Double Up PTCL Broadband Offer

It’s an amazing offer which is specially introduced for valuable broadband subscribers. This promotion doubles the speed of your Internet data rates.

Its terms and conditions are described below:

Terms and Condition

  • The users of 1Mbps and 2Mbps can avail this amazingly offered double speed by additionally paying Rs.99 per month only
  • This offer can be availed till 31st of March 2017. After this, the regular charges of 2Mbps(Double of 1Mbps) and 4Mbps (Double of 2Mbps) will apply
  • New subscribers can get this offer directly
  • This offer is available for both unlimited and capped packages
  • Standard landline charges (Rs.250) and standard installation charges will apply for new connections
  • For more details call 0800 8 0800 or email to
  • You can also search the details regarding PTCL on our website “”
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