How to Activate Uth Non Stop Offer – Ufone?

 For Ufone Uth Non Stop Offer activation, dial *22#

There is nothing best than Uth Non Stop Offer – Ufone Package. What an offer it is. Unbelievable On-Net minutes and tons of SMS are offered in Uth Non Stop Offer – Ufone. Simply, it is the best amongst best Packages. Many Ufone subscribers are very much familiar with this offer. Ufone to Ufone call will be free after first 3 minutes 24/7. Hourly calls to 5 Friends and Family numbers charges the lowest rate of Rs. 2.99 Per Hour. All the details are given below:

Ufone Uth Non-Stop Offer for Calls

  • Charges for FnF (Friends and Family) numbers from 12:00 AM to 5:00 PM is Rs. 2.99 Per Hour
  • Charges for FnF (Friends and Family) from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM are Rs. 0.45 Per 30 Second
  • Charges for On-Net Minutes are Rs.2.5 + Tax Per 24 hours. These charges will be applied for first 3 minutes remaining 57 minutes of the hour will be free
  • Charges to other Networks are Rs. 2.5 + Tax Per Minute.

Ufone Non-Stop Offer- Ufone SMS/MMS Offer

  • International SMS will be charged Rs.5 Per SMS
  • On-Net SMS charges are Rs.1.75 including tax Per SMS
  • Off-Net SMS charges are Rs.1.75 including tax Per SMS
  • MMS to all Networks charges are 1 rupee Per 64 KB. Incoming MMS are free

Other Terms and Conditions

  • for Uth Non Stop Offer activation, dial *22#
  • Friends and Family numbers must be Ufone or PTCL
  • The users of Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan, and FATA are additionally 0.84% charged on all services and Packages.
  • One time activation charges of FnF numbers are Rs.10+Tax
  • 5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply

Well, this is all about Ufone Uth Non Stop Offer. You can also visit all the Ufone internet and call packages

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