How to Create a Micro-Niche Site and Start Making Money From Day 1

Build A Micro-Niche Site and Start Making Money From Day 1
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Build A Micro-Niche Site and Start Making Money From Day 1

Learn how you can Build a Micro-Niche Site for Google AdSense and make money with blogging? You can too earn hundreds of Dollars with your Micro Niche Sites

How to Earn Money from Google AdSense?

The Fanman Show has created a step by step process and information explained to build a site for AdSense with the examples of micro-Niche Sites, working to earn hundreds of dollars in a month.

The article includes “What is a niche blog?” “Micro-niche site”, “make money from blogging“, “make money online” and “top ten content writing sites“.

 There are many opportunities available on the Internet to earn money with fewer efforts. Actually, smart workers can avail these opportunities by building a Micro-Niche Blog.

A micro-niche site is a chance to earn money in short time. Here in this article step by step information are explained to build a site for AdSense.

I’ll explain the steps with the examples of micro-Niche Sites which are working to earn hundreds of dollars in a month.

This whole Blueprint for creating micro niche blog will surely guide you to create any type of niche blog. So be careful while reading this step by step information.

First of all, you have to pick up a niche which you like to read and write. And don’t worry if you are not a good writer you can hire some article writers for your blog. If you cannot find the writers in your friend’s circle, you can hire them on the Internet such as:

are some examples of websites which are providing this facility to you.

Many bloggers and publishers are earning more than $2000 per year which is significant revenue just with the efforts of 50 hours per month.

What is a Niche Blog?

Basically, niche sites/ niche blogs are the sites of heavy contents on different topics and targeted on a particular topic or subject that attract the traffic of the search engines for free which becomes a major cause of revenue for the owner of the site. After applying different monetization methods the traffic can be increased too.

If you want to know the monetizing methods to increase your AdSense revenue CLICK HERE!

Reasons to Start a Micro Niche Site:

Micro Niche sites are rank higher in search engines, this happened because of the new algorithmic approach of Google. If your site has some quality contents on a specific topic, Google will rank it higher than existing traditional sites. After the hard work for creating a quality Niche site, you have to wait for money.

Let move to the step by step guide to create a Micro Niche site for you. This is the perfect method which leads you to make your own Niche blog.

How to create Micro Niche Site that Earns Money?

Follow the given steps to create your own Micro Niche Site that will make money for you.

  1. Choose the Domain/Niche:

First of all you need to think all possible Micro niche blog ideas in your mind and for this, you have to choose the domain in which you feel comfortable. Be careful while choosing the domain for your niche because here in selecting domain you have to think about popularity and high CPC factors.

Select those micro niche ideas, topics or domain which should be popular in U.K and U.S.A because these countries have higher CPC among all others. This is a very important step which can increase your AdSense revenue.

Here are some micro niche sites examples:

You can select the domain for iOS devices because in U.K and U.S.A iPhone users are more than other countries so, most of the clicks will come from these countries which surely increase your revenue.

Again, you have to publish quality contents regarding the topic or domain. For this, you have to get knowledge for CPC, search rate, keywords, word density and popularity.

After doing all this, you have to choose the domain name which must be attractive and easy to approach. For a better domain name, you can use the keywords like “show”, “guide” etc.

  1. Research of Keywords and Targeting:

 This is important to make the quality contents of your blog. When you want to keep organized your contents of the blog you have to use important keywords. Google Trends will help you to search out the keywords on different topics. For me, this is the most dominant thing in blogging. Although it consumes your time but it makes your contents, the quality contents.

  1. Contents Planning:

 After the search of keywords, you need to go to plan your blog’s contents. Three things require more care:

  • Longtime demanding topics should be preferred
  • Design your Micro Niche Site comprehensively such as Wikipedia in which hierarchical topics are available
  • Keywords must have high CPC which can increase traffic for your blog

Some of the commonly used keywords are: how to use (topics), what is (topics), advantages and disadvantages of (topics) and important features of (topics) etc.

Almost all the bloggers must use these types of keywords in their posts.

Next, you should go to the blogs which you like and feel comfortable to read. Get an idea from these sites to choose the all-time favorite topics. After this, take your time to write some blogs which you post. Initially, try to post your blogs day after day so that you can check the traffic for the blogs. If your contents are quality contents then your blog posts definitely get the intentions of the visitors. Managing your contents is also an important thing to do.

  1. Creating a Niche Blog:

This part is very easy to understand when you have some knowledge to create a website on WordPress. Remember that your blog contents should be the quality contents.

Following are the exact tools that are used to create a niche blog:

  1. Web Hosting: For hosting you have to go to Bluehost which charge you only $2.95/month. For me, it is one of the best web hosting sites. It also offers one free domain
  2. Blog Theme: There are many blog theme providers on the Internet but Genesis is a good one.
  3. Plugins: Here are some basic plugins are defined to make your niche site more attractive and useful. These are:
  4. Yoast SEO: This is used for SEO sites specifically
  5. Social Warfare: If you want social bookmarking on your blog use this plugin
  6. No Self Pings: This is used to stop self-pinging on the blog
  7. SEO Friendly Images: It is used to set image level SEO
  8. WP Super Cache: Caching can be done by this plugin
  9. Shortpixels: Wide images are unprofessional on the blogs so this plugin compress the images
  10. Akismet: It stops common spams
  11. Auto Post Thumbnail: If you want the generation of automatic images, use this plugin
  12. Jetpack: It creates stats on the dashboard
  13. Push Press: This is used for fast indexing

Additionally there many more steps that make your blog an attractive one and useful for the visitors. For example, you should make blog’s SEO a perfect one. You should take care of keywords and their density. Make few videos and post them on Youtube as a tutorial and link those videos to your blog. This will help you to generate the backlinks of the site. Submit blog’s sitemap to the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

You have to create a logo for your blog using free logo websites and write content about your blog which should describe the objectives of your site.

If you want to push more traffic to your blog you should follow the steps given below:

5. Use Social Media For Content Marketing:

In these days Social Media has its own charm in the field of marketing because every single person has its own profile on Social Media.

So, don’t forget to market your blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. This will push traffic to your blog and in this way, you can get help to monetize your blog.

6. Opt Strategies For Backlinks & Promotions of the Blog:

Creating backlinks and promoting a blog is varying from site to site but this may work positively for some SEO settled sites. Initially, you should create minimum backlinks. For example, you can link your blog to Youtube and daily motion videos and you can promote your site on Social Media by creating backlinks.

7. Monetization of your Niche:

Monetization of the blog depends upon the approval of AdSense. If you have an approval of Google AdSense, you should add affiliated products such as iPhone devices. But when you don’t have the approval of AdSense you can use Media.net or AdsOptimal. If you have traffic from U.K and U.S.A both will work nicely for you.


We have discussed “what is micro niche blog”,  “how to start a micro niche blog and earn money online” with all the possible reasons to start a blog

You can do more with your blog because it depends upon your interest and niche level. Although all the above-explained steps are much enough to create a Micro Niche Site but, still there are much more things to do with.

Anyone who has less experience to create a micro niche site can get useful information from this article. If you find this article useful for you share with me. I love to read your comments and suggestions about my articles. I’ll try to work with your suggestions.

Imran Chandio

A Passionate Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO@ TheFanmanShow.Com

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