How Indian Bloggers and Freelancers Obtain Best Credit Cards

How Indian Bloggers and Freelancers Obtain Best Credit Cards
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Obtaining A Best Credit Card in India

Bloggers and Freelancers have to use credit cards for online buying and payments, for example purchasing a domain, web hosting services, online supportive plugins for blog advertisements services. Debit Cards have some limitations on online purchasing and billings. So it is necessary owing a Best Credit Card.

Due to the revised Paypal Terms and Conditions, the duration of keeping received funds has been shortened.

How to obtain wachoa best credit cardsIf you always believe that getting a credit card requires tough approvals at the bank’s side and extended documentation procedures, then you are partially right with your opinion. With the influx of New Easy Credit Cards and virtual credit cards, this process of availing credit cards and virtual credit cards not remains tough and lengthy as it was before.

Virtual credit cards are secured and best option for more requirements and needs. It is an online service which is linked to your Internet banking account. Whenever you have to pay online bills and payments just log in to the online portal and make a credit card for the required value.

(Almost the limit is between Rs. 100-50,000 for most Indian banks)

This type of virtual card is very safe and secure because it can be used only for once and it automatically expires after 24 hours

This card has a prepaid limit that’s why your merchant Kotak-Imran chandio-Virtual-Credit-Cardcannot charge too much to you. You can also use this card at places where you do not trust. Even the merchant cannot reuse your credit card after the first credential payment.

The service of EASY and INSTANT CREDIT CARD is offered by many banks in India and in the different parts of the world where you get a physical card after paying some amount. They block some of your amounts for security purpose which is called fixed deposit. Normally the minimum amount for fixed deposit is INR 20,000 and up to 80% of the amount can be utilized for credit.

Moreover, many banks allowed their customers only for intra-country payments. That means they do not allow for international payments with their credit cards. So, here is the solution

Using Entropay to Create Virtual Credit card for International Payments:

This is a simple and easy way to get VISA powered card for international payments and billings. Follow the given instructions and be an owner of your own credit card within 3 to 5 minutes only:

  • Head Entropay and create your free account
  • Login to dashboard & the first option which appears is “Create your Entropay card”.
  • Click on it and a screen appears like the one shown belowhow to create kotak best virtual cards easily
  • Select the currency for which you wish to create the card for. (Hint: USD is perfect when you purchasing hosting or anything from U.S market)

how to fund your virtual credit card 2

  • You can fill (top-up) amount from $5-$300. Remember that you can also refill (top-up) money from your Indian bank account.  For that purpose click on My account > My bank account

vitual cards making process 2017 final step

  • Kindly, note that adding up any type of fund will cost you 4.95% of refilled amount. It’s more but still a fine solution when you need to purchase something from international marketplace and you do not have any other solution.vitual cards making process 2017

So, finally, you will have your Entropay card which can be used for the international billings and payments.

Create account on Entropay

How to Choose the Best Credit Card

Although the needs vary from person to person in every era of life. The most common needs are paying bills online, buying web spaces and booking tickets, in this way, the virtual credit card is enough for your these type of needs. There are not extra charges attached and unused money is deposited back into your original account. The virtual cards are used only for an online merchant. This is its only limitation. For example, these virtual cards are not used for paying bills on phone systems. Similarly, if you use it for buying music or Apps from any online store or apps from Google play store, you will have to update your card info every time when you purchase anything from the market.


The customers who purchase a lot from PlayStation Network store or from iTunes apps, they should go for an Instant Credit card. You also can use this Instant Credit Card physically at merchant establishments.

Top Most Services Offered By the Indian Banks

You can avail Easy Credit Cards from AXIS Bank. Both the cards Instant & Easy have same features.

Since, May 2016, ICICI has stopped issuing the virtual credit card. Now, you can always get an Instant credit card from ICICI bank.

Pockets app by ICICI: Domestic pre-paid debit card

Now pockets app are offered by ICICI bank which supports both iOS and android software. Anyone can use these cards with or without ICICI bank account. This type of card is called a mobile wallet & you can also use this card as a debit card. This offers limited purchasing in India, this is its only limitation. You can also apply for a physical debit card which would cost you only INR 100. This is very secure card especially when you have to secure your transactions.

Download Pockets app for iOS || Download Pockets App for Android

Basic Charges at First Time

There are no extra charges at all for virtual cards. In case you do not have one already, you have to maintain your savings account at the bank. The least amount for the account is generally INR 10K.

The AXIS bank requires from you to have the least fixed deposit of INR 25K and minimum balance in savings account must be INR 5K. That all means you have 30K with you when you want to open an account in AXIS bank, if you don’t have already an account with them.

In the same way, ICICI bank least fixed deposit of INR 20K and savings account of INR 10K. So, here also you have to keep 30K with when you want an account with the bank. Once you close your account the banks are responsible for refunding this entire amount to you. You can also increase your limit up to 3 lacks by increasing your deposit anytime.


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