword research tools but here I am discussing something in which you don’t have a need to spend.

Google Analytics also has some unseen features which may not familiar with. Most people interested to go directly towards the traffic data and conversions.

Instead, let’s start with the feature Google Search Console:

Sign up for both and then integrate them. You’ll find the query data inside the Google Analytics.

Under “Acquisition” tab go to “Search Console” and then “Queries”.

keyword finder - how to find keywords in Google analytics

It will show you all the search terms which people are using already to reach your website. With this tool, I like to have a look at searches that are already happening.

For example, many websites have a search bar to search for the specific topic and people use this search bar on daily basis.

You check out your website’s search bar to see mine.

There are the topics which people like most but for some reasons, they can’t find easily. With thanks, Google Analytics will show you all contents which people search more. So in this way you can help the people to find the topics which they cannot find easily.

Enable “Site Search” on your website and go to “Behavior”.

Now, go to Site Search where you’ll see in the drop-down menu “Search Terms”.

These are the most common words that people are searching more. You should make these words easy to find.

Look at this report which I found the Google Analytics.

In the left-hand pane click on “Audience” then find “Interests” in the drop-down menu.

Now, select “Affinity Categories” to get the things as shown in the image below:

how to use Google Analytics to find your affinity categories

This report displays all the relevant interest categories of your site’s visitors.

Actually, this report will take you to see a new insight.

For example, your site is about the latest fashion. So there will be several different types of visitors and they’ll search according to their interests.

In this situation, which type of audience you target first? And how will you get the idea about the content which you should start first?

In this regard, Affinity tab will help you all. From this, you can get a full idea that either people are searching more for hairstyle or jeans fashion.

KWFinder – Best Keyword Research Tools

KWFinder - google keyword ranking

his is a third party (Mangools) free keyword research tool and it works in the same ways as Google AdWords.

I strongly recommend this tool from all the best keyword research tools because it provides you what you need and you can learn something valuable for your advertising content.

This is one of the best keyword research tools which can help you to find out the recently available keywords for your content.

In the similar ways as other research tools do, it also shows you keyword suggestions, their trends over time, the number of searches, CPC, and difficulty level.

For example, I have searched for “keyword research tools”.

The resulting filter is shown in the below image:

KWFinder - best keyword research tool free

Here in this image, you can see that it shows keywords in “Suggestions” column. The second column is about “Trend” of the keyword.

In the 3rd column, you can see the number of searches of that particular keyword.

The next is the CPC and PPC of the same keyword. In the end column, there is a difficulty of the keyword.

I am pretty sure about this type of deep research you can easily pick up some better performing keywords for your content.

The difficulty for the keyword “keyword research tools” which I have searched is given as:

keyword search volume

Here, it shows that the keyword “keyword research tools” has 60% SEO difficulty and right in the next pane it shows the number of searches for this keyword according to each month.

This is one of the tools which show every related keyword with all aspects. Using this tool you don’t have the need to search for any other tool for selecting best keywords.

If you are getting it one of the best keyword research tools click here!


Google Trends

Most of the keyword search tools are using history statistics to find out the most searched words by the users.

The historical statistics are actually old data usage by the visitors. The data can be a week, month, or even some years old.

There are some issues with old data usage:

Firstly, it is not a guarantee that the older things will perform in future. Just think about the “Pentium 1”, and “Pentium 2” type of Computer systems.

Secondly, most of the keywords are used by the massive competitors that will surely create hindrances on your way to rank high in the search engine ranking.

So, I think you’d not go for the tools which use historical statistics to search out the keywords.

Here is a “Google Trends” as a keyword research tool which shows you the recently used data for searches.

For instant use of keywords, there is not any best keyword search tool but the Google Trends.

Recently searched data will be on the top of the list from which you can predict the keywords for your relevant content.

With this tool, you can also be the first one who can catch the wave.

In this way, you can ride it all before any other’s insight.

For example:

how to use Google Trends

10 years back nobody was familiar with this word “ProPakistani” and there were no discussions on the Internet for this word.

But then, you can look at the line graph to note that the discussions are increasing exponentially for “ProPakistani”.

On Google, once a trend starts it gets heap within very short time.  The leading trends are the roots for keywords.

When people start discussing new things on the Internet you can pick the words of discussion and use for your contents and ads.

how to use Google Trends - best keywords research tools

You have to hurry using these trending words because there will be less competition for keywords in the beginning.

It is just like “come first and get first”

Moz   – One of the Best Keyword Research Tool

Moz - best keywords research tool

Just having the bulk of keywords is not enough. You also have to use some best keyword research tools to find out profitable keywords.

You must keep the competition in mind because if there is a tough competition for the specific keyword, it might take years to compete with massive brands.

So you have to be very careful while choosing keywords for your content.

I don’t think so that there is anything which can measure the level of completion.

It depends upon your intellectual approach what you understand and what you choose for your content.

After consuming a lot of time, you may figure out that how the particular keyword will work.

If you want to save your time you have to use some paid tools which can help you in this regard.

There is Moz which can help you to select keywords to target. Keyword Explorer is a subsidiary of Moz which is specifically designed for keyword selection and it is the popular keyword tool for 2018.

With the volume of keywords, it can also tell you about the completion, difficulty, and opportunity scores of that specific keyword.

You can make keyword research in various ways in Moz Explorer.

Moz Explorer provides the following search:

Search terms in moz

  • Keyword
  • Root Domain
  • Sub- Domain
  • Exact Page

Now let’s use it as a Moz keyword Explorer for the Keyword “the Fanman Show”

How to use moz for keyword research tools

From the above results, you can see the monthly searches, difficulty, Organic CTR and Priority, keyword suggestions and SERP Analysis.

Here, you can easily figure out the ranking keywords for your domain with reasonable potential.

MOZ explorer efficient use for total ranking keywords

The MOZ keyword explorer also tells you about the Ranking Distribution of your keywords as “how many keywords are at the first page of the Google and then on the second, third, fourth and so on”

Moz ranking distribution

Here, you don’t have to move to others windows to find out the average volume, difficulty, opportunity, and priority scores. All this is available within the single list.

Using these values you can compare potential cost vs. benefit of the different content campaign.

You can also use its features to look into the high ranked individual websites to explore them more for your content campaigns.

For example, here are some “SEO” tips:

google keyword planner free

Apart from this, you can also get to see the link metrics for these websites. This is how you can have competitive research using Moz.


This is a paid tool for advertisement and best to use for searching keywords.

If you need to use the best keyword research tools there is nothing best but the SEMrush tool.

All you are doing is just to find out some profitable keywords.

This tool can perform perfectly according to the latest advertisement’s rules.

You can see the overlapping data using this tool.

For example, you can see data of volume or competition:

SEMRush - best keyword research tools

It shows the phrase match keywords and related keywords search.

semrush competitors

There is another reason why people like it most.

With the help of SEMrush you can also find the ads of your competitors.

It is very useful for the ads you are using for every keyword you searched out.

Having study on each keyword makes you able to choose the profitable keywords for your ads because when you study most of the keywords you can easily find out the best keywords for you.

After the selection of valuable keywords, you can use them for ads which definitely rank up your website.


In the list of best keyword research tools, this is the only tool which will take you to the domain report of your competitor’s website.

Using this tool you can spy on the competitor’s keywords which increase your ability to choose the best and profitable keywords for your advertising data.

It offers many wonderful features in its free version and the most popular is Domain Spy tool.

Using domain spy tool, enter the domain name of any website in the search bar and select the radio button for “domains”.

After doing this it will show you all the data about how much that website is spending in search, and what specific keywords are used at that particular website.

With this data, you can compare yourself with your competitors and you can easily search out what they special do for their products.

This is a wonderful spy tool. Isn’t it?


In the free trial version, you can have 10 to 20 results in each tab and all are useful for you.

how to use KeywordSpy

There are options available to export any of the lists to the MS Excel, CSV or Google Spreadsheets.

Usually, export options are not available in free versions of this tool.

You can have overviews of paid and organic competitors:

KeywordSpy - how to make competitor analysis

Basically, this amazing tool provides you the real world applications. You can have a comprehensive research on the keywords that are being used the different massive brands.

Moreover, it allows you to open domain report on any website where you can find something valuable for you.

Simply, with this tool, you can learn many things about your competitors.

From the list of best keyword research tools if you are interested to approach this wonderful tool, just click here!

Final Words

All I have discussed here is the best keyword research tools which will surely help you to find out the valuable keywords for your business contents.

Marketing is growing rapidly on the Internet for which you must have to take some positive steps to grow up with all the recent trends.

With the tools discussed above, you can choose the profitable keywords and you can also have your eye on the competitor’s activities.

To have more attractive content, you have to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords too. LSI keywords are the related keywords with your focus keyword.

The next term is “Keyword Density” which can increase the worth of your content.

With these activities, you can make your SEO strategy more strong.

At the end, you’ll be able to have optimized content which surely brings in customers and increase the sale of your business.

I am also interested to know the keyword research tools you are using for your contents.


Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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